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Civic Scene

Queens civic groups voice opposition to local prisons

For months, the city administration has been talking of closing Rikers Island and building local prisons throughout the city. Comment

Legislators working to curtail airplane noise in Queens

Queens Congress members Grace Meng, Gregory Meeks and Tom Suozzi are working with their colleagues as part of the Quiet Skies Caucus to monitor, study and ameliorate airplane noise over their communities. Comment

Keep your eyes peeled for scammers

A couple of weeks ago, my wife answered a phone call and a male voice said, “Hello, grandma, this is your grandson.” My wife’s response was, “Who is this?” “What is your name?” The answer was, “Your grandson!” My wife persisted, “What is your name?” The person then said, “I must have the wrong number” and hung up. Comments (2)

Important information about some city rules, regulations and programs

Since Jan. 1, 2015, electronic equipment can no longer be disposed of in the trash we put out each week. Comments (2)

Addition of bike lanes, subtraction of parking spots hurts local businesses

Central Queens businesses are under attack by the city Department of Transportation as it removes parking spaces along Queens Boulevard and adds bike lanes. These changes are supposed to spur bicycle riding but have instead caused a drop in business for stores along Queens Boulevard with the fear that local businesses will go out of business. Already, Ben’s Best Delicatessen has closed due to loss of business since people can’t park so they can patronize the store. Comments (6)

Good deeds and preparation tools across the borough

In November the Kissena Park Civic Association members coordinated with City Councilman Peter Koo’s Office, the Partnership for Parks, Parks District Manager Mark Edwards and students from Hunter High School to spread wood chips on trails in Kissena Park. Woodchips and tools were provided by the city Parks Department. Comments (2)

Hevesi wins small victory in fight to prevent homelessness

Queens Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi sees the problems facing communities due to homelessness and the problems caused by attempting to solve the dilemma, so he has suggested a solution. Comments (1)

We should celebrate our high schools’ many accomplishments

College adviser Nicole Caruso has announced that the Hillcrest High School’s class of 2018 earned over $2 million in institutional and private scholarships, including full scholarships to NYU and Howard University. Overall, she says that 93 percent of the graduating seniors applied to CUNY, SUNY or private schools. Comment

Queens Civic Association leaders voice concern about bioswales

State Sen. Tony Avella just held a press conference in Fresh Meadows concerning bioswales, or rain gardens as the city calls them. He again stated his view that homeowners should have the right to opt-out of having the city build a bioswale at the curb in front of their houses. A score of civic association leaders with other supporters came to support his views. Comment

Queens Civic Congress is opposed to any plans to put tolls on free East River crossings

The Queens Civic Congress Inc. is a registered New York State non-profit organization representing more than 100 civic associations and other community organizations in Queens County. Comments (1)



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