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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Astoria Times

Queens eateries get creative to lure cash−strapped diners

Irresistible dining deals are on the menu as Queens restaurants try to tempt recession−weary consumers’ palates and wallets. Comment.
Astoria Times

Sohna: Spicy Punjabi delights in Bellerose enclave

Craving curry? Hankering for something exotic and spicy? You can scratch that itch at Sohna Punjab Indian Restaurant on Union Turnpike in Bellerose. Comment.
Astoria Times

Animator showcase engages children with art at Noguchi

Parents of creative children with short attention spans take note. The Museum of the Moving Image and the Noguchi Museum will collaborate this weekend on an hour−long retrospective of the works of avant garde animator Robert Breer that will include screenings of his short films and art activities. Comment.
Astoria Times

Puppet people

When New Yorkers think of city avenues named after letters of the alphabet, Brooklyn or Manhattan’s Lower East Side usually come to mind. So when the acclaimed musical “Avenue Q” first hit Broadway in 2003, borough−centric Manhattan and Brooklyn residents could certainly be forgiven for thinking that the show was a paean to their beloved native soil (though neither borough actually has an Avenue Q). Comment.
Astoria Times

Mind−twisting wordplay on display in Theatre Time’s daring “All in the Timing”

“All in the Timing,” written by David Ives, is something completely different from Theatre Time Productions. The show is made up of six often Borgesian vignettes that play not just with time but with language itself. Even the crew gets into the act. In between acts they play with the props and dawdle — at one point a production assistant takes a nap on a sofa. It adds up to a work that’s as thought−provoking as it is funny. Comment.
Astoria Times

Beari’s ‘Magical, Musical Moments VIII’ spans Hollywood, Broadway and Top 40

Ah, this is what the reviewer’s been waiting for! Beari Productions’ latest musical revue, “Magical, Musical Moments VIII: The ‘Reel’ Deal and More,” is up and it’s as magical as all the revues that have come before. This time there are songs not just the stage but from movies and the Top 40, thrown in for extra spice. Comment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Astoria Times

Katsuno: Undiscovered Japanese gem in Forest Hills

We don’t say this often, but — WOW! Katsuno, an unassuming eatery on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills is serving up some of the best Japanese food we’ve eaten since our visit to the land of the rising sun. But why should we be surprised? It is the latest clever endeavor of Chef Seo, of the acclaimed Midtown restaurant bearing his name. Comment.
Astoria Times

‘Puro Tango’ at Thalia offers dazzling, sexy fun

“Did that chap mean to knock his head on the streetlamp like that?” this startled reviewer wondered during the opening dance of “Puro Tango.” Comment.
Astoria Times

Good times, hard times

For Amy Winter, co−curator of “Working Through the Great Depression,” the recently opened exhibit at Queens College is about more than the now all−too familiar tale of being down and out in New York City. Comment.
Astoria Times

Queens Theatre gets real with gritty ‘Our Lady of 121st Street’

Our Lady of 121st Street, put on by The Outrageous Fortune Company and directed by Foster Davis, is a bit of a departure for the Queens Theatre in the Park. It’s grittier than what audiences who attend plays in the studio theater are used to; the language is rough and some of the characters are flat−out unlikeable. But the play, written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, never fails to be absorbing. Comment.
Astoria Times

Manhattan theatrical tour is one man’s stimulus plan

The economy is in shambles and the news is not good. What better time to take in a show or two and concentrate on the finer things of life? I hear that the movie business is better than ever, but if you really want a memorable experience, try the theater. Comment.

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