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Monday, Feb. 28, 2011


Dining Out: Tang: Stylish, delicious Korean comfort food in Flushing

When most Westerners think of Korean food, they think of Korean barbecue and maybe kimchee, but there is so much more to this wonderfully varied cuisine. At Tang on Northern Boulevard at Francis Lewis, you can experiment with Korean comfort food. Comment

Brush with glory

The Rev. Henry Simmons of the St. Albans Congregational Church ´╗┐has been inspiring his congregants for years from behind the pulpit, and he strives to do the same when he’s in front of his easel. Comment

‘Burning Pestle’ revels in merry meta nonsense

Who knew that Jacobean theatergoers were sophisticated enough to know that you could make a play out of breaking the fourth wall? In a situation that seems the opposite of the folks who saw the Lumiere brothers’ film in 1896 and ran out of the theater because they thought the train was really coming at them, playwright Sir Francis Beaumont in “The Knight of the Burning Pestle,” now playing in a production by the Queens Players at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, has his audience members literally throw themselves into the action with unchecked enthusiasm. Comment

Parkside Players pull off Griffin’s tricky ‘Amateurs’

A director has to walk a fine line when helming a production of Tom Griffin’s “Amateurs.” Go too far one way and it’s maudlin — there’s mention of a dead kid; go too far the other way and it’s a farce full of deeply unlikable and incomprehensible people. Parkside Players’ production, directed by the canny Nick Radu, gets the balance just about right. Comment



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