October, 2017

Political Action

Democracy will persevere despite current political climate

The term “democracy” has various forms. It can be seen by the differences in the United States’ and British forms of government. Comment
Political Action

SCOTUS a bit too powerful

The time has come to examine the power of our federal government, particularly the Supreme Court of the United States. Comments (3)

July, 2017

Political Action

The presidency involving New York and California

As we look at the American presidency as it has developed over the years, we see a large number of our presidents and presidential candidates come from large states, especially New York and California. Comments (1)

May, 2017

Political Action

NYC mayors unable to advance

It is rare that those elected New York City mayor or governor have not had the ambition to run for higher office. In the case of mayor, none have advanced further since the 1850s. Comment

April, 2017

Political Action

Role of Supreme Court should be examined in a democratic society

There are three articles in the American Constitution referring to the three branches of government, which are the legislative, executive and the judiciary branches. Comments (1)

March, 2017

Political Action

Trump demonstrations follow long periods of U.S. unrest

When we look at the contemporary street demonstrations across the country and look at the ones from the past, we find some similarities. Comments (2)

February, 2017

Political Action

Gotham businessmen Trump and Rockfeller both eyed the presidency

The 2016 presidential race demonstrated the activities of a candidate whose entire career in the free enterprise system was conducted mainly from New York City and surrounding areas. Comment

January, 2017

Political Action

Conservative Party expects great things from Trump

The New York State Conservative Party, at its state committee meeting earlier this year, endorsed Donald Trump for president. Comment



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