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July, 2015

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Small businesses in Queens need help to survive

At the Queens Civic Congress, Inc. general meeting in the Union Nursing Home June 16, it agreed to help sponsor a forum July 29 to discuss the Small Business Survival Act. This act was introduced in the City Council in June 2014. The act is stalled in the Committee on Small Business without the support of the speaker or the mayor. Comments (2).
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Civic leaders of Queens continue to write against the Mayor

The mayor’s preliminary plans to change the zoning on property in Queens from R3 upwards are being prepared by his officials, but there is no input permitted from the civic leaders. There was one public hearing in Manhattan, where most people did not get a chance to speak. People were permitted to send in comments, but there have been no public hearings around the five boroughs where people can give their views. Comment.

June, 2015

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Queens schools accomplish much this year

As the 2014-2015 school year ends, I again print some of the many fine things happening in our high schools. Comment.
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Many events in Cunningham Park

One of the most popular events in Cunningham Park, which will take place on Tuesday, June 22 at 8 p.m., will be a New York Philharmonic concert. I don’t know why it is a little early this year but we have to be happy we have it, because the Opera does not perform in Cunningham Park any more due to fiscal reasons. We don’t know the program yet but there will be fireworks this year. People usually park for about 3 blocks around the park. Some bring picnics. Comment.

May, 2015

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Charter schools create an unequal environment

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Civic associations voice concerns on zoning changes

Using the valid excuse that more affordable housing is needed for the homeless, the city administration is planning sweeping zoning revisions which civic leaders feel will undo years of positive changes they have been working for. Comment.

April, 2015

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New zoning could imperil quality of life

Using the valid excuse that more affordable housing is needed for the homeless, the city administration is planning sweeping zoning revisions which civic leaders fear will undo years of positive changes they have been working for. Comments (3).
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Cast your ballot on how to spend $1 million

Many City Council members in Queens have asked their constituents to take part in Participatory Budgeting. This means that people in the district can vote on how to spend the $1 million in member’s money these lawmakers are allocated to spend in their districts. For the past four months volunteers in certain districts have been meeting to decide on wants. The wants have been broken down into categories representing a couple of hundred thousand dollars each. Comments (1).

March, 2015

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Cyberknife treats prostate cancer

For about 4 decades I have been taking regular annual PSA tests to screen for Prostate Cancer. My father passed with advanced Prostate Cancer in 1976 at the age of 81 and I then began detection using the PSA test. For our adult life Edna and I had been members of HIP but when we retired from teaching and did more traveling we switched to GHI and Medicare. Comment.
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Legalizing basement apartments poses problems

As this column predicted a couple of months ago, the proposal to somehow legalize those illegal basement apartments or rooms is back in the news. The mayor is looking for ways to provide apartments for the homeless. Now Queens Borough President Melinda Katz says that we need to make the converted illegal basement apartments safe. Comment.

January, 2015

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Some DOE policies setting up schools for failure

As the year 2015 starts, the Department of Education should correct some of its policies which set up some schools to fail. Comments (2).
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Civic leaders unhappy with little punishment for building and zoning violators

The punishment for developers and builders who violate the zoning and building laws is miniscule so they are not discouraged from doing illegal building. An illegally built room can endanger the lives of firemen if they go in to put out a fire in such a room or basement where the zoning code has not been followed. Comment.
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Civics concerned about mayor’s proposal to legalize basement apartments

The May 2014 newsletter of the Bayside Hills Civic Association Inc., “The Beacon,” and the June 2014 North Flushing Civic Association Newsletter both had articles against the proposal of the mayor to legalize basement apartments to create more housing for the homeless. Comments (2).
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