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Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012

Belle Harbor

Christmas comes to Rockaway

Bad weather couldn’t dampen the holiday spirit at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club last Sunday as more than 1,000 people partied to help the flock-ravaged Rockaways. Comment

Monday, Dec. 24, 2012

Middle Village

Pol find faults in new electronic cab hail system

When it comes to hailing cabs, some elected officials are not happy there’s an app for that. Comments (1)

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Ozone Park

Ozone Park residents have mixed reactions to Muni-Meters

Consumers and businesses have mixed feelings about new city electronic parking meters, known as Muni-Meters, which have popped up around Ozone Park this month. Comment

Straphangers Campaign names Q58 as the slowest bus in boro

The slowest bus in Queens is the Q58, which averages 7 miles an hour, but that is practically speeding when compared to the winners of the Straphangers Campaign Pokey Award, which creep along Manhattan crosstown routes. Comment

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012

Rockaway Beach

Air monitor in Rock gauges storm impact

The state and city have added an extra air monitor to the Rockaways to determine the impact of recovery efforts on outdoor air quality in the region since Hurricane Sandy hit, three agencies devoted to safeguarding health and the environment said last Thursday. Comment

Peace on Earth

Two events in the final weeks of 2012 have dampened the holiday season and will make this a year we will never forget. First was Hurricane Sandy, a storm that hit our shores and destroyed communities. The second was the Newtown, Conn., shooting that has shaken a nation. Comment

Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012


Fast forward flood-fix plans

A pair of summer storms accelerated plans to revamp the sewer system in flood-prone areas in Queens, officials said. Comment
Rockaway Beach

Boro senators serve on Sandy recovery task force

Several state senators from Queens and elsewhere in New York have formed a task force to help communities devastated by Superstorm Sandy get back on their feet. Comment
Kew Gardens

Roka: Kew Gardens welcomes big Turkish tastes

Last spring I was all excited that a Turkish restaurant had opened up on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. I was impressed, in more or less equal parts, by the quality of the food, and by the fact that there was a new cuisine in this rather Italian-heavy stretch of geography. As often happens in the restaurant business, the relationship between the two partners began to fray. Eventually Annette Dulger broke away to found a new Turkish restaurant Roka, less than a quarter of a mile west on Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens. Comment

Ferry service a lifesaver to city during disasters

The challenges that ground, air and public transportation faced in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy were unimaginable. Subway service was suspended for days, with some parts of the system experiencing damage so great they could be out of operation for months. Cars ran out of gas and the airports were closed. Even after bridges, tunnels and airports reopened, gas shortages and debilitating traffic ensued. Comment

Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012

Forest Hills

Katz nets Koch nod

On the eve of his 88th birthday and one day after being released from the hospital for a respiratory infection, former Mayor Ed Koch placed his political potency behind borough presidential candidate Melinda Katz, endorsing her in a race with a crowded Democratic field. Comment
Kew Gardens

City whisks off ‘Civic Virtue’ to Green-Wood

A towering Borough Hall statue was quietly loaded onto a truck by workers and carefully moved to its final resting place Saturday. Comments (1)
Middle Village

Deja Johnson rises above fray to get Christ the King point role

One of biggest questions facing Christ the King heading into the season was who was going to be their point guard. It may not be a question any longer. Comment

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