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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Astoria Times

Experience Chilean cuisine at Rego Park bistro

Chilean is one of the less well represented South American cuisines of Queens. But if you’re a Chilean food lover, or just enjoy trying something different, we have a place for you. Horcon Bistro on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park is serving up some authentic tastes of Chile “with a New York twist.” It is named for a tiny fishing village in central Chile, according to the blurb on the menu, “made famous by its fresh seafood, fresh fishermen, beautiful beaches and relaxed attitude.” Fresh fishermen? Hmmm−−I guess you have to go there. Comment.
Astoria Times

Serbian film shot in Queens among boro’s Tribeca entries

This year’s selection of Queens−related films at the Tribeca Film Festival is as diverse as the borough itself, with two new movies about immigration, including the first from Serbia to ever play at the festival, as well as three documentaries and Woody Allen’s new comedy making their debuts. Comment.
Astoria Times

Shades of Family Life

“One Thing I’d Like To Say Is” is an original play put on by a relatively new non−profit group, The CockEyed Optimists Theatre Company. The five−person cast is comprised of actors, including two from Queens, with a passion for Ensemble Theater and a knack for playing multi−dimensional characters. Comment.
Astoria Times

Strong Texas woman fights to raise teens in bleak ‘40s

Jack Heifner’s “Home Fires” reminds one of those movies and plays that feature strong, resourceful Southern women who are often forced to take up not only the duties of womanhood but the burdens of their weak or venal men as well −− think “Steel Magnolias” or “Crimes of the Heart” or maybe even “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Comment.

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