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On Point

Plan to close Rikers must be stopped

Concerned about crime and safety in your community? You need to carefully consider the city’s plans to close Rikers Island and open a system of neighborhood prisons in every borough except Staten Island. Comments (16)

Cuomo, de Blasio not helping the average ‘Joe’

Many of New York’s working-class citizens feel forgotten and betrayed by a mayor and City Council not interested in their daily struggles to make ends meet, but instead obsess over preventing deportation of illegal immigrants who have been arrested or convicted of various crimes. Comments (11)

Time to fix the property tax system

New York City’s notorious property tax system is a sham and desperately in need of a fix. Comments (13)

Council ignoring real problems by going after ‘segregation’

Newsflash: New York City is a segregated city with “extreme levels of segregation,” and “remains more segregated than most metropolitan areas in the United States.” Comments (12)

Congestion pricing is just another MTA extortion

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just launched another assault on our wallets. The deceptively named Fix NYC toll scheme that he recently announced is a heavy-handed shakedown of lower- to middle‑class outer-borough residents who drive or commute into Manhattan. We have been down this road before, and New Yorkers simply cannot continue to feed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s voracious appetite for our dollars. Comments (14)



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