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Friday, March 27, 2009

Astoria Times

Astorians make environmentalism fashionable

Scouring the tables full of merchandise, Astoria resident David Hasil scored a plain gray T−shirt and a slightly funky Yankees baseball cap, which he surmised would clean up nicely. The cost? A bag of clothes that he and his mother, Liz, brought, containing jackets, sweatshirts, men’s T−shirts and books that they no longer wanted. Comment.
Astoria Times

Greek ambassadors

As the ancient Greeks gave us the classical underpinnings of stage drama in millenia past, perhaps it’s only appropriate that the Greek Cultural Center in Astoria has chosen to open its 35th anniversary celebration this year with new original work from a Greek playwright. Comment.
Astoria Times

Abusive power

Too late for the Bush administration but timely and universal anyway, Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone” deals with the defiance of unjust authority, the arrogance of power and how easily that power intimidates good people into silence. Comment.

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