Thursday, May 28, 2009

Astoria Times

Bistro Les Minots: The new kiddos on the block in Astoria

If I had, by some bizarre twist of fate, held the reins of power in this country, I would have espoused a uniquely self−serving immigration policy. I would have required parity between French and Italian immigrants. Comment
Astoria Times

Man struck, killed while crossing Lefferts Blvd.

SOUTH OZONE PARK — An older man was killed in an auto accident Sunday afternoon as he was trying to cross Lefferts Boulevard, police said. Comment
Astoria Times

Mother gets 15 years in prison for killing son

KEW GARDENS — A 24−year−old mother was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday for suffocating her 4−month−old son more than two years ago, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment
Astoria Times

LI man on drugs sped down Grand Central: DA

GRAND CENTRAL PARKWAY — A Long Island man was arrested last week for allegedly speeding on the highway while high on marijuana, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Police launch search for Forest Hills rapist

FOREST HILLS — Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a fugitive who they say raped a woman near Queens Boulevard and 69th Road last week. Comment
Astoria Times

Stolen ATM cards used to buy MetroCard

JAMAICA — Police were looking for a man who they say used stolen ATM cards to purchase his subway fare at the Jamaica Center−Parsons⁄Archer Station Sunday. Comment
Astoria Times

Brick, bike seat thrown at two women: Brown

ELMHURST — Two men were arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting two women with a bike seat and a brick, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Man crossing street died after car hit him

Officers responded to a call of an unresponsive man found at the intersection of 165th Street and 46th Avenue around 8 a.m., police said. An investigation determined the man attempted to cross between two parked vehicles and was struck by a 2008 Nissan Altima traveling eastbound on 46th Avenue, police said. Comment
Astoria Times

Perchance to dream

Hailing from Moscow, Astoria−based singer−songwriter Nancy Newlis is fairly new to New York. But with the upcoming release of her new EP “Dreamers,” the rock− and jazz−inspired musician is translating her fresh experience with the city into a musical language anyone can understand. Comment
Astoria Times

Queens Art Express is ticket to artistic diversity

This spring, your MetroCard is more than just a ticket to ride. Comment

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whitestone Times

City may not fund Bowne House until 2013

The Bowne House Historical Society said the city may push public funding for the renovation of the 17th century home back to as late as 2013, which could delay the completion of the long−needed project. Comment
Whitestone Times

Cooke vies for Avella seat

Flushing’s Tom Cooke said his military background, nonprofit work and longtime residency in northeast Queens provide him with the experience necessary to replace City Councilman Tony Avella (D−Bayside) as the next councilman for northeast Queens. Comment
Whitestone Times

Queens Muslims, Jews condemn Bronx temple plot

A Jamaica imam and a Flushing rabbi stood together inside a 168th Street mosque Friday to condemn the foiled plot allegedly crafted by four upstate men — all recent converts to Islam — to bomb two Bronx synagogues. Comment
Whitestone Times

Queens College refugee camp spotlights African atrocities

Yaa−Lengi Ngemi and Rashidi Mubwana know all too well what war means. Comment
Whitestone Times

City makes first Willets Pt. deals in five months

The city has reached agreements to acquire two new properties at Willets Point, marking the first such deals to take place since the City Council approved a redevelopment plan for the community last year, the city Economic Development Corp. announced Tuesday. Comment
Whitestone Times

Public hearing to be held on law to protect Queens homeowners

A state law enacted in 1995 establishing fines for real estate companies that solicited listings for residential properties to Queens homeowners who opted not to receive such notices is set to expire, and the state will be holding public hearings on whether to continue the law. Comment
Whitestone Times

Whitestone parade salutes the soldiers

Whitestone residents turned their neighborhood into a sea of red, white and blue for the annual Memorial Day parade Monday. Comment
Whitestone Times

House bill could derail College Point transfer station

In a pointed effort, U.S. Reps. Gary Ackerman (D−Bayside) and Joseph Crowley (D−Jackson Heights) have passed legislation in Congress that if enacted, could block city efforts to construct a marine waste transfer station in College Point. Comment

State Democrats’ Cheap Shot

In a New York political season, it is not surprising to see Democrats or Republicans take a cheap shot at a powerful opponent. But we are stunned by the statements of Shams Tarek, a state Democratic Senate Campaign Committee spokesman, criticizing a letter written by state Sen. Frank Padavan on behalf of former colleague, Brian McLaughlin. Comment

Patriot Act: Bobea wills Lewis into 2nd round

The Clinton baseball team arrived in Queens with a noticeable swagger. The Governors danced in the outfield and had the pedigree as a Bronx powerhouse and offensive punch that made some consider them the favorite despite their No. 21 seeding. Comment

Cardozo wins 2nd straight city crown

Kenny Krell had just one thing on his mind as he stepped on the court at Hunter College last Thursday night. The senior middle hitter is one of Cardozo’s unheralded players. He’s not the Judges’ go−to guy — senior outside hitters Todd Gaugler and Bonjun Koo share that title. Comment

Thousands honor vets in Douglaston on Memorial Day

Throngs of Queens revelers showed dozens of out−of−state members of the armed forces great gratitude during the annual Douglaston−Little Neck Memorial Day Parade Monday.. Comment

Choe campaigns for Liu seat

John Choe certainly knows how to make an entrance. Comment

Laurelton honors vets at annual Memorial Day parade

Marchers, local leaders and veterans came out bright and early on Memorial Day to honor the brave soldiers who fought for America. Comment

McDonald’s worker stars in local soap

For 36 years, a Bayside resident has helped foster an atmosphere more similar to the bar in the hit TV show “Cheers” than that of a typical fast food restaurant at a McDonald’s chain store in Little Neck, the store’s owner said. Comment

Indian community, civic leaders break barriers over curry

Indian community leaders met with civic leaders in Glen Oaks last week over a meal of goat curry and other Indian dishes to foster understanding between immigrants and whites. Comment

Fatal crash spurs calls to widen Snake Road

After a major auto accident killed a popular Richmond Hill teen and his driver on the dangerous section of Brookville Boulevard known as Snake Road last week, City Councilman James Sanders (D−Laurelton) is pushing for a way to widen the short cut to the Rockaways. Comment

Ridgewood parents fight for their say

Changes at one Ridgewood Catholic school are coming rapidly as the school year draws to a close, angering many parents who protested the new governing board’s decision to replace the school’s longtime principal at a heated meeting Tuesday night. Comment
Fresh Meadows

17 Bayside families sue church developer

A group of 17 Bayside families has filed a lawsuit against the developer of a Korean church being constructed on 210th Street on the grounds that the structure would not comply with the city’s zoning and administrative codes. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Huang evicts day care from Klein Farm site

Fresh Meadows community leaders are worried that the pending eviction of the day care center on the Klein Farm could be the sign of a possible move by the land’s owner to sell or develop the site. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Gennaro’s rivals quit race

Then there was one. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Volunteers give Pomonok Community Center a makeover

They left as quickly as they came, but a swarm of energetic volunteers certainly left a lasting impression on the Pomonok Community Center. Comment
Fresh Meadows

City must strictly make developers follow building laws

Most people buy homes in communities because of the neighborhood, house styles, quality of schools and nearby parks — in short, the quality of life. Homeowners join together as civic associations to maintain quality of life. Queens civic associations have come together as the Queens Civic Congress. One of their main activities is to enforce building codes. Comment
Forest Hills Ledger

Crowd salutes heroes in Forest Hills

Hundreds of revelers turned Metropolitan Avenue into a street for heroes Sunday as Forest Hills held its annual Memorial Day parade. Comment

Developers must provide parking spaces

Why has development in recent years overlooked the need for parking in Queens? No thought is given for the need to park cars when a developer builds a shopping mall, church or day care center. I am having difficulty finding parking in my area like never before. Comment

Albany’s plan to rescue MTA contains fatal financial flaws

I am writing in response to your May 14 editorial regarding my vote on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority bailout legislation (“Padavan Goes Off−track”). Comment

City must shut public schools after assistant principal’s death

The tragic death of IS 238 Assistant Principal Mitchell Wiener from swine flu should not be taken lightly. It is time for the city Education and Health departments to tackle the spread of this illness by immediately closing all city public and parochial schools in order to disinfect them. Comment

Stand against gay marriage flawed

I would like to respond to Frederick R. Bedell Jr.’s May 14 letter “State should uphold the traditional meaning of marriage.” Comment

Oppose proposed budget cuts for the boro’s library system

Queens Library is facing unprecedented budgets cuts that will devastate library service unless funding is restored. The proposed city budget slashes our operating funds by nearly $20 million. If sustained, these cuts would reduce the hours Queens libraries will be open to the public, with programs and services severely curtailed. All community libraries could be closed on weekends, with some libraries open only two or three days a week. Comment

Block proposed firehouse closings

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to close firehouses jeopardizes the lives of all the city’s citizens. Even if he closes a firehouse in someone else’s neighborhood, all neighborhoods will be affected. Comment

Tarek wrong for criticizing Padavan

If attacking a Republican state senator for writing a letter of support for a former Democratic state Assemblyman he worked closely with for decades is the only thing Democratic Senate Campaign Committee spokesman Shams Tarek can come up with, then it is time to become a Republican. Comment

Go on a staycation this summer

Another year has gone by and it is time to contemplate taking a vacation. Like many others, I have chosen for the second year in a row to take a “staycation.” This is because our economy has not improved much, with gas going up again and the higher costs of goods and services. Comment

Skala’s charge of elitism misguided about preserving boro neighborhood

I am fed up with Frank Skala making bogus statements just for the sake of hearing his own voice. Using a “shotgun approach” to criticize, he hits everyone and everything in sight as long as it is not about something he embraces. A recent series of rants is leveled at me as a trustee of the Douglaston⁄Little Neck Historical Society, and it proves how lacking his level of understanding is. Comment

Allow Willets Point biz to move into Flushing Airport site

An open letter to Borough President Helen Marshall. Comment

Nurses have done their share in combatting swine flu

As the world reacts to the H1N1 swine flu outbreak, the front line care providers — nurses — have helped our community. Communities across the country deal with the concerns of the illness, whether a case was confirmed or only feared. Earlier this month, the nursing profession celebrated its own during National Nurses Week. Take a moment to share your gratitude with a nurse you know and the next nurse you encounter. Comment

Planned city water hikes unfair

The times we live in are challenging enough. That is why the proposed 12.9 percent hike in city water rates is unbearable. The proposed hike comes one year after a 14.5 percent hike last July. The average annual bill for a one−family home under the 12.9 percent increase is projected to be $911, up from $779 at the current rate. Comment

Onorato should back gay marriage

As an Astoria resident, it is time for New York state to join the 21st century and pass legislation granting equal marriage rights to all New Yorkers, no matter what their sexual orientation is. Comment

On the Brink of a Crisis

Fate has proved the foolishness of closing two Queens hospitals. In March, St. John’s Queens Hospital in Elmhurst and Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica were shuttered. In May, a shortage of emergency room capacity and hospital beds in the wake of the swine flu outbreak has put the borough on the brink of a healthcare crisis. Comment
Astoria Times

Paper absentee ballots could draw out guv, Senate races

As we move toward the 2009 fall election campaign, there are some lasting repercussions from the 2008 elections, especially in northeast Queens, where incumbent state Sen. Frank Padavan (R−Bellerose) retained his seat against challenger City Councilman James Gennaro (D−Fresh Meadows). Comment
Astoria Times

Marriage cannot escape the public’s changing attitudes

To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with. — Mark Twain Comment
Astoria Times

Irving coined two of New York City’s famous nicknames

Several years ago, my husband and I visited Spain. While viewing the impressive citadel, the Alhambra in Granada, I was reminded of the legacy Washington Irving left New York City, his birthplace. Comment
Astoria Times

Vallone bill would tighten rules for cell phone towers

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D−Astoria) is calling on the city to allow for greater regulation of cell phone antennas in residential communities as well as giving borough residents more input before a tower is placed in their neighborhood. Comment
Astoria Times

MTA says injury lawsuits are draining its budget

The Metropolitan Transit Authority is again appealing to the state Legislature for help — this time because injury lawsuits are costing millions yearly. Comment
Astoria Times

Pitching a no−hitter for his dad

Jordan Wiener said after he and his family buried their beloved patriarch, Mitchell Wiener, last week all he wanted to do was honor his father’s memory by focusing on his own work as captain of Robert. F. Kennedy High School’s varsity baseball team. Comment
Astoria Times

Experts say boro will grow

Though Queens is certainly hurting from the current recession, the borough has weathered the storm far better than some of its neighbors and is poised for growth, analysts and public officials said last week at a economic outlook breakfast. Comment
Astoria Times

Boro Democratic Party backs Liu in comptroller race

Endorsements are coming fast and furious in the four−way race for city comptroller, with the three Queens candidates and the Brooklyn contender picking up a major backer in the last week. Comment
Astoria Times

Ex−beau accused in Sunnyside crime lab tech slay

The ex−boyfriend of a civilian crime lab technician accused of beating and stabbing her to death in her Sunnyside apartment last month is the son of an Irish revolutionary, published reports said. Comment
Astoria Times

McLaughlin receives 10−yr. prison sentence

Despite Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin’s best efforts to atone for his crimes, a federal judge ruled last week that no amount of cooperation or pleas for mercy could outweigh the “brazen and perversely creative” fraud he committed against the people he had promised to serve. Comment
Astoria Times

Weiner drops out as Queens Dems back Thompson for mayor

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D−Forest Hills) officially announced he is dropping out of the mayoral race in an online New York Times op−ed piece Tuesday night, citing concerns about being outspent by deep−pocketed Mayor Michael Bloomberg and following a vote by the Queens Democratic Party to endorse his rival, city Comptroller Bill Thompson. Comment
Astoria Times

Workers protest LIC builder

Two immigrant workers at an upscale apartment renovation company in Long Island City are demanding thousands of dollars in back wages and overtime they say the company never paid them. Comment
Astoria Times

Calm, planning can be best flu defense

The best way Queens residents can protect themselves from the swine flu or any other health threat is by drawing up an emergency plan for the family and keeping a level head, according to a mental health specialist. Comment
Astoria Times

Peralta, Dept. of Ed urge update parents on swine flu

As parents in Queens grew upset over the city’s decisions to leave certain schools open amid swine flu scares, politicians and officials from a number of city agencies gathered in Corona last Thursday night to try to assuage residents’ fears. Comment
Astoria Times

Somber return for IS 238 kids

Life seemed to return to normal for the students at IS 238 in Hollis Tuesday, but the adolescents said the mood at the middle school would never be the same. Comments (1)
Astoria Times

City bike map points cyclists to boro’s cultural destinations

The Department of City Planning has released a new map to guide Queens cyclists through 18 miles of borough bike lanes which includes notable landmarks in Long Island City, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Corona and several other neighborhoods. Comment
Astoria Times

Women officers, boro girls form bond over basketball

Squeaking sneakers drowned out any thoughts of incongruity as teen girls and female police converged at Astoria’s Variety Boys & Girls Club last week in a friendly battle for hoops supremacy. Comment
Astoria Times

Caritas to sell Mary Immac, St. John’s

Bankrupt and shuttered Caritas’ Health Care Inc.’s Mary Immaculate Hospital and St. John’s Queens Hospital were placed up for sale earlier this month, the Queens borough president’s office confirmed, adding insult to injury to the borough’s ailing hospital system. Comment
Astoria Times

Flushing leaders try to prevent panic

Flushing leaders called for calm, communication and greater city transparency Friday afternoon in reaction to borough parents bombarding already−taxed Queens hospital emergency rooms as swine flu fears ran rampant. Comment
Astoria Times

Growing deficit could force pols to pare budget: Paterson

The state Legislature may have to revise next year’s budget yet again as the projected deficit swells, Gov. David Paterson warned last week amid a comptroller’s report that state revenues were sliding. Comment
Astoria Times

LIRR president appointed temporary director of MTA

Long Island Rail Road President Helena Williams has been appointed temporary head of the MTA pending appointment of a replacement for Elliot Sander. Comment
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