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December, 2013

On Point

Queens’ civil leaders weigh wood-chipping and bridge tolls

On Dec. 1, the Queens Civic Congress held its 16th annual legislative reception in Douglaston. The QCC, a uniquely Queens institution, is an umbrella organization of more than 100 civic associations. It is an example of productive civic engagement and the adage that “all politics is local.” Comments (1).

November, 2013

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P-Tech program will serve as boon to Martin Van Buren

The forces of stagnation and inertia were on display recently at a city Department of Education public hearing on the Martin Van Buren High School P-Tech colocation proposal. This program, modeled after a similar school program in Brooklyn, was visited last week by President Barack Obama and is being touted as a model for the nation. Comments (3).

October, 2013

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Martin Van Buren High School may get new lease on life

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the nightmare faced by families zoned for Martin Van Buren High School in Queens Village. MVB evokes wonderful memories for its alumni, but while its former reputation as a community school with high graduation rates is well-known, it has since fallen on hard times and by any objective measure of success is a failed school. Comments (1).

September, 2013

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Condo, co-op owners should vote for who will care for them

Next week, Democrats and Republicans will select their parties’ candidate for November’s mayoral election. Having attended numerous candidate forums in the past few months, a reality check taken with a dose of truth serum is in order by the contenders, as they purport to solve many serious problems confronting our city. Comment.

August, 2013

On Point

Speed cameras feed Gotham’s revenue addiction

It was not long ago when red light cameras were introduced as a life-saving program that would get reckless drivers off the road. We were told they were being installed for safety and not for revenue. Comments (20).

July, 2013

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Two Council bills will hinder effectiveness of NYPD

I don’t care to go back to the bad old days of New York City, when crime was rampant, city streets were filled with folks thinking it was acceptable to sleep on sidewalks, squeegee men assaulted drivers stopped at red lights and our town was headed down a long spiral of despair. The City Council’s short memory is about to drag us back to those days with the passage of Intro 1079 and 1080, which end stop-and-frisk and creates an NYPD inspector general. Comment.

June, 2013

On Point

Queens civic associations speak out against actions of Silver

Eight months ago, six civic association leaders under the umbrella of Queens Civics United took a bold step on behalf of the communities they represent. They issued a press release to the media calling for state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) to be relieved of his role. Comment.

April, 2013

On Point

Speed cameras will waste money and serve as a nuisance

Hold on to your wallets! A new effort by the city to pick your pockets is underway and it is called speed cameras. Remember when the city promised that red light cameras were being installed for safety, not revenue enhancement? We were sold that bill of goods by the same politicians who told us profits from the lottery would bolster education spending. Comments (3).

March, 2013

On Point

Sequester necessary to stop out-of-control gov’t spending

I woke up March 1 amazed to find buses and subways running, planes still flying and creating too much noise in Bayside and the gears of government grinding along. After weeks of nonstop predictions of a sequestration Armageddon from Washington, I was relieved that the roads were still open and traffic lights functioning, enabling me to reach the deli and my morning joe at the Glen Oaks Shopping Center. Comments (1).

February, 2013

On Point

Finance Dept. bases condo and co-op taxes on fiction

If you are a co-op or condominium owner or private homeowner, you should know that the city Department of Finance has released its annual assessed valuation numbers for all real estate in New York City. Comment.

January, 2013

On Point

Columnist wants to see better management of city trees in 2013

As I look forward to the new year, below is one civic leader’s Top 10 wish list for 2013. Comment.
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