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Editorial: Why we’re thankful

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, and we’ve got plenty to be thankful for here in Queens. Comment
In the wake of Saturday’s massacre in Pittsburgh, Pa. that left 11 people killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue — the deadliest attack on Jews in the U.S. — we’ve seen people across the country come together and call for the end of such atrocities. Comments (6)

Awareness is key

There’s been a renewed push in Queens to curbing gun violence. Comment

Silent progress

As domestic violence continues to be a national news topic, one group in Queens is taking a stand right here in our borough. Comments (2)

Choose wisely

When it comes to selecting role models, Queens provides its residents plenty of worthy options to choose from. It’s up to us to make sure we elect to follow the right people. And making the choice isn’t always easy. Comments (2)

A safer Queens

The push to make Queens streets safer for pedestrians has gotten stronger in recent months and real change may soon be on the horizon. Comment

A new dawn

Last week’s Democratic primary proved that we are truly in a new age of politics in Queens. Comments (3)

Always remember

Tuesday marked the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and in Queens — as across the country — we marked the tragedy with somber tributes to remember those who lost their lives. Comments (1)

Make a difference

The primary is right around the corner and there are several important races in Queens to keep an eye on. Comments (1)

The only move

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order this week to reinstate the city’s school zone speed camera program in a move that made too much sense not to do. Comments (2)

Think it through

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week his plan to replace Rikers Island with four borough-based community jails, including facilities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and one in Queens. Comments (2)

Applaud the Night Out program

Tuesday marked the return of National Night Out Against Crime as cops and city dwellers across the five boroughs gathered to continue building the relationship between the NYPD and neighborhood residents. Comment

More bike lane drama

The bike lane debate shows no sign of abating in Queens. Comments (1)

Abolishing ICE isn’t the answer

New York City lawmakers, including state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst), are waging a fight to abolish ICE in favor of a new agency to help control immigration. Comments (4)

A necessary solution

Human trafficking is an epidemic that spans the United States and afflicts Queens. Comments (1)

A call for change

A new petition calling for New York state to impose stricter driver’s license requirements and frequent renewals for senior drivers has picked up steam, collecting more than 10,000 signatures after the death of a Flushing teenager who was struck and killed by an elderly driver in June while crossing a street in Whitestone. Comments (4)

A new age

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley in last week’s Democratic primary shocked the borough, city, state and country, and it could lead to the start of a new movement away from the political norm. Comments (3)

Queens stands up

Queens lawmakers and city officials have spoken out against the U.S. Supreme’s Court decision to uphold President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban and they should be applauded for doing so. Comments (3)

A historic weekend in Queens

Queens added to its rich past with a historic weekend. Comment

Greener pastures?

New York City lawmakers and the NYPD are making an effort to review polices governing low-level marijuana offenders, which they believe would lead to declining prosecution rates. Comment

Honor our heroes

As everyone prepares for the holiday weekend, it’s important to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. Comment

Shelter dilemma

As the homeless debate rages on in Blissville, it has become clear the city has taken advantage of the small Queens town. Comments (1)

Continue the fight

As the story of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s alleged violence toward women unfolds, we applaud those who have had the courage to speak out and tell their tales of horror. Comments (1)

Stop the hate

We, as a community, should be better than this. Comments (2)

All for fair fares

It’s time for fair fares. Comments (1)

Making it right

Kudos to the NYPD for reversing its decision on the posting of armed officers in three public high schools in Queens. Comment

Film frenzy

It’s that time of the year again. Comment

Not so E-Z fast

While the push to implement cashless tolling was met with applause, it seems as though things have taken a turn for the worse. Comments (1)

Clear the air

It’s hard to believe in this day and age in Queens that two top city officials failed to persuade Christ the King High School to allow one of its students to have the name “Malcolm X” printed on his senior sweater. Comment

Students’ fight against gun violence

The Broward County shootings have been felt more than a thousand miles from Queens, where one of the youngest victims was born 14 years ago. Few traces remain of Alyssa Alhadeff’s earliest days since her family moved to New Jersey when she was an infant, but the borough and the rest of the city have embraced her as a full-fledged member of our mourning community. Comments (3)

Breath of fresh air

Ever since we have known him, two things have struck us about Corey Johnson: You should never underestimate his political ability, and he works extremely hard. Comment

Long Overdue

The message is loud and clear in Queens: 2018 is the year for women. Comment



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