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New Voices

October, 2018


Queens residents oppose public charge, census question

The U.S. Census — a count of all persons residing within the United States — became a political firestorm when the Trump administration demanded the addition of a question on the legal status of the respondent. Comments (9)

After shuffle in Albany, can the DREAM Act pass?

The resounding primary defeats of former Independent Democratic Conference members is certain to cause a shuffle of legislative priorities in Albany. Comments (5)

September, 2018


Administration’s approach to trafficking remains lacking

A chilling news story from the border has made national headlines. Comments (4)

Trump to adopt “denaturalization” in war on immigrants

Under the Trump administration, long-held truisms about immigration have been tested. Some in Trump’s inner circle have flirted with the idea of ending birthright citizenship as a way of punishing undocumented immigrants. Others have pledged to crack down on “immigration fraud,” a term with no precise legal definition, but up until now it referred to service providers that exploited immigrants rather than the immigrants themselves. Comments (4)

August, 2018


Lawsuit reveals flawed census citizenship question

The decision to include a specific question on citizenship on the upcoming 2020 Census is a controversial one, long suspected to be motivated by politics rather than practicality. The U.S. Census is intended to count all persons living in America, including non-citizens. Critics suggest that the inclusion of such a question, for the first time in nearly 70 years, is designed to suppress cooperation and response rates in predominantly immigrant communities. Comments (4)

July, 2018


On Queens’ shores, a lesson on asylum seekers

Lost in the discussions on whether it is acceptable to lock up children separately or to simply lock up entire families for violating immigration law is the case of the Golden Venture, which landed on Queens shores 25 years ago carrying more than 200 illegal immigrants. Comments (5)

Pressure mounts for Queens politicians to take action on ICE

The sudden and dramatic implementation of a “zero tolerance” policy for asylum seekers by the Trump administration has renewed scrutiny on Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, with many immigration advocates now calling for the abolition of the agency. Though ICE has operated extensively throughout the city, reports of 2,500 children separated and detained or sent to foster case has brought national scrutiny on the agency. Comments (2)

June, 2018


Detention of children in immigration facilities sparks furor

The Trump administration’s policy of separating the children of asylum seekers from their parents came under renewed scrutiny amid reports of inhumane detention facilities. Comments (4)

May, 2018


City releases first-ever report on inclusion

The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs released its first ever annual report in March detailing efforts in 2017 to in the report’s words integrate immigrant New Yorkers into the city’s “civic, economic and cultural life.” Comments (3)

Queens’ Nepali immigrants slam decision to end TPS

Accusing the federal government of “playing games with immigrant rights” and making a “political decision,” the Nepali community in Queens slammed the Trump administration’s decision to end the Temporary Protected Status for Nepali nationals. Comments (7)

April, 2018


Lawmakers, activists turn to innovative solutions to help undocumented

As the prospect of an immigration deal fades with each day, state and local officials as well as community groups are looking for ways to ease the burden on undocumented city residents. One such initiative, Green Light NY, pressures Albany to restore the right of undocumented persons to have driver’s licenses while another initiative proposed by the city comptroller’s office attempts to address the soaring cost of filing fees to become a citizen. Comments (3)

Queens immigration advocates blast change to 2020 U.S. Census

Last week Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross skirted an April 1 deadline and consented to a request from the U.S. Justice Department to add a question on citizenship status to the 2020 U.S. Census. Across the borough, immigration activists are furious at the political implications of the move and have voiced concerns over the integrity of the data that is to be collected as immigrants may question the confidentiality of the data. Comments (3)

March, 2018


Policy of separating children spurs ACLU lawsuit

A controversial practice by Immigration Customs Enforcement made national headlines as the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the agency for separating mothers and children detained at the border in a policy the ACLU has panned as having “no legitimate purpose.” Comments (3)

What would an immigration deal look like?

After the Trump administration decided to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and kicked the onus on a fix to Congress, the program beneficiaries, better known as “Dreamers,” have lived in limbo, facing deportation to countries they last set foot in as children. Comments (1)

February, 2018


What is the history of chain migration?

“Chain migration” is the latest buzzword to define the ongoing immigration conversation in the United States: popularized by the extreme right to describe the process of immigrants gaining residency through a family visa from a relative established in the country. Anti-immigration advocates have made the spurious claim that these immigrants are arriving in “hordes” and are of a lower quality than those arriving in America on a professional or marriage visa. Comments (2)

January, 2018


The face of immigration reform

That the president expresses hostility toward immigration is no secret; that he would condemn it in such vulgar terms, if true, is unsurprising. While the country grapples over the controversy, with some rushing to defend remarks that the president refuses to acknowledge were made, for immigrants and organizations agitating for immigration reform, that is not the story that matters most this week. Their fight predates this administration and has a human face. Comment



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