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Rhymes with Crazy

September, 2018


Your backyard: Where the wild things are

A new movie at the Museum of Natural History shows you what is going on in your own backyard Comment

Remember playing ringolevio? Of course you do!

That’s because your greatest memories of childhood are about playing. But will your child feel the same 20 years from now? Comments (2)

August, 2018


Are we hard-wired to believe in a higher power?

This week, our columnists gets to the bottom of why humans believe in god. Comments (1)

Tracking the trends of tomorrow ... today

Trends are something I wouldn’t say I’m great at predicting. Comment

July, 2018


Here’s why I now love Mr. Rogers more than ever before

Our columnist says why her appreciation for the show she was bored with as a kid has grown significantly. Comments (4)

How to win at soccer without really trying

Here’s a hint: Let the kids play by themselves! Comments (1)

June, 2018


If you see something, sometimes you should keep your mouth shut

Not every child left in a car is in danger. Comments (1)

A brief history of children’s games (played outside)

Too many kids don’t get enough sun. Introduce these oldies but goodies and they’ll happily head out doors! Comment

May, 2018


David Hosack: New York City’s founding father

And here’s why he is who he is. Comments (1)

Hey parents! Stop making fairy tales less scary!

Our columnists says they are supposed to frighten the little ones — and the kids can handle it! Comment

When was the first time you spanked your child?

Times change, and so have baby books. Comment

April, 2018


Meet the ‘Hidden Figures’ of the fashion industry

Women fashion designers have been turning heads for more than a century. Comment

New York should follow ‘free-range’ Utah

So why can you be arrested for it in New York? Comment

March, 2018


The flip side of post-traumatic stress disorder

For some but not all, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Comment

Now hear this: Your toys are listening!

Believe it! Today’s dolls double as surveillance devices. Comment

February, 2018


Is a college education a waste of money?

Do you remember what you learned in college? Does anyone? Comment

Frank talk about an unmentionable subject

You guessed it: Death! Comment

January, 2018


Teen terrorists and other tales of adolescence

What makes a teen want to blow things up, hack computers, or cry over that burger you are eating? His brain. Comment

Helicopter parenting makes kids more anxious

And here’s the solution: Let your children do things! Comments (1)



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