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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ridgewood library reopens after $3.4M renovation

To the delight of borough bookworms, the Ridgewood branch of the Queens Public Library reopened its doors Saturday to reveal its complete renovation. Comment.

Despite large classes kids to stay at PS 49

In the struggle against major budget cuts to the city Department of Education, a defiant Community Education Council District 24 boasted small victories at a meeting last week. Comment.

Cops want thief who hit MidVill, Oz. Park banks

Police released a photo of a man suspected of robbing two banks over the past month, including one in the 104th Precinct, police said. The robbery came only weeks after the last stickup in the area, police said. Comment.
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Vet moves on after blaze

Nearly 10 months after a fire ripped through a Rego Park block of stores, the owner of Trylon Vet Care is still paying rent for the abandoned, burnt-out shell where he used to do business. Comment.
Forest Hills Ledger

Forest Hills school gets a crossing guard, finally

After one accident and more than four months of parent complaints, students who attend class at a Forest Hills school building got a crossing guard to help them navigate Metropolitan Avenue last week. Comment.
Forest Hills Ledger

Woodsider drove school bus with bad license: DA

A bus driver who should not have been behind the wheel was arrested last Thursday while transporting a student to school, the Queens district attorney said, just three weeks after another driver from the same company collided with an ambulance in downtown Forest Hills. Comment.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Landmarks hears Ridgewood plan

The public hearing Tuesday on a proposed historic district in Ridgewood drew support from high-profile organizations but created confusion for many of the residents who would be affected by the possible landmark designation. Comment.

Car theft ringleader guilty

A Ridgewood man pleaded guilty last week to running a boroughwide car theft ring and selling the fruits of the crimes to friends and family members. Comment.
Forest Hills Ledger

Cord Meyer to evict seven stores

Seven small businesses along Queens Boulevard will not see their monthly leases renewed and will have to clear out of the block above the Continental Avenue subway station to make way for a large national tenant. Comment.

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