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Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014

East Elmhurst

E. Elmhurst DJ brings old-time sounds home

Today’s digital age of electronic dance music gets a refreshing “dis” from a local DJ’s vintage vibe mix of funk and soul, featured in his newly released album – made with old-school, analog technology. Comment.

Monday, Jan. 6, 2014


Astoria writer finds humor in an unlikely profession

Taren Sterry realizes whenever she is asked, “what do you do?”, her answer is not really an ice breaker as much as a Titanic sinker. Comment.

Friday, Jan. 3, 2014

Jackson Heights

Photographer focuses on social woes

Jackson Heights photographer Adam Nadel creates stark images of reality that unquestioningly provoke any viewer’s social consciousness. While his subject matter, such as war, disease, poverty and environmentalism, is complicated, his photos give the impression of purity with the faintest hint of a shadow or an inconspicuous setting in the background. Comment.

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