I Sit and Look Out

December, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Help given to Sandy victims embodies spirit of the season

For many years, I had a habit of doing two things during December. One was to walk up Fifth Avenue, from my office near Union Square, to gawk at the wonderful holiday windows. Comments (2)
I Sit and Look Out

Be thankful for people who helped you succeed through life

Toward the end of the decades-long political campaign this year, a mantra developed among some troglodytes: “No one helped me! I did it all by myself!” Comments (2)

November, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Columnist hopes civil discourse will follow election

Let us, on both sides, lay aside all arrogance. Let us not, on either side, claim that we have already discovered the truth. Let us seek it together as something which is known to neither of us. For then only may we seek it, lovingly and tranquilly, if there is no bold presumption that it is already discovered and possessed.” Comments (2)

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October, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Americans must come together and help one another

As a young child growing up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I remember riding the subway and buses. Comments (1)
I Sit and Look Out

American education is in dire need of improvement

Readers of this column know I believe I received an excellent education in the city public schools. That continued at City College. Comment

September, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Air conditioning has brought us in from the fire escape

Readers know I was born before some of the technological wonders of today’s world, including the computer. Comment

August, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Parks commissioner leaves city after successful tenure

From the time I was a child when I realized there were seasons, the fall has always been my favorite time of the year. “Autumn in New York,” as the 1934 Vernon Duke song glorifies it, is true. Comment
I Sit and Look Out

Yeats poem not uplifting, but still offers important insight

Readers of my column and blog may realize that, sarcasm aside, I am an optimist about life. I have had a good life and am grateful for that. Comments (6)

July, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Famous runner at NYU first attended Newtown HS

As readers of this column know, I spent three happy and productive years as a student at Newtown High School. I had graduated from JHS 73 and the transition was not any easy one in the first semester, but I managed to do better and was a member of Arista by the time I graduated. Comment

June, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Americans need to do more to fight obesity epidemic

I do not remember when I first heard the word “obesity.” It was not around when I was a fat kid. Comment
I Sit and Look Out

Columnist celebrates nine years penning his thoughts

Early in 2003, TimesLedger Newspapers printed a notice that it was looking for columnists. More than 300 columns and a few blogs later, here is the story about how this flack came to be a columnist. Comment

May, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Teachers should be up to the challenge of educating

From my first day of school, when my mother brought me to the building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I had drilled into me by my parents that teachers were supreme. You did not question or show disrespect to them. Comment

April, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Margaret Mitchell backed black civil rights secretly

Recently, Elaine and I watched an “American Masters” program on Channel 13. It was about Margaret Mitchell, author of “Gone with the Wind.” Comments (1)

March, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Always take what political saviors say with a grain of salt

At some time in my education in city public schools, either at JHS 73 in Maspeth or Newtown High School, I heard the phrase “the Man on the White Horse.” Comment
I Sit and Look Out

Columnist’s friend thinks people behave irrationally

The last of the five friends who read my columns in manuscript came up with a good many gripes, following my own column about my concerns. The other four have had their say and I invite you to make your gripes known through TimesLedger Newspapers. Solutions are most welcome, too. Comment

February, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Columnist’s friend finds much to gripe about over politics

Here are the comments of my fourth friend, responding to my recent column about my gripes about our society. Comment

January, 2012

I Sit and Look Out

Seniors lament youths’ poor grammar, lack of courtesy

What follows are the gripes of three of my friends, based on my most recent column of my own gripes. Comment
I Sit and Look Out

Civility is a forgotten and missed art in public places

This started out to be one column to be sent out into the world at anytime. It has turned into more than that and I think the comments in these columns may be something to think about in the new year. They represent my thinking and those of a group of five younger friends who see my columns on a regular basis. Comment
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