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December, 2018


Glendale writer pays homage to hometown in new book of short stories

Glendale writer Craig Schwab is back with his latest work, “Glendale NY – USA,” which gives readers his take on life, death and everything in between. Comment

November, 2018

Little Neck

Little Neck resident pens children’s book about realities of homelessness

Children’s book topics run the gamut from saccharine fairy tales to thrilling adventures, but not many examine more serious topics like homelessness. Comment

‘Behind the Murder Curtain’ reveals true crimes of medical serial killers

When veterans are on the road to recovery in a hospital and suddenly die, it’s up to Bruce Sackman, Special Agent in charge of the US Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, to investigate those deaths. Comment

October, 2018

Mary Johnson hopes women find their strength and voice after reading her novel entitled, “Hello, My Name is Jannie.” Comments (1)

Learn about borough’s past in ‘Hidden History of Queens’

Thousands of vehicles have gone past an old brick octagon building on the corner of Woodhaven Boulevard and Park Lane South. The people in those vehicles wonder what it is or whether it is part of Forest Park. Comment
St. Albans

Vivica A. Fox heads to Black Spectrum Theatre to promote new book

Black Spectrum Theatre will kick off its 49th year with star Vivica A. Fox, who will be in St. Albans to promote her autobiography, “Every Day I’m Hustling.” Comments (3)

June, 2018


Former female Bayside Little Leaguer tells her story of persistence

Until President Gerald Ford signed a 1974 bill into law lifting a ban on girls playing Little League baseball across the country, America’s greatest pastime was reserved only for the boys. Comments (2)
South Jamaica

South Jamaica musician releases third book

Robert Torres is a Latin hip-hop artist who writes and raps positive music that inspires, uplifts, and motivates young people. Comment

May, 2018

Forest Hills

New children’s book will inspire little ladies to dream big

Forest Hills moms Sarita Manickam and Jennifer Bruno came up with their children’s book idea, “RAD Girl Revolution,” hoping that it would empower little girls to, as the acronym suggests, “Rise Above Doubt” and “Reach Any Dream.” Comments (1)

January, 2018


Queens author Shelina Shariff-Zia speaks on coming of age in Kenya

Shelina Shariff-Zia (pictured top) calls her new autobiographical novel “Nairobi Days,” a celebration of Indian and African culture. Indeed, she is part of both. Comments (1)



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