Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009

DEATH IN THE STREETS: Death haunts schools living with gangs

The gang violence that took the life of a Campus Magnet High School freshman two weeks ago has been the result of a ongoing problem that southeast Queens teenagers say is a part of their everyday life. Comments (1)

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

Whitestone Times

Golf clubs stolen from unlocked vehicle: Police

LITTLE NECK — Police said they were searching for a thief who stole golf clubs and other items from a jeep parked along 54th Avenue in Little Neck Sept. 24. Comment
Whitestone Times

Police seek two robbers of Flushing restaurant

FLUSHING — Police said they were searching for two men who robbed a Flushing business owner at gunpoint in late September. Comment
Whitestone Times

2 men snatched purse from woman in Flushing

FLUSHING — Police said they were searching for two men who attempted to steal a woman’s purse on 193rd Street in Flushing Sept. 27. Comment
Whitestone Times

Man assaults another in Bayside building: Brown

BAYSIDE — Police said they arrested a 29-year-old man after he allegedly assaulted another man at a residence in Bayside. Comment
Whitestone Times

City acquires Bowne House

The long-awaited restoration of Flushing’s historic Bowne House could be completed by 2012 after the city acquired the property last week, making it the 23rd home of its kind to join the city’s Historic House Trust. Comment
Whitestone Times

Decaying 600-yr-old tree cut down at Douglaston home

A Great White Oak tree that towered at least 100 feet for more than six centuries in Douglaston stands no more after a large branch that crashed through an Arleigh Road home last summer forced the tree’s property owners to have the city landmark chopped down. Comment
Whitestone Times

CB 11 mulls saving untouched land

Northeast Queens residents called on Community Board 11 to prioritize the purchase of land for preservation at sites near Udalls Cove and Little Neck Bay during a discussion of the board’s capital and expense budget for fiscal year 2011 at a meeting this week. Comment
Whitestone Times

Jung ends Council seat run

The race for City Councilman John Liu’s (D-Flushing) seat got a little less crowded Tuesday as former Democratic contender and Working Families Party endorsee S.J. Jung dropped out of the race. Comment
Whitestone Times

Former Whitestone man gets 6 months in fraud plea

After pleading guilty to charges of tax, mortgage and credit card fraud in 2008, a former Whitestone resident was sentenced in Queens Supreme Court Friday to six months in jail and forced to pay $350,000 in restitution to two banks and $65,000 in penalties to the state Department of Taxation and Finance. Comment
Whitestone Times

Bay Terrace group hosts mayoral foes

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city Comptroller William Thompson each laid out their visions for the city’s future during a mayoral forum at the Bayside Jewish Center last week, touching on the city’s economy, housing, crime rates and senior services. Comment
Whitestone Times

Kupferberg Center opens at Queensborough Community College

More than 50 Holocaust survivors took part in a special ceremony last week at Queensborough Community College’s long-awaited Holocaust center, where speakers said they hoped the 9,000-square-foot structure of glass, steel and Jerusalem stone would stand as a beacon of tolerance for years to come. Comment
Whitestone Times

Queens College opens dorm

Starting this semester, Queens College freshman can finally call the Flushing campus their home at the school’s new dorm. Comment
Whitestone Times

Douglaston Village Arts Festival to feature locals

Douglaston will host its first arts festival Oct. 18 when as many as 40 artists will display their various crafts and a variety of musicians will provide entertainment, a trustee for the Douglaston Little Neck Historical Society said this week. Comment

A Historic Victory

City Councilman John Liu’s victory last week in the runoff for the Democratic nomination for city comptroller was a historic accomplishment not just for his campaign but for the city’s Asian-American community. In all likelihood, he will become the first Asian American to be elected to a citywide office. Comment
Whitestone Times

Berger's Burg: Americans pull out ahead for Kings of Cursing title

Why don’t you bore a hole in yourself and let the sap run out? — Groucho Marx Comment
Whitestone Times

The Play's The Thing: Politics is theater, and political theater is great entertainment

Lots more entertaining but somewhat less risky than the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist is our political process. The latest New York City campaign is winding down to a foregone conclusion on Nov. 3 for those on the Democratic line, while independent Mayor Mike appears to be a heavy favorite. If the figures can be believed, only 2 percent of the city’s population voted in the recent runoff election, and not too many more made the effort in the primary two weeks earlier. And it only cost us taxpayers about $15 million for each trip to the ballot box! Comment

Teen driver hits Douglaston bus shelter, injuring 6

Six people were injured Wednesday after a 17-year-old driver lost control of his car and crashed into a bus shelter at 65th Avenue and Douglaston Parkway, police said. Comments (4)

South Asian group protests widespread raids in boro terror investigation

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called the ongoing federal terror investigation in Flushing one of the most significant since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but leaders from the borough’s Muslim and South Asian communities are alarmed by the increase in suspicion and fear they say has resulted. Comment

Judge to hear closing arguments in Monserrate assault case

The defense team of state Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D-East Elmhurst) rested Thursday without calling their client to the stand. Comment

Police arrest second teen in shooting of 13-year-old boy

Police arrested a second teenager Friday who is accused of being involved in the shooting death of an innocent 13-year-old Campus Magnet High School student last week, the Queens district attorney said. Comment

Astoria spa under fire over ‘fish pedicures’

A state senator representing the Bronx wants to ban a procedure secretly practiced at city salons during which customers receive pedicures through fish nibbling on their toes, citing one Astoria establishment that has offered the treatment. Comment

Bayside HS student killed crossing the street in Whitestone

One teenager was dead and another was in critical condition Thursday night after a car struck two pedestrians crossing Francis Lewis Boulevard in Whitestone, police said. Comment
Fresh Meadows

The Civic Scene: Anti-terror lessons found in Argentines’ experiences

During the recent United Nations meeting, my family hosted several Argentinians who had come here to bear witness to the support Iran had given to the bombing of the AMIA in Buenos Aires in 1994. Comment
Astoria Times

Man, woman send each other to hospital, jail: DA

OZONE PARK — A pair of young people both went to the hospital for stitches and then to jail after getting into a fight Sept. 29, the Queens district attorney’s office said. Comment
Astoria Times

Man went on rampage with knife, bar, car: DA

On Sept. 29 at the corner of 90th Street and Jamaica Avenue, Sigfredo Davila, 45, grabbed a 16-year-old boy in a headlock, threw him to the ground and kicked him, according to a complaint filed by the DA’s office. When the teen got up to walk way, Davila allegedly got into a car and drove toward him, jumped out of the vehicle while it was still in gear, slashed him on the wrist and then ran after the car and drove off, the DA’s office said. Comment
Astoria Times

Older man killed while working under his car

WOODSIDE — A senior citizen was killed Tuesday afternoon in an accident while he was working underneath his car, police said. Comment
Astoria Times

Woman, 51, from Corona missing for over a month

CORONA — Police sought the public’s help in finding a woman who has been reported missing from her home for more than a month. Comment
Astoria Times

Police release info on Kew Gdns. home burglar

Investigators say Dwayne Lang, 46, broke into a residence at 120th Street and Queens Boulevard Aug. 5. Comment
Astoria Times

Cops receive break in 3-yr.-old burglary case

SOUTH OZONE PARK — Investigators released the name and photo of a man they are looking for in connection with a burglary that took place more than three years ago. Comment

SUNY is the foundation for the future

While the media appears to be more interested in President Barack Obama’s treatment of Gov. David Paterson and its political implications, we cannot overlook the fact that Obama came to SUNY Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y., Sept. 21 for a major address on education, research and the economy. Comment

DOB reforms don’t ensure efficiency

For more than 20 years Queens civic leaders have been engaged in a good faith effort to bring reform to the city Department of Buildings. Over the past two decades we have seen the agency’s inspectors indicted for bribery, the agency’s managers “tweak” the Zoning Resolution and Building Code until it has no meaning and agency oversight failures result in injuries and death. Comment

Primary election cost taxpayers a lot

Now that the primary election is over, it is time to add up the costs. Comment

Voters should send Bloomy packing

Let us hope this is a public rebuke of Bloomberg and his failed policies. Perhaps the electorate is sick of higher property taxes, sky-high water and sewer charges, dirty streets, overcrowded schools and higher transit fares. The mayor has tried to charge citizens higher fees and taxes on just about everything under the sun. Comment

Ackerman must support American workers, not illegal immigrants

An open letter to U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman. Comment

Practice whatever religion you want

I would like to comment on the article “GOP has faith in Halloran” (Little Neck Ledger, Sept. 24) and Dee Richard’s column “Deep personal loss leads to Council candidate’s conversion” (Little Neck Ledger, Sept. 24). Comment

Will the Real ACORN Please Stand Up ?

In the wake of a video that shows ACORN officials telling a couple pretending to be a prostitute and a pimp how to get federal funds that would be used to open a brothel, the federal, state and local governments have decided to pull the plug on government funding for the nationwide advocacy group. For the most part local elected officials have supported this response with a few notable exceptions. Comment
Astoria Times

Political Action: Race for Avella’s seat heats up between Halloran, Kim

State Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) recently indicated that in his 40 years in politics he has never seen anything like it whereby a candidate’s religion became a political issue. Comment
Astoria Times

Berger’s Burg: Americans pull out ahead for Kings of Cursing title

Why don’t you bore a hole in yourself and let the sap run out? — Groucho Marx Comment
Astoria Times

I Sit And Look Out: Boro residents should support their local community gardens

First Lady Michelle Obama got much-deserved attention when she and Washington, D.C., schoolchildren started an organic vegetable and fruit garden on the South Lawn of the White House. But she was not the first resident of the White House to take such action. Comment
Astoria Times

QueensLine: Woodhaven’s founder wanted to create an independent city

With unlimited energy and a vast pool of capital, he embarked on a grand scheme that envisioned a new metropolis that boasted industry and factories, fine residences, beautiful parks and, as its centerpiece, a great port on Jamaica Bay. Because his dream city lay east of New York City, he decided to name it “East New York.” Comment
Astoria Times

Dishing with Dee: Involved parties must tell truth on possible ousting of Halloran

And the political beat goes on and on ad infinitum. This time we have three different versions of a political situation, which is the Queens Tribune reportage of the Dan Halloran campaign. Comment
Astoria Times

Bayside yoga studio focuses on healing

When Maggie Salomon was in a car accident more than five years ago, her back was severely hurt and she could barely move. Scared her life had taken a serious turn for the worse, Salomon started taking hot yoga classes — a move she said changed everything for her. Comment
Astoria Times

DEATH IN THE STREETS: Athlete’s mistaken arrest stuns Magnet

In a case of mistaken identity, a Campus Magnet High School football star was held Friday afternoon for questioning in the murder of a 13-year-old boy before cops realized he was not the suspect. Comment
Astoria Times

NYHQ spells out swine flu prevention

As hospitals and schools around the borough gear up for the start of this year’s flu season, doctors and medical experts are alerting the public to make healthy lifestyle choices this winter but not overreact to swine flu concerns. Comment
Astoria Times

DEATH IN THE STREETS: Teen busted after stray bullet kills boy, 13

Teenage anger exploded from the barrel of a gun Friday in Cambria Heights and claimed the life of an innocent 13-year-old, police said, causing an outcry from community leaders sick of violence and death. Comment
Astoria Times

Citi Field streaker glum over ban from stadium

With the New York Mets’ playoff hopes dashed and the organization looking toward the 2010 season for redemption, the exploits of the College Point man who ran nearly naked across the field back in May seem like a distant memory. Comment
Astoria Times

New MTA chief rides 7%A0to work on his first day

Jay Walder, raised in Queens and renowned for major upgrades to London’s buses and subways, took the No. 7 train Monday to his first day of work as New York City’s transit chief. Comment
Astoria Times

Past Gotti Jr.%A0hit man recalls life of fancy cars, murder

The prosecution trying for a fourth time to convict John Gotti Jr. has staked much of its case on a 47-year-old self-confessed hit man and one-time sidekick and pal of the defendant. Comment
Astoria Times

Addabbo opposes runoff elections

State Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach) has called for the abolition of run-off elections in New York state as a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars and has pledged to take action toward that end. Comment
Astoria Times

Hero pilot Sully heads back to the sky from LaGuardia

LaGuardia Airport is known for being crowded, but typically the throngs lining the terminal are travelers, not journalists. Comment
Astoria Times

Rahman uses anti-gay marriage stance vs. Dromm

Mujib Rahman is a Democrat and he is quick to tell you that. Comment
Astoria Times

St. Albans tree is milestone

Actress Bette Midler and Mayor Michael Bloomberg celebrated the quarter mark of the MillionTreesNYC initiative with a 250,000th planting in St. Albans Monday and the two green partners are pushing to improve the city’s environment further. Comment
Astoria Times

Hospital closure bill awaits Paterson’s pen

A bevy of elected officials representing Queens at the city and state level gathered last week outside Jamaica’s Queens Hospital Center to call on Gov. David Paterson to sign a bill that would require the state to notify communities about hospital closings and plan more extensively for the fallout. Comment
Astoria Times

DEATH IN THE STREETS: Murder spurs calls to curtail violence

Friday’s killing of a Campus Magnet High School freshman has angered the southeast Queens community and now activists, elected officials and parents are urging neighborhood residents to band together to prevent another murder. Comment
Astoria Times

2 Queens men named in Buildings bribe scandal

A Whitestone man who owns a Maspeth business and a former city buildings inspector from Oakland Gardens were among 29 people charged in a massive sting involving the mob, the construction industry and city building inspectors, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said. Comment
Astoria Times

Man convicted of mugging elderly Jamaica residents

The mugger who put two elderly Queens women in the hospital after he attacked them at their doorsteps was convicted Tuesday afternoon following a second trial, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Judge drops two charges in Monserrate slash trial

A Queens Supreme Court judge threw out two of the assault charges against state Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D-East Elmhurst) Tuesday as his legal team called their first witness. Comment
Astoria Times

Lynn Nunes formally concedes%A0to Tom White in Council race

After being denied the chance to fight his four-vote primary loss by a Queens Civil Court judge, Lynn Nunes formally conceded his race against City Councilman Thomas White (D-South Ozone Park) Tuesday afternoon. Comment
Astoria Times

Vallone wants MTA maintenance

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) is calling on the MTA to ensure noise caused by construction on one of Astoria’s bridges is halted and he wants Amtrak to upgrade one of the community’s other bridges. Comment
Astoria Times

Rich Hill man scammed West Indians for over $1M: DA

A 49-year-old Richmond Hill man has been charged with defrauding nearly a dozen members of the Queens West Indian community out of more than $1 million by claiming to be a federal agent, the Queens district attorney said. Comment
Astoria Times

Cyclist mourned in Woodside

The line of bicycles leaning against the fence on the narrow traffic island in Woodside Friday night formed a daisy chain of jittery, strobing taillights as rider after rider laid flowers and other tributes at a memorial to the 38-year-old cycling activist who died there this summer. Comment
Astoria Times

Far Rockaway woman%A0guilty in castration slay

A Far Rockaway woman was convicted last week in the 2007 killing of her stepfather and for cutting off his penis, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. Comment
Astoria Times

Queens orchestra hits%A0high notes for season

It may have been a little strapped for cash, but the Queens Symphony Orchestra is preparing to kick off a fortissimo season of classical music in the borough. Comment
Astoria Times

Owner threatens CB 2 with lewder strip club in LIC

The owner of a Long Island City strip club is warning Community Board 2 that its efforts to stop his liquor license application could result in a far racier club with a younger audience. Comment
Astoria Times

Boro reps criticize Social Security plan

A group of Democratic elected officials and a City Council candidate have demanded that the Social Security Administration scrap its plan to cut off cost-of-living allowances for two years despite rising costs. Comment
Astoria Times

CB 2 votes to make Barnett Ave one-way

Changes have at least begun on the Sunnyside Gardens community’s big plans for Barnett Avenue. Community Board 2 voted unanimously to approve a plan to make the narrow street run one-way westbound from 48th to 50th streets. Comment
Astoria Times

Vernon Blvd. development causes street woes for LIC

It was touted in real estate magazines for years and renderings show two glass monoliths, but the current reality for a construction site in Hunters Point is a lot less glamorous. Comment
Astoria Times

Making their Way

Family intrigue, classroom conflict, racial tension and one egregiously ripped-off leprechaun are just some of the themes that theatergoers can look forward to this fall, as the new season makes its way to the stage. Comment
Astoria Times

The Play’s The Thing: Politics is theater, and political theater is great entertainment

Lots more entertaining but somewhat less risky than the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist is our political process. The latest New York City campaign is winding down to a foregone conclusion on Nov. 3 for those on the Democratic line, while independent Mayor Mike appears to be a heavy favorite. If the figures can be believed, only 2 percent of the city’s population voted in the recent runoff election, and not too many more made the effort in the primary two weeks earlier. And it only cost us taxpayers about $15 million for each trip to the ballot box! Comment


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