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Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009

Whitestone Times

Store owner assaulted, robbed by teen: Brown

LITTLE NECK — A Little Neck teen was charged last week with robbing a neighborhood business and assaulting the store’s owner, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney’s office said Tuesday. Comment
Whitestone Times

Choe woos Korean-American leaders for District 20 seat

John Choe will hold a fund-raiser with Korean leaders in Flushing Monday, a move that could help buck criticisms of City Councilman John Liu’s (D-Flushing) former staffer that his support among the Korean community has been minimal. Comment
Whitestone Times

Ackerman endorses Kim

City Council hopeful Kevin Kim picked up a key endorsement Monday as U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Bayside) threw his support behind the Democrat in his bid to replace Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) this fall. Comment
Whitestone Times

Judge seeks psych exam for bomb scare suspect

A 32-year-old Manhattan man who caused thousands of travellers to be delayed after he brought a fake bomb to LaGuardia Airport earlier this month has been indicted and scheduled to return to court later this month, but it has still not been determined whether he is mentally fit to stand trial, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Whitestone Times

Wife of swine flu victim sue city over his death

The wife of the popular Jamaica middle school teacher who became the city’s first person to die of the swine flu outbreak is preparing to sue the city for failing to protect her husband from the disease. Comment
Whitestone Times

Marshall OKs plan for College Point police academy

Borough President Helen Marshall approved plans for a new police academy in College Point last Thursday, meaning the city has two of the four green lights it needs to build the proposed $1 billion facility. Comment
Whitestone Times

Con Ed-Verizon pole spat sticks resident with bill

Community Board 7 member John Barone said a finger-pointing match between two of the largest companies in the country has started over electrical damage to his home, but thus far he has had to foot the $3,000 bill. Comment
Whitestone Times

Schleicher’s fix to get delay

A Queens civil court judge indicated last week she would probably grant the owner of Schleicher’s Court more time to fix gas lines despite the fact the residents of the College Point mansion have been without the basic service for more than a year. Comment
Whitestone Times

Franny Lew race claims boy’s life

Two teens from Kew Gardens and Flushing were charged with second-degree manslaughter after they were involved in an accident following an illegal street race on Francis Lewis Boulevard last week that fatally injured their 12-year-old cousin, District Attorney Richard Brown said Monday. Comment
Whitestone Times

Berger's Burg: Columnist offers readers doses of the best medicine

’Tis summer and the season to relax, laugh and take it easy. Last July, I refrained from writing a column about anything that took an effort to read because it was hot. Instead, I offered a collection of light, mirthful and frothy jokes. I will repeat that respite with another column of jokes, more jokes and nothing but jokes. So, laugh loudly, live easy and be merry. Comment
Whitestone Times

How's Business? Save money when you can

In this economy, we are all looking to save money. One of the things several Queens residents have said to me is, “I don’t know how.” That may seem off the wall, but is not outrageous if you consider the following. Comment
Whitestone Times

The Play's The Thing: It’s harder than ever to find the right hook for audience

Out in the country in lots of small towns, there’s not much competition either. So even though they may have their share of the distractions of our modern age, theater is still a big deal when it’s the only game in town. Here in New York there’s a lot going on, lots of choices for those with the energy to get out of the house. So how can we local theater people get the audience that we need and deserve? Comment
Richmond Hill

South Queens Speaks: Richmond Hill, 102nd Pct. join forces at anti-crime event

The 102nd Precinct held its 26th annual National Night Out Against Crime last week at the Maurice A. Fitzgerald Playground on Atlantic Avenue in Richmond Hill with a cookout, music, give-aways and refreshments. A large crowd joined in with the festivities, meeting the police, elected officials and Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. Comment
Queens Village

Cambria Heights family searches for murder info

After 10 months of no leads in the murder of her 14-year-old daughter inside their Cambria Heights home, Shirada Matthews took matters into her own hands Friday. Comment

Queens rides wave of tomatoes to inter-borough museum glory

Queens gladiators emerged spattered but victorious last Thursday as cultural institutions from across the city converged in Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a fiery battle royale as surreal as anything since perhaps the spectacle of the 1964 World’s Fair. Comment

PS 87 expansion not in the works

Despite what parents said were assurances dating back to 2002, Middle Village’s PS 87 has again been skipped on the city Department of Education’s capital improvements list. Comment

Oysters test out waters of Jamaica Bay

A study unveiled this week is designed to determine whether Jamaica Bay is clean enough to one day make both oysters and environmentalists happy as clams. Comment

Lancman offers advice on saving money

State Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) gave advice to Richmond Hill residents last week on how they could save money during the recession. Comment

Mayoral underdog has bite

City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) says he recognizes he is the underdog in a mayoral race in which he is outspent by millions of dollars and, as a representative of northeast Queens, lacks the name recognition of his two prominent opponents, who have held citywide positions for nearly eight years. Comment

Flushing business leaders organize Taiwan flood relief

Flushing’s business community quickly mobilized a relief effort last week after a typhoon dumped more than 100 inches of rain on parts of Taiwan, devastating parts of the countryside with floods and mudslides. Comment

Baysiders condemn car dealership

Bayside residents and elected officials said they were upset that a car dealership on Northern Boulevard has long been using a residential street behind the business as well as the sidewalk adjacent to its property to park vehicles. Comment

Comptroller candidates agree on DOE scrutiny at debate

There were no clear winners and no standouts in a debate last week between four Democratic City Council members running for city comptroller this fall. Comment

Queens Dems tap Miller for Seminerio seat

After a false start, a special election to replace disgraced former state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio (D-Richmond Hill) is back on, and the Queens Democratic Party was quick to announce its pick to run on the party’s line. Comment

Sparks fly at public advocate TV debate

Hundred-watt personalities clashed under the studio lights as the city’s four Democratic public advocate candidates faced off at a televised debate last week. Comment

Sears: Dromm protest was invalid

City Councilwoman Helen Sears (D-Jackson Heights) said Tuesday that she could not understand why supporters of her opponent, Danny Dromm, held a protest outside her office last week where attendees claimed she had not denounced an anonymous mailing attacking Dromm, because she released a statement condemning the apparent smear campaign two days earlier. Comment

Use Web for gripes: Murray

City Council candidate Scherie Murray said southeast Queens residents have many different concerns on their mind and suggested that one of the best ways to approach all of the community’s problems was to utilize technology. Comment

Mayor praises Jamaica teens for helping others

A new city program has helped thousands of teens keep busy this summer by placing them in community service projects and now the mayor and other officials want to make volunteering a yearlong routine for the youth. Comment

Astoria’s ‘Falafel King’ vies for top vendor prize

A 43-year-old Astoria street vendor known as the “King of Falafel” will once again be the sole representative from Queens in the citywide Vendy Awards cook-off Sept. 26, where he will compete with four other vendors from the five boroughs. Comment

2 Qns. men die in Rockaway waters

The waters off Rockaway last week claimed the lives of two Queens fathers who were spending time with their loved ones. Comment

Bayside nurse to run in second NYC Marathon

A Bayside nurse will run her second New York City marathon this fall to raise money for cancer research and this time she is bringing along another woman from the community whom she is mentoring. Comment

Auburndale-Bayside group takes on graffiti

A new volunteer group led by state Assemblyman Michael Gianaris’ (D-Astoria) chief of staff has been formed in northeast Queens to take on massive graffiti cleanups each month in Bayside and Auburndale. Comment

Katz touts résumé in comptroller race

City Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills) says she is the no-nonsense candidate for city comptroller, and when asked what separates her from the other candidates in the four-way Democratic primary, that attitude comes through. Comment

Children spared as bus driver dies behind the wheel

Nine children and a bus matron escaped injury in Elmhurst Tuesday after a quick-thinking summer camp counselor took control of a bus whose driver had collapsed, published reports said. Comment
Jackson Heights

Sears condemned attack on Dromm before protest

Even after City Councilwoman Helen Sears (D-Jackson Heights) released a statement Friday denouncing anonymous attacks against her Democratic rival, Danny Dromm, Jackson Heights residents protested in front of her office Sunday claiming she refused to speak out against the smear campaign. Comment
Jackson Heights

Buyersnet victim list grows

Amid government bailouts of major financial institutions and the pursuit of fraud charges against fund managers like Bernie Madoff, state Assemblyman Jose Peralta (D-Jackson Heights) called on prosecutors to renew their focus on one Jackson Heights company that allegedly bilked numerous immigrant families out of more than $1 million in investments. Comment
Jackson Heights

Amish Market is shuttered

Despite prior denials from the store’s manager , Amish Market has closed its doors at the Shops at Atlas Park, resolving what the mall’s court-appointed receiver said was an issue of unpaid rent. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Queens College filling dorm’s beds

Queens College is well on its way to filling all of the 506 beds in the school’s first dormitory that will open at the end of August and which officials said will be a big boon to students’ academic and social lives. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Teen charged in golf blaze

Queen District Attorney Richard Brown said a 17-year-old Fresh Meadows resident was arraigned on arson charges Monday for allegedly setting a fire that devastated the Kissena Park Golf Course clubhouse and destroyed dozens of golf carts. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Suit claims Kavadas obtained illegal signatures

The Democratic ballot for those gunning for City Councilman John Liu’s (D-Flushing) seat was nearly set Tuesday, but Constantine Kavadas remained locked in a court battle that could threaten his candidacy in the six-way race. Comment
Fresh Meadows

Wife’s advice saves life of 74-yr.-old Fresh Meadows man

Dominick Massaro usually does not heed his wife’s advice to go to the hospital if he feels pain. Comment
Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Students must learn school material, not study to pass tests

As the debate over mayoral control of city public schools rages on, city officials send out statistics saying schools are improving while some parents and teachers say the success is smoke and mirrors. Comment
Forest Hills Ledger

Katz seat seekers hit the Internet for votes

“Petitioning success!” one online status proclaims. Comment
Forest Hills Ledger

Man grows ‘forest garden’ in Rego Park

Hearing Casey Tang list the more than 30 species in his garden, it is hard to believe he is only working with an approximate 20-by30 foot area in the front yard of a Rego Park home. Comment
Astoria Times

Dining Out: Sajni — London-style casual Indian dining in Rego Park

When we lived in London, every neighborhood had at least one Indian restaurant. The function they served corresponded to New York’s neighborhood Chinese restaurants. They were a place for diners to go for an inexpensive but tasty restaurant (or “carry out”) meal that they couldn’t, without some skill and major expenditure of effort, produce at home. Like New York’s American Chinese restaurants, the dishes served were ubiquitous to the genre, and comforting in their familiarity to the patrons. Comment
Astoria Times

East Elmhurst man charged in street assault

ASTORIA — An East Elmhurst man was charged with assault after he allegedly hit a man in the head with a brick in Astoria, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney’s office said Tuesday. Comment
Astoria Times

Man threatened with arson, family’s death: DA

MIDDLE VILLAGE — A Brooklyn man was charged with threatening to burn down a Middle Village man’s home, burn the man alive and rape and kill his wife and daughters, a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Tuesday. Comment

Carrozza deserves criticism for deceiving district, poor attendance

The headline to reader Frank Skala’s July 30 Bayside Times letter reads “Why is Ann-Margaret Carrozza being targeted?” If he would read your July 23 Bayside Times editorial “Time for Carrozza to Say Goodbye” or your July 23 Bayside Times article “Carrozza defiant on re-election bid” with an objective eye, he might find answers. Comment

Carrozza cares about her constituents

Both my wife and I have known state Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza (D-Bayside) for a long time. Whenever my wife or I had a problem or question, we knew we could always count on Carrozza and her staff to give good advice and point us in the right direction. Comment

Political hopefuls kept off ballots

The theory behind the city giving six taxpayer dollars to all candidates for each dollar they raise was to allow candidates with limited funds to compete with deep pocket candidates who ran for office. Let the public hear from everyone and city residents will provide matching funds so every voice is heard. Comment

YourNabe ads detract from site

Advertising on, the new Web site of TimesLedger Newspapers, is ineffective and makes the entire Web site difficult to read. In a recent Yahoo! poll, 85.71 percent of Web site owners said ads that “blend in” with their Web site content have been the most effective. Comment

Readers’ letter a scare tactic

I would like to respond to the July 30 letter from Bob Friedrich and Bob Ricken (“Council bill will ruin affordable co-op and condo housing”). Comment

Candidates in race for Liu’s seat must commit to serve Flushing

There are seven candidates running for City Councilman John Liu’s (D-Flushing) seat, of whom six are Democrats. Since they all advocate the same issues about affordable housing, small classes, traffic and quality of life except during the rare occasion of candidate forums, the name-calling and mudslinging have revealed their true colors, which were unknown in the past. Comment

Politics as usual kills progress

Tammy Osherov’s July 30 letter, “Weprin sticks to his principles,” which criticizes me, a lifelong Democrat, for accepting the Republican Party cross-endorsement, is the same “politics as usual” of the past. Civic leadership is about seeing beyond party labels and dealing with issues and individuals on the local level. Comment

Queens areas must have protection from city’s overdevelopment plans

p style="margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: justify; line-height: 10.1px; font: 51.0px Nimrod MT"span style="letter-spacing: -0.1px"Ispan class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 9px; " am writing to contest comments made by Community Board 7 Vice Chairman Chuck Apelian in the July 30 Little Neck Ledger article “Avella protests College Pt. Corporate Park plans.” Comment

NYPD should obey parking law

On July 29, I had a doctor’s appointment near the corner of Parsons Boulevard and Union Turnpike. Going home, I noticed an NYPD Traffic Enforcement car had parked right in front of the bus stop shelter. Comment

How Not to Apologize

The White House and the Mets organization have given the nation a course on how to inflame a sensitive situation Comment
Astoria Times

I SIt And Look Out: City looks to plant a million trees for residents’ benefit

There are more than 8 million city residents, but each can claim only five-eighths of a tree. Comment

QueensLine: 1965 murder of Kew Gardens Hills children remains unsolved

Alice and Edmund Crimmins of 150-22 72nd Drive in Kew Gardens Hills became front page fodder in July 1965 when their children were found murdered. For the next eight years, the twists and turns of their story received national attention. It spawned a veritable industry of true-crime novels, popular best sellers, TV movies and theatrical productions. Comments (1)
Astoria Times

Political Action: Carrozza’s absentee record unacceptable for elected official

In terms of the 26th State Assembly District seat in northeast Queens, there seems to be increased interest in who the candidates will be in that race next year. It is not known at this time whether incumbent Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza (D-Bayside) will be a candidate for re-election. Comment
Astoria Times

Berger’s Burg: Columnist offers readers doses of the best medicine

’Tis summer and the season to relax, laugh and take it easy. Last July, I refrained from writing a column about anything that took an effort to read because it was hot. Instead, I offered a collection of light, mirthful and frothy jokes. I will repeat that respite with another column of jokes, more jokes and nothing but jokes. So, laugh loudly, live easy and be merry. Comment
Astoria Times

Dishing with Dee: Qns. electeds come out for 107th Pct.’s Night Out Against Crime

Thank you to all my readers and I consider all the readers of the “Dishing with Dee” column and “Focus on Queens” photo page friends. I am thanking you for your phone calls and e-mails asking what happened last week as there was no column or photo page. Comment
Astoria Times

Astoria’s Pita Pan comes to Bayside

Bayside residents can sample another taste of Astoria with the opening of Pita Pan earlier this month, making it the second eatery based in the western Queens neighborhood to open a location on Bell Boulevard. Comment
Astoria Times

How’s Business? Save money when you can

In this economy, we are all looking to save money. One of the things several Queens residents have said to me is, “I don’t know how.” That may seem off the wall, but is not outrageous if you consider the following. Comment
Astoria Times

Fired workers protest outside LIC factory

A labor dispute between garment workers and a Long Island City manufacturer spilled onto the streets Tuesday as protesters claimed the company’s owners fired most of the staff in retaliation for a federal lawsuit filed by a few employees. Comment
Astoria Times

Guv denies pressure to nix special election

Gov. David Paterson’s office and state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-St. Albans) denied a report that the governor’s decision Friday to recall a proclamation that set up a special election to fill disgraced former state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio’s seat was made after he faced pressure from Smith and two other influential Democrats. Comment
Astoria Times

Men tried to rip off mom of Rikers inmate: DA

Two Brooklyn men have been accused of attempting to shake down the mother of a Rikers Island inmate for $20,000 by making her believe they could have her son released from jail by getting his criminal case dismissed, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Long journey leads ballet instructor to found LIC school

With a remote location and a population of 8,000, Kilgore, Texas, is not the likeliest place to produce a professional ballet dancer. But the small town in the eastern portion of the Lone Star State was where Long Island City School of Ballet founder Eric Ragan began his 20-year career. Comment
Astoria Times

Residents air health care concerns at Weiner talk

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Forest Hills) got an earful in Fresh Meadows Tuesday from several residents who were concerned about the congressional health care reform that is being discussed by legislators and constituents across the country. Comment
Astoria Times

Council debate gets heated

Civility gave way to some shouting last week at a forum for candidates in the running to replace City Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Sunnyside). The four remaining Democratic contenders gathered at LaGuardia Community College Aug. 5 to seek the endorsement of the nonpartisan good-government group Citizens Union, trading barbs over donors, community involvement and petition challenges. Comment
Astoria Times

Artists scramble for new space

As the deadline nears for artists from the now-closed Crane Street Studios in Long Island City to move their supplies out of the building, some are finding refuge in other studios in the neighborhood, but many are being priced out of the area. Comment
Astoria Times

Boro prepares for fall’s swine flu cases

City officials are bracing for a surge of swine flu cases this fall and funeral home directors need to be prepared to accommodate a possible related 50,000 to 85,000 deaths, the director of the Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association told a gathering of funeral home representatives in Forest Hills last week. Comment
Astoria Times

LIC post office to be renamed for Ferraro

A pioneering Queens politician will soon get a very public tribute after U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Astoria) announced last week that the U.S. Senate passed a bill to rename the Long Island City Post Office as the “Geraldine Ferraro Post Office Building” in honor of the former Queens prosecutor, congresswoman from Queens and first female vice presidential candidate. Comment
Astoria Times

LIC organization helps prep students for legal career path

Long Island City has become the new home for a nonprofit serving disadvantaged minority teens. Comment
Astoria Times

Con Edison not open to change, unclear about investments: Audit

The state Public Service Commission released an independently conducted audit of Con Edison last week which determined that the utility has not effectively explained how investments would improve its aging infrastructure and found the company to be “an organization that has trouble seeing itself as others see it.” Comment
Astoria Times

MTA seeks public input on $25B capital plan

The MTA has invited public comment on its $25.5 billion, five-year plan that includes everything from replacing MetroCards with smart cards to the Second Avenue subway and East Side Access. Comment
Astoria Times

Campaign group still spending McLaughlin’s funds

Although disgraced former state Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin is serving a prison sentence for stealing from his campaign, campaign finances records show his re-election committee has remained active and has doled out more than $100,000 since his indictment. Comment
Astoria Times

Annual Dragon Boat Festival thrills Flushing Meadows

Once a year, dragons come alive at Flushing Meadow Corona Park and thousands of spectators were on hand to see them ride down Meadow Lake last weekend. Comment
Astoria Times

Leavitt’s BP race fundshigher than Marshall’s

Borough President Helen Marshall may have a far more serious primary challenge to her incumbency than she initially thought since attorney Marc Leavitt has nearly tripled her fund-raising total with just over a month to go before the election. Comment
Astoria Times

Seminerio’s hustling killed Parkway: Suit

New Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills and its former chief executive officer, Robert Aquino, have filed a lawsuit against New York state that alleges the medical center was forced to close down after it did not pay bribes to former state Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio, a Democrat from Richmond Hill. Comment
Astoria Times

Bridge and tunnel traffic declines in first half of ’09

Tolls on bridges and tunnels fell in the first half of 2009 in a reflection of job losses in the decline in New York City’s regional economy. Comment
Astoria Times

Maloney scuttles Senate run

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Astoria) has dropped her bid to challenge U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in the 2010 Democratic primary, saying she will instead use her leadership positions to push through bills in the House. Comment
Astoria Times

The Reel Queens: Woodside doorman stars in immigration tale he wrote

For the past 14 years, Woodside’s Julian Pimiento has been opening doors for other people, but an opportunity he took three years ago got his creative juices flowing and now he has his own foot in the door. Comment
Astoria Times

Bring restaurant experience home with cooking lessons

If you’re like many hard-driving, time-strapped New Yorkers, your kitchen is probably one of the most underutilized rooms in your home. Comment
Astoria Times

From the Footlights: Street smarts on the South Seas

In the several years this theater column has been profiling Queens’ actors and artists who work behind-the-scenes on and Off Broadway, there has likely never been a performer whose personal history has been so tied to the borough as that of Danny Burstein, who plays Luther Billis in Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific.” Comment
Astoria Times

The Play’s The Thing: It’s harder than ever to find the right hook for audience

Out in the country in lots of small towns, there’s not much competition either. So even though they may have their share of the distractions of our modern age, theater is still a big deal when it’s the only game in town. Here in New York there’s a lot going on, lots of choices for those with the energy to get out of the house. So how can we local theater people get the audience that we need and deserve? Comment

Monday, Aug. 17, 2009

Red Storm’s Mendoza enjoying Fury-ous summer

GARDEN CITY, L.I. — The Long Island Fury is a sorority as much as it is a soccer team. The motto, according to Coach Paul Riley, is “Fury for life,” and that appears evident, as almost every one of the players on his stacked Women’s Premier Soccer League roster has competed for the Albertson Fury, some since age 7. Comment

Young Crusaders gain valuable summer experience

Gene McDonnell said he often gets strange looks from tournament officials when he turns up with his team’s birth certificates to verify their ages. It’s because his Astoria Crusaders are so young. Comment

MTA names managers for all subway lines

The New York City Transit Authority has finished appointing separate managers for each line of the subway system, completing a plan the agency began with successes on the No. 7 and L trains. Comment

Jamaica father missing in Rockaway waters

A Jamaica father who was trying to beat the heat with his longtime girlfriend in Far Rockaway was carried away by dangerous currents early Wednesday morning, authorities said. Comment

Boy fights for his life after two teenagers crash cars on Franny Lew

A 12-year-old boy is clinging to life and two Queens teenagers, one of them unlicensed, have been arrested following an automobile crash late Wednesday night on Francis Lewis Boulevard on the border of Bayside and Fresh Meadows, police said. Comment

Liu, lawsuit charge discrimination against non-English speakers by city agency 

Elected officials and immigrant rights advocates rallied at City Hall Tuesday to announce a lawsuit accusing the Human Services Administration of discrimination against persons who cannot communicate in English. Comment


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