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November, 2017

On Point

Wandering Creedmoor patients unnerve community

For decades, Creedmoor and its neighbors have lived side by side, in a generally non-contentious relationship. Sadly, over the past year, the relationship has become quite tenuous. Daily occurrences of aggressive panhandling by Creedmoor patients plague the surrounding communities, shopping centers and commercial strips of Union Turnpike. Aggressive panhandling is threatening and dangerous and nearby residents are demanding action. Comments (12)

September, 2017

On Point

Tolls coming to an East River bridge near you

A wakeup call to all New York City drivers asleep at the wheel: Hold on to your wallets, the Robber “toll” Barons are coming for you. Comments (20)

July, 2017

On Point

‘Diversity’ narrative clouding pols’ judgement

New York City is on the wrong track and voters should be concerned. Comments (31)

April, 2017

On Point

Statue standoff needs reversal of fortune

Many of you have read about the “Fearless Girl” vs. “Charging Bull” statute controversy in lower Manhattan. Back on March 7, in honor of International Women’s Day, investment managing company State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) erected a statue a few feet from the iconic “Charging Bull” near the New York Stock Exchange. Comments (6)

February, 2017

On Point

Plastic bag fee is social engineering run amok

Unless Gov. Andrew Cuomo decides not to sign the plastic bag bill, New Yorkers will again feel the hands of city government reaching into their pockets and taking more of your hard-earned money. The disciples of social engineering and behavior modification in the City Council last year passed a 5-cent fee on each plastic bag used and twice that if you double bag your groceries. Comments (14)



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