Thursday, July 2, 2009

Whitestone Times

Girl, 4, slammed by drunk driver in Flushing: Police

FLUSHING — A 4-year-old girl was injured after a drunk driver hit her in Flushing Saturday evening, police said. Comment
Whitestone Times

CB 7 approves Sky View variance

The first two hours of Community Board 7’s Monday meeting at Union Plaza Care Center in Flushing could have been titled “The Development Follies.” Comment
Whitestone Times

Stars drop in for early dinner at Papazzio

The owner of a popular Bayside eatery said he does not serve pasta before 11:30 a.m., but he made an early morning exception this week for Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. Comment
Whitestone Times

Carrozza resides outside boro

State Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza (D-Bayside) said she has been living out of her district since earlier this year as she and her husband plan to adopt a child and search for a new home in Bayside. Comment

Update city election signature rolls

Americans are rightfully outraged by the recent sham Iranian election and massacre of demonstrators, who asked, “Where’s my votei” We should support these heroes. The brave Iranian example should also remind us to clean up long-overlooked troubles with our own electoral system, which is subject to fraud. Comment

Give This Family A Break

It is easy for those born here to forget what a privilege it is to live in this country. But the story that ran in this paper last week serves as a reminder that for many throughout the world, America remains the land of opportunity. It is also a sad reminder of the snares and pitfalls that lie in wait for even the most earnest newcomer. Comment

Education on the Line

At the writing of this editorial, it is not certain the mayor will retain control over the city’s schools. The 2002 law giving Michael Bloomberg control over the system was set to end June 30. Comment

Obituary: Renzo Ferrari, 54

Renzo Ferrari, a former supervisor of the Queens West District 5 Garage in Maspeth, died last Thursday from complications due to cancer. He was 54. Comment
Richmond Hill

Man convicted in 1999 Richmond Hill murder tryst

A Georgia man was convicted last week for the 1999 murder of his Richmond Hill cousin, who was having an affair with his wife, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday. Comment

Bayside developer submits rezone plan to boro committee

Representatives from Bayside’s Briarwood Organization said the group’s plan to extend its operations along Bell Boulevard would not change the character of the street as they mapped out the proposal during a land use hearing last week at Borough Hall. Comment

Home invasion burglar guilty in Rosedale slay

The Connecticut man who was part of a violent home invasion of a Rosedale house in 2008 was convicted last week of killing one of the tenants, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment

Juniper Civic bids farewell to Msgr. Sivillo

Changes are coming to the Juniper Park Civic Association as the group said goodbye to the clergyman who long ago established a partnership with the club and to the park’s tree specialist. Comment

Bird hits AA plane as it lands at LaGuardia

An American Airlines flight landed safety Tuesday morning at LaGuardia International Airport after suffering a birdstrike on its final approach from Miami, the Federal Aviation Adminstration said. Comment

Bayside man dies in sewer

An elderly Bayside man died Saturday when he slipped into a sewage drain on his Flushing property and suffocated, police said. Comment

Officer shoots wanted man in Cambria Heights: NYPD

A suspected fugitive was wounded Wednesday morning when a two-state task force tried to apprehend him while he was in Cambria Heights, police said. Comment

Jamaica center attracts leaders

More than two dozen domestic and international city officials got a firsthand look at Jamaica’s Workforce One Center as they shared ideas on how to create jobs and economic development in a global economic recession. Comment
Whitestone Times

Seminerio, 74, pleads guilty to fraud charge

Two candidates have expressed their interest in succeeding former state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio, who pleaded guilty last week in Manhattan federal court to setting up a fake consulting business to collect corrupt payments from entities seeking his influence as a legislator. Comment

Queens rep heads up new Board of Education

Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott, a Cambria Heights resident, Wednesday became the president of the city’s first Board of Education since the 2002 implementation of mayoral control, which ended this week after the embattled state Senate failed to renew the school governance law. Comment

Contenders for Liu’s seat clash in spirited debate

Seven candidates vying to replace City Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) debated parks and preservation issues in Flushing last week and set off some early fireworks in what isalready a heated race. Comment

Man convicted in 1999 Rich. Hill murder tryst

A Georgia man was convicted last week for the 1999 murder of his Richmond Hill cousin, who was having an affair with his wife, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday. Comment

Electrical giant leaves Little Neck for L.I.

Leviton Manufacturing Co., the largest privately held producer of electrical wiring equipment in North America, has moved its headquarters from the Little Neck site where it operated for 36 years to a new locale in Long Island, a spokeswoman for the company said. Comment
Jackson Heights

Electeds secure $2M for St. Saviour’s restoration

The embattled historic Maspeth church spared the wrecking ball by preservationists’ efforts last year got $2 million closer to being rebuilt. Comment
Jackson Heights

Shelter makes Elmhurst less safe: Residents

Elmhurst residents south of Queens Boulevard were alarmed and angered to learn that a shelter for the homeless has opened up at a former convent once owned by St. John’s Hospital. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows cantor takes 9-day Poland tour

Last Sunday Cantor Haim Levy of Fresh Meadows set off for the trip of a lifetime. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Singh easily gathers signatures for ballot

Although Swaranjit Singh officially kicked off his campaign for City Councilman David Weprin’s (D-Hollis) seat just last weekend, the Bellerose resident has long been working on the bid and his camp said at Saturday’s gathering that the efforts have paid off. Comment
Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Queens high schools provide great learning experiences

TimesLedger Newspapers reported June 4 there were more than 2,200 graduates from Queens College and 800 graduates from York College. These facts reflect the learning that took place in our Queens high schools. The graduation of more than 3,000 Queens residents from two of our colleges shows things are being done correctly. Let’s look at a few. Comment
Forest Hills Ledger

Nocerino raises cash for Katz

It was not hard for City Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills), a candidate for city comptroller, to please the more than 75 borough residents who attended a Sunday fund-raiser organized by her former political opponent, Joseph “JR” Nocerino. Comment
Forest Hills Ledger

Tierra Sana turns to Forest Hills residents for advice

For Forest Hills resident Victor Fiallo, Tierra Sana was meant to become a community cornerstone where residents could congregate, listen to musicians and poets and eat healthy foods that helped people migrate away from preservatives. Comment
Astoria Times

Crooks get nothing in attempted robbery

EAST ELMHURST — An East Elmhurst man was arrested after allegedly robbing Kababish, an Indian-Pakistani restaurant in Jackson Heights June 17, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment
Astoria Times

Astoria man violated restraining order: Brown

ASTORIA — An Astoria man allegedly broke into the apartment of an ex-girlfriend who had a restraining order against him, throwing her television and slashing her couch with a knife a little after 4 a.m. June 23, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comments (1)
Astoria Times

Drunk driver rammed car through crowd: DA

ASTORIA — An allegedly intoxicated 41-year-old Astoria man sped through an Astoria intersection where pedestrians had to run to avoid being hit a little before 1 a.m. June 24, the Queens District Attorney’s office said. Comment
Astoria Times

Three teens mugged in Maspeth: Brown

MASPETH — A Maspeth teenager was arrested after allegedly mugging three people on 61st Street and Laurel Hill Boulevard June 22, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment
Astoria Times

Jax Hts. man refused to pay cab fare: Brown

JACKSON HEIGHTS — A Jackson Heights man allegedly refused to pay a livery cab driver after he made the man take him to numerous locations throughout the borough between 1 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. June 23, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment

Council hopeful shuns identity politics

Contrary to the assertion made by the Weprin campaign (Little Neck Ledger, “Mark Weprin touts record in Council run,” June 18), I am a lifelong Democrat and will always be one. Comment

State must save unemployment trust fund for struggling workers

During this economic crisis, it comes as no secret more New Yorkers are losing their jobs and turning to our state’s unemployment insurance system to keep themselves and their families afloat. Comment

Don’t run schools like a business

I am a former city teacher and am appalled at the direction city Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have taken the city schools in. In their efforts to “improve” the schools through harassment and daily abuse of teachers, they are chasing out wonderful teachers from the school system. Morale is low and most teachers talk of leaving. Comment

Whitestone school needs funds

I am a proud parent of a third-grader at PS 184Q in Whitestone. Over 70 parents attended an emergency PTA meeting June 17 to voice their frustration over budget cuts that are forcing our principal to increase our class sizes to 35 students in both the fourth- and fifth-grades by removing a class from each. Comment

State senators fail at their jobs

The stalemate between our elected politicians in Albany continues. What else is newi It is unbelievable these people, who we elected to represent us, cannot come to an agreement on how to run the government. Comment

America needs public health care

Some Americans do not seem to understand the importance of a public health care plan for our nation. A public plan could negotiate lower prices and cut administrative costs while eliminating the expenses of lobbying, advertising, profits and high executive salaries. Comment

30 Years Wasted

After a legislative career that spanned more than 30 years, state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio has resigned. It is a sad moment for Seminerio, his family and his constituents who re-elected him time and time again. Seminerio admitted in federal court he pocketed more than $1 million in consulting fees by promising hospitals, nonprofits and others inside access in Albany. Comment
Astoria Times

Dishing with Dee: Get back to work, senators, and work for your constituents

It took the death of two icons to push the Albany dysfunctionals off the front pages and the updated news on radio and TV, but their shenanigans were still going on in full bloom, albeit not with the same intensity, as it had been in the past few weeks. Comment
Astoria Times

I Sit And Look Out: Remember the definition of freedom this Fourth of July

This past January, TimesLedger Newspapers reported that a 21-year-old Richmond Hill resident was assaulted as he walked with a friend in Jackson Heights. Three men attacked Jasmir Singh, a Sikh. Among other injuries, he lost sight in one eye. Comment
Astoria Times

Berger’s Burg: Remember America’s fight for freedom this Fourth of July

Question: President Barack Obama was seen not placing his hand over his heart during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” He contends that only applies during the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. Was he correcti Comment
Astoria Times

Political Action: Schwartz campaigns to become next borough president

This year features some interesting Democratic primaries in Queens, including races for mayor, City Council and borough president. Comment
Astoria Times

QueensLine: Ozone Park native Lauper left lasting mark on music scene

On June 22, 1953, Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper was born in Brooklyn, but her family soon moved to Ozone Park. Although she attended Richmond Hill High School, Cyndi Lauper dropped out to pursue a career in music. She sang in dance cover bands in the 1970s and was gifted with a voice that had a range of four octaves. Comment
Astoria Times

Bayside acupuncturist’s needles work wonders

Although Dr. Jun Hua He has been practicing acupuncture in America for the last 11 years, she said new patients who have come to her are overly cautious about going through with the procedure. Comment
Astoria Times

Flushing honors Korean War

To some, it is known as the “Forgotten War,” but to American and Korean veterans living in Flushing the memory of those who gave their lives in the Korean War is alive and well. Comment
Astoria Times

ESL TV show unveiled at Queens Museum of Art

The city of immigrants is getting one more way for newcomers to learn English and acquire information about public services, thanks to television right in their own homes. Comment
Astoria Times

Oakland Gdns. man made false claims police had been shot: DA

A 50-year-old Oakland Gardens man was arrested last week after he allegedly placed as many as 20 fake 911 calls over a period of four months during which he claimed police officers had either been shot or held hostage, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Senate stalemate hinders passage of Lancman bills

As a legislative stalemate gripped Albany this week, state Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) said he was especially concerned about the fate of four of his bills that he said would help Queens residents in the case of future hospital closings and area nonprofits to prepare for potential terrorist attacks. Comment
Astoria Times

City buys 30 acres to build 5,000 units

Plans to develop Hunters Point South inched closer after Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the city had finalized the $100 million acquisition of 30 acres of property in Long Island City that had been destined for the Olympics. Comment
Astoria Times

City to close Tennisport club to create apts

The news was good for the city, but not so good for the landmark tennis club where Mayor Michael Bloomberg once proudly announced plans for the Olympic Village project. Five years after that ambitious project evaporated, the city has acquired the same land for a massive middle-income housing project, forcing Long Island City’s Tennisport to close its doors July 31. Comment
Astoria Times

Mourners recall Forest Hills man slain in gay tryst

Michael Pecora, a Forest Hills man murdered in his home June 17, was a hardworking employee at MasterCard headquarters in Purchase, N.Y. who continually impressed people with his intelligence and kindheartedness, said friends and colleagues who continued to mourn Pecora’s death. Comments (2)
Astoria Times

Boro in eye of Senate storm

Queens once again took center stage in the protracted struggle for leadership of the state Senate as Democrats tried to pass legislation with the appearance of state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) in the chamber. But Padavan and other Republicans said the Queens senator was not present for the votes held Tuesday afternoon. Comment
Astoria Times

New LIC group aids youth

The kick-off of an initiative to potentially pour millions of dollars into community groups in Long Island City and Astoria brought close to 1,000 residents and more than 35 area nonprofits to the Queens Library in Long Island City Saturday. Comment
Astoria Times

No schmutz on No. 7 train: Survey

The No. 7 train came in as the cleanest and the R line as the dirtiest in the Straphangers Campaign’s 10th annual Schmutz Survey of the subway system. Comment
Astoria Times

Suit wins $3.4M in back pay from Queens car wash owner

The parent company of two Queens car washes agreed to pay its employees a total of $3.4 million in back wages to settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Labor Department, the agency said Tuesday. Comment
Astoria Times

Willets businesses lawyer up

Willets Point United Against Eminent Domain Abuse, the property owners’ group, has retained the services of attorney Michael Rikon to fight the city’s bid to use eminent domain in the Iron Triangle, the group announced Tuesday. Comment
Astoria Times

Schumer blasts closing of LGA weather office

Borough President Helen Marshall and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) have criticized a Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to shut down all but two aviation weather forecasting offices, including one serving LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International airports. Comment
Astoria Times

Kissena Park Golf Course reopens after suspicious fire

The base of operations may have been a picnic table and the smell of scorched wood hung in the air, but the Kissena Park Golf Course was open for business one day after a suspicious fire destroyed its fleet of golf carts last week. Comment
Astoria Times

Toxic gas kills 3 at Jamaica recycling plant

A father and son working to clean out a toxic dry well in a Jamaica plant were killed Monday afternoon along with a third man when they were exposed to the lethal gases inside the hole, the authorities said. Comment
Astoria Times

Queens cop admits to framing brothers

One of the former NYPD officers accused in January of framing four Elmhurst men in a narcotics case has pleaded guilty in return for cooperating against the other defendants, court papers and sources close to the case said. Comment
Astoria Times

SE Queens mourns the death of a king

Michael Jackson may have had millions of fans worldwide, but to his admirers in southeast Queens, the King of Pop was a personal inspiration for a generation of musicians and fans. Comment
Astoria Times

$250M for security went to waste: MTA

A transit official told a City Council committee that the MTA paid the Lockheed-Martin company $250 million to improve anti-terrorism security in the subways to little avail and that the transit agency had fired the company. Comment
Astoria Times

CB 7 OKs police academy in College Pt., road fixes

The city laid a king’s bounty at Community Board 7’s door Monday night and the board nearly balked. Comment
Astoria Times

Van Bramer: Community organizer, boro born and bred

Queens Library External Affairs Director Jimmy Van Bramer has had a role in politics for many years, but even as he runs for City Councilman Eric Gioia’s (D-Sunnyside) seat, he prefers to think of himself as an activist first. Comment
Astoria Times

Jews honor memory of rebbe in Cambria Heights

Traveling from Briarwood to Bangkok, about 50,000 Jews flocked last week to the Cambria Heights grave of Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Hasidic Judaism, on the 15th anniversary of his death. Comment
Astoria Times

$50B scheme nets 150 years in jail for Queens-born Madoff

The extent of Laurelton native Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme left a federal judge with no room for leniency after he sentenced the fraudulent investor to 150 years in prison Monday. Comment

NYRA sued after auction

One of the winning bidders on property auctioned off by the New York Racing Association is suing the corporation, claiming the auctioneer told him NYRA demanded more money from him than he bid and had a third party ready to submit a more generous offer. Comment
Astoria Times

Classic pop acts to play Astoria Park

Borough residents will have five more opportunities to listen to classic pop tunes at Astoria Park after Monday’s kickoff of a concert series that drew thousands of people to the western Queens waterfront. Comment
Astoria Times

The Reel Queens: Astoria actress finds break in ‘Pelham’ remake

For three months last year, Astoria’s Katerina N. Gagkas was held hostage in a confined space for 12 hours per day — and she’d love to do it again. Comment

Designed to please

Fashionistas are a hardy bunch. Comment
Astoria Times

The Play’s The Thing: Treasure trove of state funds available for theater groups

It’s summertime and we theater types have things on our minds. Comment

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chemistry not enough in NYC’s loss to Island

HEMPSTEAD, L.I. — Najee Tyler was keeping things in perspective. His New York City team just fell to Long Island 31-14 in the 14th annual Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge in a lackluster performance last week in front of 8,224 at Hofstra University’s Shuart Stadium. Comment

All-Queens baseball honors

It was a quiet end to May in Queens. Comment

Father, son and another man killed at Jamaica recycling plant

A father and son were killed Monday afternoon along with another man who was working with them after they all fell into a well containing toxic gas at a Jamaica recycling plant, authorities said. Comment


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