February, 2017


Poetic license

Actor, writer, director, and former English teacher Mark Lord has a new original show to share. Comment
Long Island City

Come to the Secret Theatre old chum

Over the years, the Kander and Ebbs’ musical “Cabaret” about 1930s Berlin has been a feast for local theatre groups since its Broadway premiere in 1966, and the story of artistic escapism in a time of creeping fascism feels especially poignant today. Comments (1)
The Play’s the Thing

In the age of hyperbole, make theater heard

It’s official. The age of hype, exaggeration, spin and scam is here. Everything is now the best, the biggest and the most tremendous. We local theater people struggle to put on our shows and get an audience, but we’re often overwhelmed by overstatement and overkill. Comment

January, 2017


Church of The Safe to Say It

It wasn’t that kind of Inaugural Ball. Comment

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Swords, shields, flips — and the fire to perform

Plenty of people dream about running away to join the circus, but precious few have enough core strength to make it in the world of spandex, sawdust, and high-flying derring-do. Comment

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