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May, 2016

On Point

Plastic-bag fee is victory for social engineers

The disciples of social engineering and behavior modification were at it again last week in the City Council with passage of the 5-cent plastic bag fee. With the mayor’s blessing, the New York City Council decided to add a few hundred dollars to every family’s annual shopping bill. All done in the name of the “environment,” a pretext to justify imposing new taxes and fees on already tapped-out New Yorkers. Comments (10)
On Point

Council’s ‘Fair Chance Law’ is unfair to employers

Regrettably, it is not an understatement to point out that passage of the Fair Chance Act by the New York City Council has put families living in co‑op and other residential housing communities at risk. Our progressive Council, that just voted themselves a 35 percent increase in a year in which seniors saw a zero percent increase in their Social Security payments, are moving full speed ahead in a dangerously wrong direction with this law. Comment

March, 2016

On Point

Queens residents are pawns in a social experiment

When I ran for the New York City Council in 2015, the leaders of the Queens Village Civic Association (Nagassar “Ram” Ramgarib and Mohamood “Mo” Ishmael) and I initiated a months-long community-driven battle against a program conceived by Albany politicians to open a neighborhood prison on a Queens Village residential street. We organized weekend protests at the site that garnered more protesters and greater press coverage week after week. After a couple of months as the protests grew, elected officials took notice and joined in. Comments (18)

January, 2016

On Point

Do City Council members deserve a raise?

This is what a classified ad would look like for the position of New York City Council member. Comments (10)

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