December, 2016

Political Action

City wonders whether Hillary Clinton will run for mayor

Speculation in some quarters has Hillary Clinton considering a run for New York City mayor next year against Mayor Bill De Blasio. If this is true, it brings a new dimension to political elections. Comments (9)
Political Action

Election results are bringing back student unrest

We have now seen a return of college student street demonstrations, in some ways similar to the street demonstrations of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Comments (1)

October, 2016

Political Action

Don’t underestimate the value of the vice presidency

It seems that the tendency has been in recent years to downplay the value of vice presidential candidates. At this time, however, vice presidents have given an added importance to the campaign. Comments (3)
Political Action

Presidential debates have changed over the years

The long-awaited presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has taken place with both candidates claiming success. Both candidates showed considerable knowledge. However, there were important issues that could have been discussed more in detail, including homeland security, immigration and military preparedness. Hopefully, at the next debate these matters will be addressed more than they were this time. Comments (3)

September, 2016

Political Action

Conservative Party gives its nod to Donald Trump

The New York State Conservative Party held a meeting of its State Committee earlier this month and by a large margin endorsed Donald Trump for president. The result is that Trump will be running for president on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines in New York. Comments (1)
Political Action

Republican has a shot at NE Queens Senate seat

The 11th State Senate district of northeast Queens was represented by Republican Frank Padavan for 38 years, before his defeat by Tony Avella in 2010. This year Avella is being challenged by Republican Mark Cipolla, who is an attorney and comes from Hollis Hills. Two years ago Avella had no opponent in the general fall election, although he had a Democratic Party primary. Comment

August, 2016

Political Action

Presidential campaign has its twists and turns

This year’s presidential campaign is very unusual to say the least. Comments (3)
Political Action

The vice presidency is no longer a secondary position

In presidential elections every four years, it appears that most voters vote mainly for the presidential candidate and have little interest in the vice presidential candidate. That may be true up to a point, but in some national elections vice presidential candidates can make a difference in the election results. Comments (1)

July, 2016

Political Action

Is the Ivy League a path to the White House?

It would seem that Ivy League colleges play a major role in educating future presidents of the United States. Comments (4)
Political Action

Libertarians are ready to affect the presidential contest

The Libertarian Party seems to be in a much stronger political position nationally in regard to the presidential race than it has been in past years. Recent polls show them with 10 percent of the presidential vote. Comment

June, 2016

Political Action

A Republican candidate gets involved in the mayoral race

Looking ahead to next year’s mayoral race on the Republican side, one candidate will be the Rev. Michel Faulkner, a pastor of a Baptist church in Harlem. Comment
Political Action

The 2017 mayoral race is beginning to draw attention

With most of the national political attention being focused on the presidential race, interest in the mayor’s race next year is starting to materialize. The incumbent Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is very likely to face Democratic primary challenges before next year’s city fall election. If he should be defeated in a primary election, it will be the end of his career as New York City’s mayor. Comments (4)

May, 2016

Political Action

A high-stakes presidential contest enters a new stage

Barring a radical change in present circumstances, the major presidential candidates will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both of them have huge name recognition throughout the United States. Comments (1)
Political Action

For democracy to thrive, the conventions must be orderly

We have heard, at least until the results of Tuesday's Indiana primary, about a possible contested Republican convention with Sen. Ted Cruz and some members of the Republican establishment seeking to prevent Donald Trump from getting their party’s nomination for president. Comment

April, 2016

Political Action

How convention battles have played out in the past

As we move closer to the political party national conventions, there has been increased discussion about open conventions in which there are several candidates running for their party’s presidential nomination. Comment
Political Action

Early voting primaries and their aftermath

As the primary season progresses, the term “early primary” has increasingly come into use. The primary election format has changed in various states. Comments (1)

March, 2016

Political Action

Front runners take control of presidential race

The presidential election of 2016 has taken a strong turn as a result of the primaries. It seems that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have emerged as the two front-runner candidates in the presidential race. Therefore, if they are the official candidates, for the first time we will have two presidential candidates from New York. This situation should lead to intense interest in the election. Comments (3)
Political Action

Conservative Party plays a large, powerful role

The New York Conservative Party was first formed in 1962 and since that time has played an important role in our state election process. Comments (2)

February, 2016

Political Action

The action heats up in the presidential contest

The political primary season has begun with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders emerging as the big winners in the New Hampshire presidential primary. Comment
Political Action

We need to protect the heroes who protect us

Charles Lindbergh is recognized as the first pilot to fly an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States to Europe. At the time, in the late 1920s, he became a national hero. Comments (1)

January, 2016

Political Action

Presidential campaign shifts into high gear

As the Republican presidential primaries move into high gear there have been rumors that some establishment Republicans may be considering running their own candidate for president if Donald Trump gets the official Republican Party nomination. Comment
Political Action

Radio program tunes in to the big issues

Every Sunday morning a radio interview program on 970 AM is hosted by John Catsimatidis from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. It started out as a small enterprise about a year ago and is now considered a major weekend interview program. Comment
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