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December, 2016

Dining Out

Bistro recalls old-school French dining

Dining Out

Bistro recalls old-school French dining

Time was that New York City was peppered with little French restaurants, their nucleus being in and around the theater district, owned and operated by Gallic expats. Like the $2 steak, they are for the most part a fond memory. Therefore, we were surprised and delighted to discover Côté Soleil, a new French bistro in Astoria, facilitating time travel to a bygone era. Comment
Dining Out

How Maspeth BBQ joint stayed under the radar

When we stumbled upon Slide BBQ, tucked away in the depths of residential Maspeth, we wondered how come it slid under our radar for almost two years. No buzz in the foodie community. No tips from our barbecue fanatic friends. Nada. We set out to find out why. Comments (1)

November, 2016

October, 2016

Dining Out

Little Tibet brings Himalayan flavor to Jackson Heights

It has been fascinating to see the changes taking place in the commercial area in Jackson Heights, running from about 75th to 72nd streets, bounded to the north by 37th Avenue, and Roosevelt Avenue to the south. A neighborhood whose numerous South Asian alimentary offerings were once dominated by Punjabi and South Indian fare has had to make room for the arrival of a steady influx of Himalayan eateries. Comment
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Oro brings upscale Italian cuisine to Long Island City

Oro is a sleek new Italian restaurant in Long Island City. One of a new wave of upscale eateries descending on the area, it is no doubt intended to serve the needs of recent and soon-to-be residents brought by LIC’s dizzying residential development boom. Comment

September, 2016

Dining Out

BBQ lovers get ready to meet the Mothership

We believed the stars to be in perfect alignment when we heard the next Queens Dinner Club event would give us a preview of the soon-to-open Mothership Meats Long Island City barbecue joint. We drooled with anticipation thinking about the Queens Dinner Club boys, Joe Distefano, Jonathan Forgash and Gabe Gross teaming up with Josh Bowen, Queens’ premier barbecue maven. Comments (2)

June, 2016

Dining Out

60 Beans offers much more than coffee

When our eating buddy, food blogger Joe Distefano, recommended 60 Beans to us as having great food, we were expecting a gussied up coffee joint, especially with a name with the word “beans” in it. Comment
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Kuala Lumpur chain opens first East Coast restaurant in Flushing

When we learned that PappaRich, the enormously popular fast/casual Malaysian restaurant, opened a branch in Flushing, the lure of the exotic trumped our usual antipathy towards chain restaurants. Comment

May, 2016

Dining Out

Queens Dinner Club serves up the borough in a moveable feast

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, and wanted to try more than just two or three dishes? Comment

April, 2016

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Trattoria L’Incontro chef spreads his wings with Maiella in LIC

When we heard Chef Rocco Sacramone, of Trattoria L’Incontro, had partnered with Tommy Demaraso, owner of Cavo restaurant and lounge in Astoria, for a new venture in Long Island City, we were really excited. Comments (1)

March, 2016

Dining Out

Noodles bubble to the top at Shuya Cafe de Ramen

Ramen, once regarded as the slacker food in the cheap little packets, has certainly become a thing over the last few years. Comment
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Astoria’s Kurry Qulture steps up the game on Indian cuisine

Usually when contemplating an Indian dining experience in Queens, our expectation is of a tasty, modestly priced meal in unpretentious surroundings. Comment

February, 2016

Dining Out

Neighborhood eatery brings old-world Italian flavors to Ridgewood

When a restaurant turned out to be closed at our appointed meeting time, our lunch companion suggested an alternative. Comment

January, 2016

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Korean BBQ grilled up right at Murray Hill’s Mapo II

It was around 6:30 p.m. on a bone-chilling Wednesday. We were already in an evil mood from cruising the congested streets of Murray Hill for 20 minutes in search of a parking space. Comment
Dining Out

Brasserie du Dragon brings a return of old-school Chinese

We were just kvetching about the dearth of neighborhood sit-down Chinese restaurants catering to mainstream diners that were once abundant. Comments (2)



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