December, 2012


Deport Shar-Pei killer from country: Vallone

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) launched a letter-writing campaign last week urging residents to demand that an Astoria resident who threw his dog out the window be deported. Comment

October, 2012


The Immigration Question

A family that until recently lived in College Point watched with special interest when the question of immigration came up in the second debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Comments (3)

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Long Island City

Undocumented immigrants find support from CUNY and Council

Starting this month, the City University of New York will offer free help applying for deferred action — a new federal program that grants temporary legal status to some undocumented immigrants so they may stay in the country and go to school or work without fear of deportation — at City Council members’ offices for all who are eligible. Comments (3)


State Assemblyman Francisco Moya took a bold stand. Comment

August, 2012


‘Profoundly Humane’

It’s not often we say this, but we are proud of the state Legislature, which recently allocated $450,000 to help young, undocumented immigrants find their way through the application process that will allow them to take advantage of an amnesty announced recently by President Barack Obama. Comment
Long Island City

Jax Hts group rescues youth

Since the federal government began its deferred action policy for young undocumented immigrants last week, Jackson Heights-based Make the Road New York said Tuesday it has helped 1,000 submit applications to remain in the United States for at least two years. Comment
Jackson Heights

Panel hears LGBT options

At a panel hosted by City Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) Monday, immigration experts said many options are available to undocumented LGBT newcomers, but all have their pitfalls for those pursuing residency. Comment

$150K from feds will go immigration groups: Silver

Following President Barack Obama’s June 15 announcement that young, undocumented immigrants could apply for work permits, New York state lawmakers have allocated about $450,000 in grants to programs to help them navigate through the application process. Comment
Long Island City

Undocumented youth apply for deferred deportation in LIC

Queens civic groups accompanied their young members to the U.S. immigration office in Long Island City Wednesday for the start of President Barack Obama’s deferred action policy. Comment

July, 2012


Prez right on young immigrants

The Obama administration has announced the halting of the deportations of young undocumented immigrants and allowing some to be granted work permits. While this is far from a complete amnesty, it is a step in the right direction toward fixing a dysfunctional and broken immigration system. Comments (2)

June, 2012


Past promises cast pall on Obama memo

For many in Queens, the federal memo signed earlier this month that would save certain undocumented immigrants from deportation was reminiscent of a similar White House announcement last year that promised policy changes but did not deliver. Comment

“A Huge Step Forward”

There is no definitive estimate of how many immigrants who entered this country as small children will be affected by President Barack Obama’s declaration Friday nor is there a way to know how many young people living in Queens will benefit from the two-year ban on deportations. Comment

Praise for immigration fix mixed with doubt

President Barack Obama praised a federal memo released Friday that is set to give undocumented young people in Queens hope for a normal life, but drew cautious optimism from the borough and criticism from the county’s only Republican congressman. Comment

Do not implement Secure Communities in Queens

We, as members of the New York City Council, who represent immigrant communities throughout the city, are disappointed in your decision to deploy Secure Communities in New York City. Implementation of this policy will have devastating effects on the city’s immigrant communities. You should not activate this program in New York. Comment

April, 2012


‘Daddy’s Little Sunshine’

In most cases U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement doesn’t send a warning because the people it deals with are inclined to run. The officers show up at a person’s home or place of work and within minutes the individual is handcuffed and taken away. Once they are taken to an ICE facility, it might be days before they can make a phone call to family or friends. Comment

Tip of the week


Fairness for Victims

In a show of fairness, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office is offering a helping hand to women who have been brought into America by human traffickers. Comment

Bangladeshi national sent back home to Sunnyside

In need of new spring clothing for her 20-month-old twin daughters, Sunnyside resident Lipiara Begum bought them shirts March 23, saying “Daddy’s Little Sunshine.” For more than a month her husband had been held in an immigrant detention center and she wanted her girls to be with him again. Comment

March, 2012


Feds send dad home to family instead of back to Bangladesh

A Sunnyside man who was being held in a detention center in New Jersey since February and set to be deported back to Bangladesh was released to his family Friday. Comment

Do not deport Sunnyside man

Mohammad A. Islam, of Sunnyside, was picked up by U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Feb. 10, having lived in America for 21 years as an undocumented foreign resident. Comments (4)
Long Island City

U.S. visas available for trafficking victims

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Long Island City hosted a forum Tuesday to get the word out about legal options for immigrants who have been victims of human trafficking, abuse or domestic violence. Comment

Lancman urges Legislature to pass DREAM Act

Chasing her dream has become a nightmare. Comment

S. Koreans explore city’s human rights

Flushing Library Director Donna Ciampa-Lauria and the city Human Rights Commission invited two South Korean officials to a discussion on human rights for immigrants last month at the Flushing Library. Comment

February, 2012


Wife’s words could stop deportation

A Bangladeshi national who lives in Sunnyside with his three young children is being held in a detention center in New Jersey, even though his wife is an oath away from becoming a citizen. Comments (2)

January, 2012

Long Island City

Feds open new LIC office to serve more immigrants

Boro leaders joined federal immigration officials Friday to cut the ribbon on a new immigration office that opened recently in Long Island City. Comment
Jackson Heights

Supporters of immigrant tuition assistance call for action

Immigrant advocates met in Jackson Heights to find out how they could convince elected officials to back a measure that would make immigrants eligible for state tuition funding sources regardless of their legal status. Comments (1)

Detained dad reunited with family

After her father was released Dec. 22 from a nine-month detention by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 8-year-old Sanjana Hussain said she had the best New Year’s ever. Comment
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