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Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011


Local theater producers limited by costly play rights

Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion. Comment

Thai Rock: An experience fit for a Rockaway renaissance

Who would have thought that Queens’s sleepy beachfront appendage would become a magnet for hipsters, foodies and the media in the summer of 2011? Credit for this revitalization belongs to the arts community. Comment

Muppet Master Jim Henson’s puppet fantasy world is explored at the Museum of the Moving Image’s new exhibition in Astoria

If The Muppets were interviewed on The Today Show, what would they say about their creator, Jim Henson? Well, spokeswoman and diva Miss Piggy would probably blurt out, “He was sooo hot!” Big Bird might say, “And he made the whole world smile.” Burt and Ernie would both agree that, “without him, we wouldn’t be here!” Comments (2)



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