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Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009

Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Don’t develop Klein Farm, but preserve it as a museum

Back in 1895, Adam and Catherine Klein purchased 200 acres of land and started a farm off Black Stump Road. By 1936, the Klein family started to sell off some of their farm and built the current Manor House at 194-15 73rd Ave. Black Stump Road became 73rd Avenue. Comment
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Queens senior citizen celebrates 102nd year

Mildred Laurie Gent is a pretty typical resident of Woodman Senior Living (The Donnelly Home) in Flushing. Comment

Monday, Oct. 19, 2009

Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Area residents wary of students in SJU dorms

The September issue of the Bayside Hills Beacon features a number of community activities which are worthwhile. It reported about plans to conduct a Sept. 11 ceremony and listed a number of groups and officials who participated in the event. Comment

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