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June, 2016

New Voices

Asian American Groups Seek Redress from Government

May was National Asian Pacific Islander History Month, and against that backdrop, Asian Americans, both nationally and in the borough, are taking steps to hold the U.S. government accountable for historical missteps and current racial discrimination. Comments (3)

May, 2016

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May Day celebration focuses on worker rights

Sunday, in a show of cross-cultural solidarity, approximately 50 Hispanic and South Asian workers rallied at Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights on International Workers Day, to call attention to labor abuses and other harassment they face from employers. Comments (2)

April, 2016

New Voices

Refugees deserve to be treated humanely

In the midst of the world’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, much is made of the fact that among the arrivals in Europe are not only Iraqis and Syrians, but refugees from as far off as Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Though typically dismissed as “economic migrants” attempting to use the crisis to subvert typical immigration controls, many claim political or religious persecution. Comments (5)
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Selective outrage distorts the victims of terror

No doubt many across our borough have watched the events in Brussels with anxiety, perhaps wondering if the events at Zaventem Airport could happen at La Guardia or JFK. We wonder if we’ll be safe in the subway—a system so large we could never hope to perfectly secure it. We spent most of last week going about our lives alongside police dogs and heavily armed police and to a certain extent, we’ve accepted it as the new normal. Comments (4)

March, 2016

New Voices

IDC proposes solution for specialized high school diversity crisis

After yet another year of foundering enrollment numbers for black and Hispanic students at the city’s specialized high schools, the Independent Democratic Conference in Albany is taking a crack at reforming the admission process for those schools. Comments (4)

February, 2016

New Voices

Shooting raises questions of accountability

Last week, former Police Officer Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of Akai Gurley. The rookie cop had his gun drawn while conducting a patrol of NYCHA’s Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn and negligently fired into the darkened stairwell, ricocheting off a wall and striking Gurley in the chest. In a subsequent press conference, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton described Gurley, who was in the building to visit his girlfriend, as a “complete innocent.” Comments (3)
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For major transit problems, few real solutions

Anyone looking to take public transit from Southeast Queens to Coney Island can expect a sojourn of at least 90 minutes, from hopping on the A train, to transferring in Downtown Brooklyn to the Q and traveling the length of the borough. Rockaway residents, despite being just a stone’s throw away, would have to take two to three buses to get there, and allocate an hour of travel time. People in Northern Queens can forget about trying to use mass transit to get there, as it would take up to two hours and invariably involve having to route through Manhattan. Comments (2)
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Lack of discretionary funding leaves southeast Queens in the cold

Queens’ reputation as the forgotten borough never seemed more pertinent until the weekend before last, as we dug out of record snowfall and waited well into the work week for the plowing of tertiary streets. While the mayor toured Ridgewood and Sunnyside, offering a mea culpa, members of the Queens delegation wrote op-eds and held press conferences, bringing attention to the situation. Despite loud complaints from at least two elected officials in southeast Queens, many residents felt their anger was not heard at City Hall. Comments (2)

January, 2016

New Voices

CUNY is vital to our long-term economic security

The City University of New York is in dire straits, due to political rivalries and a lack of will to fund these institutions at levels consistent with the 21st century. Notably, aside from chronic facility underfunding, many staff members have gone without raises since 2010, at a time when the cost of living has increased dramatically across the city. Comments (1)
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