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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Gov’t options to cutting costs lie in plain sight

Our state, federal and city governments are in debt but have a multitude of contracts to provide services and consultants which, if evaluated, revised and eliminated, could go a long way toward reducing our deficits. The state constitution and City Charter require a balanced budget every year. While our federal constitution does not require a balanced budget, it behooves our government leaders and all citizens to pressure for one or we may discover that the world markets may consider us bankrupt someday. Comment
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S. Ozone Park pimp gets 8 yrs. in prison

A South Ozone Park pimp has been sentenced to up to eight years in prison for forcing a 19-year-old girl into working for him as a prostitute under the threat of murder, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. Comments (1)
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Feds to investigate tour buses after incidents

Just weeks after a fatal bus crash in the Bronx ´╗┐and a deadly accident in New Hampshire involving a Flushing tour company, the National Transportation Safety Board has agreed to conduct an investigation into the practices and regulations governing the low-cost tour bus industry. Comment

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