Friday, Aug. 6, 2004

Thirty One: Small Italian restaurant that’s big on flavor

However, if they are busy at the counter, you will have to seek someone out and indicate that you are there for table service. Once that connection is made, you will be shown to the back room, a simple but stylish dining room. If you don't ask, you could probably go in and order pizza any number of times without suspecting there was another dimension to this establishment. Comment

Boro superhero skips town for latest Spider-Man flick

The superhero seems to have lost his touch in the two years that lapsed since the original "Spider-Man" was released. Now, his spidey senses occasionally fail and some residents of director Sam Raimi's unauthentic New York still think he's a menace. With so much stress, it seems only natural that Queens-native Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) would chuck his spidey suit into trash can in an alley because he is "Spider-Man no more." Comment

Metal Monsters?

The very idea of watching almost two hours of the most successful heavy metal band in history just jamming and hanging out seems a bit much. Hasn't the rock world seen its share of rockumentaries glorifying bands? What could possibly be new in this one? Comment

Thursday, Aug. 5, 2004

Mr. Softee jingle is an irritant

Developers continue to demolish Bayside’s historic homes

Is America actling like a selective saviour?

Cameras can help reduce drag racing

Why won’t you help our neighborhoods, Mr. Mayor?

John Doe Indictments

Don’t blame the cops

Tempest in a turban

Just say ‘no’ to MTA

Midville Dodgers to play in World Series

A Gold Miscalculation

The Butler Did It

Bayside All-Stars to play in Triple Crown

A day to remember at Shea

Unidentified body left on Woodside street

Man shot 4 times dies at Jamaica hospital

Cyclist dies in collision with truck on 108th St.

Far Rockaway man killed, five teenagers hurt in shooting

Dead body found on Grand Central Pkwy

Swastika discovered on subway wall

N.Y. baseball

Rockaway Artists turn 10, celebrate with big exhibit

Top talent prepares to play Queens Symphony freebie

Making Blue Man Sing

Arts & Entertainment Listings

Hi Yah

Dragon Boat’s rich history lives on water

How to Get To Dragon Boat

Strong ties link Hong Kong, New York

Dragon Boat Entertainment Schedule

Dragon Boat Racers Ready


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Kerry will bring much good to the nation

We need fair reporting on Con Edison’s shortcomings

Firing principals a travesty to some

A worthy riddle? Maybe not.

A waste of time

Woodhaven teeming with activity


Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2004


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