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Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011

Bayside Times

Art To Remember Them By

Artist Jean Holabird could see the North Tower of the World Trade Center through her loft window as she drank her morning coffee. On a clear September day, she watched with horror as a treasured part of New York City’s skyline crumbled before her very eyes. For the next several months, she felt compelled to paint what she had experienced, in the unbearably surreal aftermath of 9/11. Comment

Wanted: Good home for an Outrageous Fortune

I’m at my computer trying to figure out what happened to my email. It may be a mystery — did anyone say climate change? — as to why we’re getting hit with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and hail the size of baseballs, but email should be simple. So after I call my hosting service and my domain registrar, and Mike the tech guy comes over, I’m back in action with a new theater email address, which I now send out to most of my Outrageous Fortune Company contacts. Comment



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