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December, 2013

Political Action

Conservative Party hopeful in next year’s elections

In a recent interview, Thomas Long, chairman of the Queens Conservative Party, gave his views of various current political topics. Comments (1)
Political Action

Giuliani active in politics without holding office

Rudy Giuliani achieved prominence in federal law enforcement early in his career. Within two years after graduating from New York University Law School, he began working for the U.S. attorney’s office. A brief time after that he became chief of the Narcotics Unit and later executive U.S. attorney. Comment

November, 2013

Political Action

Mayoral ticket benefitted Vallone race for Council

One of the most closely watched City Council races in Queens has ended in a loss for Dennis Saffran to Paul Vallone. It was a highly competitive campaign. Although both District 19 candidates campaigned hard, it was Vallone who was able to get about 300 people to turn out on Election Day and help his campaign. Comment

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Political Action

Vallone, Saffran make second run for Council seat

In the 19th City Council District in northeast Queens, it has been a hard-fought race between Republican Dennis Saffran and Democrat Paul Vallone. Both are attorneys and have run for this seat before. Vallone ran in a Democratic primary four years ago but lost to Kevin Kim. Twelve years ago, Saffran ran against Tony Avella in the general election and lost by a narrow margin. Comments (1)

October, 2013

Political Action

Ragusa is re-elected chairman of Queens GOP

On Sept. 27, the Queens Republican Party held its convention to elect its county chairman and county officers. It is held every two years. Next year, the Queens Democratic Party will hold its convention for the same purpose. Comment
Political Action

Despite losing Catsimatidis sees a future in politics

Gristedes billionaire John Catsimatidis plans to play a role in reorganizing the city’s Republican Party after losing his bid to win the GOP line in the September mayoral primary. Comments (2)

September, 2013

Political Action

Boro Dems have avoided internal strife seen in GOP

Every two years, major and minor political parties focus on county conventions for the purpose of electing county officers to run the county party during the next two-year period. Comment
Political Action

Catsimatidis backs vocational schools and stop-frisk

John Catsimatidis is running strongly in the Republican primary election, to be held Sept. 10. He has been endorsed by former Republican Gov. George Pataki. His main opponent in that race is Joe Lhota, a former deputy mayor. Comment

August, 2013

Political Action

Every precaution must be taken when counting ballots

In the 1930s and ’40s, voting machines came into use in most American cities. The era of paper ballots was over and the possibility of voter fraud was lessened, but there are always some people who will try to beat the system. Comment
Political Action

Political clubs perform essential county functions

The political party operates at many levels. Here in New York City, the parties have county organizations with officers and an executive committee composed mainly of district leaders. Comments (1)

July, 2013

Political Action

District leaders play an important role in shaping policy

In New York City politics, the state Assembly district seems to be the key element on which much of the local political organization is based. The importance of the Assembly district leader comes into being in the 1870s, especially in Manhattan with the citywide Democratic Party. Comments (1)
Political Action

Petition drives make or break a politician’s candidacy

The election campaigns every year in New York state and especially in New York City have two parts. The first is having designating petitions circulated with the candidates’ names on them. Each political party listed on the ballot goes through the petition process. Comment

June, 2013

Political Action

Blishteyn backs trade schools, vouchers in race for City Council

New York City in past decades has been the place where new political and social ideas have emerged. Queens Republican Chairman Phil Ragusa recently commented on some of these recent issues. He is strongly opposed to efforts being made by liberal spokesmen to grant voting rights to non-citizens. Comment
Political Action

Expect a showdown over religious group meets in public schools

Since Mayor Michael Bloomberg began his administration in 2002, he has been trying to keep religious groups from renting public school properties for Sunday services. Recently, the City Council passed a resolution giving religious institutions permission to use school property for religious services. The vote was 38-11 against the mayor’s position and in favor of the religious groups. Comments (2)

May, 2013

Political Action

Saffran backs stop-and-frisk, vocational schools in mayor race

The City Council race to replace Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) is moving forward. Attorney Dennis Saffran has emerged as the key Republican candidate. Saffran ran 12 years ago for the 19th District seat and lost by 1 percent of the vote against now-state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), who is now running in a Democratic primary for borough president. Comment
Political Action

Protection from terrorism is first priority of government

Since Washington, D.C., is the national capital, it could be said that Boston is the spiritual capital of our country from the standpoint that it was in April 1775 that the Revolutionary War began with the Battles of Lexington and Concord between American patriots and British soldiers. These military engagements occurred outside Boston and triggered a war that would last seven years. Comment

April, 2013

Political Action

Mayors lose public support after serving three terms

In recent times, there has been a lot of attention focused by the city’s general public on the mayor’s office. This is true of mayors who have served for more than two four-year terms. Comment
Political Action

NYPD inspector general would create leadership friction

The dispute involving city police powers seems to have focused on the stop-and-frisk procedure the police have been using for the last several years as a way of deterring crimes before they are committed. A lot of controversy has been generated over this matter. Comment

March, 2013

Political Action

Third parties have long history in local, national politics

The 2013 election in New York City is coming soon and it includes both the primary and general elections for mayor and all elected executive city officials — that is, in addition to the entire City Council being up for election or re-election. Comment
Political Action

Long sees loss in Senate race as a learning experience

Attorney Wendy Long made her first try for high public office when she ran in a Republican primary last year for the U.S. Senate in New York. She ran a successful campaign by defeating her opponents, U.S. Rep. Robert Turner of Middle Village and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, by wide margins. Comments (1)

February, 2013

Political Action

Catsimatidis to focus on schools, job creation and labor

John Catsimatidis, prior to his recent announcement that he is now a Republican candidate for mayor, had a long and successful career in the free enterprise system. Comments (1)
Political Action

City should bring back system of vocational schools

The policy of teacher evaluations has been with us during the last several years. This issue is constantly being brought to the forefront in terms of improving the public education system in New York state and especially New York City. Comment

January, 2013

Political Action

GOP could win City Hall if it can avoid a September primary

In the United States electoral system, most of the focus is on the November election, but the political party primary election in many cases is of equal importance. Comment
Political Action

Move all primary elections from September to June

In recent years, we have had a September primary election in which political parties with more than one candidate have the registered voters of their party choose a candidate through the primary electoral process. Once the candidates are chosen, the general election campaign then continues for about eight weeks until the fall election in early November. Comment
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