I Sit and Look Out

December, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Try to do right by others during this holiday season

During what many people call the “Season of Light,” this time of holidays and holy days, I recall past seasons. I think many people do that as we come to a new year. Comments (2)

November, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

City Opera had sets for ‘49 Puccini tribute built in Queens

The first opera I saw was “Faust” at a Saturday matinee of the New York City Opera in what had been the Masonic Temple on 55th Street. I was attending City College at night and working as a copy boy and then a clerk on the city desk of The New York Times. Comments (1)
I Sit and Look Out

Statistics could prove we are the Last Lucky Generation

One night, many years ago, a friend of ours said to me, “We are the last lucky generation.” Comments (3)

October, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Children need exposure to the arts and culture while in school

It seems generally agreed that music and the arts in our schools have suffered from a lack of support for many years. Comments (2)

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September, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Next beep should take notes on Brooklyn’s Markowitz

Anthony Weiner is out. We really never thought, given the last few polls, that he was in, but one never knows. Since he served a part of Queens in the U.S. House of Representatives, I guess we have to remember him, but let us get over it quickly. Anthony will capitalize on his return to public life — note I did not write “public service”). In any event, he is living in Manhattan and, if we are lucky, he will not be in Queens anytime soon. Comments (1)
I Sit and Look Out

Baseball players have lost their heroic luster over time

Once upon a time, baseball was known as the “national pastime” and its players were heroes. They were looked up to as paragons of what a person should be — talented, humble (for the most part) and one with the nation in which they played. Comment

August, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Spitzer and Weiner have gall to seek redemption

Redemption is a word and an attitude which seems to be getting a great deal of attention these days. Whether this means anything is another matter. Comments (6)

July, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Sports more concerned with business, not competition

For many years, I used to say I had two forms of exercise: walking and jumping to conclusions. Comment
I Sit and Look Out

Empire State Building has been a beacon for columnist

The Empire State Building has been part of my life, it seems, forever. When a large structure to go up some blocks west of it was approved not long ago, which will block the view of it from some angles, it brought back memories. Comment

June, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Political scandals make even good electeds look bad

Not long after my family moved from Borough Park, Brooklyn, into our attached bungalow home on 57th Avenue in Elmhurst, I learned Queens was frequently referred to as the “Forgotten Borough.” To most New Yorkers, we were in that place somewhere east of Manhattan and north of Brooklyn and we did not count for much. Comment

May, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

When buying clothing, be wary of country on the label

Since I was a child, I have been reading plaques, historical signs and labels. Some of my first columns for TimesLedger Newspapers were about historical markers near and around Borough Hall. Comments (7)
I Sit and Look Out

‘Star-Spangled Banner’ hard to sing, but it does the job

Like most American kids, I learned our national anthem at an early age, in school. Assemblies in JHS 73 in Maspeth and at Newtown High School started off with it, and so did baseball games and other events. Comments (4)

April, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

People in America need to learn how to speak English

In the current discussion of immigration reform, learning to speak, read and write English with some efficiency is one of the requirements for citizenship that everyone seems to agree on. It is something someone applying for citizenship today has to be able to do, but there are some exemptions to that requirement. They should be few in number. Comments (4)

March, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Philanthropist, justice and columnist share only one thing

Andrew Carnegie, Antonin Scalia and I have a little in common. Comment
I Sit and Look Out

A mayor of the people, Ed Koch will be greatly missed

Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, holding a peregrine falcon. Comments (4)

February, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

Casting votes against Sandy aid is not the American way

As a Manhattan native, I have always been proud of being born in this city, but I learned from my parents that I should consider myself an American first before giving my allegiance to any locality. Comments (1)

January, 2013

I Sit and Look Out

NRA has no right to dictate who should live and die

I fired a weapon twice in my life, on two successive days. Comments (12)
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