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Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013


Flushing BID hosts photo contest to capture essence of downtown

The Downtown Flushing Transit Hub Business Improvement District is hosting its second Flushing Photo Contest, which started Aug. 31 and will run through the end of December 2014. Comment.

Flushing shop dishes out SiChuan cuisine

Flushing is awash in Chinese restaurants, but on closer inspection many eateries, like Cheng Du Tian Fu, pay homage to the enormous country’s specific regions and cuisines, which can vary widely. Comment.

Obamacare will do people good

A longtime friend sent me an e-mail the other day about defunding Obamacare, hoping his side would shut down the government in protest. He is in that Tea Party/Republican/Libertarian loop of e-mailers who send out crazy, racist, bigoted, mean e-mails mocking President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Comments (6).

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013


Ferreras should not support Willets plan changes

For too long there has been an unwritten law that in connection with legislation pending before the New York City Council, the Council member whose district encompasses the area on which there may be an impact has the say on whether the legislation should be enacted or rejected. Not only does this not comport with legitimate democratic processes, but it ignores the fact that a single Council member does not speak for all the residents of a district and ignores the fact there may be an impact upon an entire borough as well as the city. Comments (1).

Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

Queensboro Hill

Half of alleged thieving twosome still at large: Cops

WOODSIDE — Police have arrested one man in connection with multiple robberies across the borough while his alleged accomplice remains at large, the NYPD said. Comment.

Our children’s education is in crisis

There are many reasons why our education system is in crisis. Prospective educators are subjected to a trendy oppression-obsessed, feel-good and esteem-ridden curriculum with little emphasis on mastery of subject matter. Note some college courses offered to prospective educators: Social Diversity in Education, Oppression of the Disabled, Diversity and Change, Lesbian/Gay Oppression and Multicultural Education. Comments (4).

Friday, Sept. 27, 2013


Flushing MS-13 men plead

Two more members of the violent MS-13 gang’s Flushing chapter have pleaded guilty to assault, racketeering and murder conspiracy charges in Brooklyn federal court. Comment.

CB 7 gives approval to Flushing project

Community Board 7 voted to approve the sale of several city properties during its September meeting: one lot that will house a six-story building in downtown Flushing and another only 3-feet wide. Comments (1).
Fresh Meadows

SFP runs past Kellenberg

Kellenberg ended St. Francis Prep’s season with a heartbreaking overtime playoff loss last year. Comment.

Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013


Hotel hotbed in Flushing

A blitz of hotel construction is taking Flushing by storm, but real estate experts wonder on how many more projects the area can sustain. Comments (1).

Administrator sued in sexual abuse case at Long Island school

The city Department of Education said it was unaware of the fact that the new principal of Flushing High School had been accused of sexual harassment and racist remarks when he headed a Long Island middle school. Comment.
Fresh Meadows

Prep grad identified in sex suit vs. school

A St. Francis Preparatory School graduate has revealed her name to the public in the midst of a $17 million sexual abuse lawsuit against her former school. Comments (7).
Block Shots

SJU misses opportunity to sign Whitehead

St. John’s University’s loss to tri-state rival Seton Hall in the basketball recruitment of Abraham Lincoln hoops star Isaiah Whitehead is a blow, just not the end of the world. Comment.

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