Friday, May 8, 2009

Astoria Times

Sunnyside store supports area

It is perhaps doubly appropriate that the Sunnyside shop run by neighborhood residents Dan and Tara Glasser is called Stray Vintage. They named it after a song by one of their favorite bands, Calexico, but the idea of opening a vintage clothing and accessories store was a sort of stray idea reached while wandering around Sunnyside. Comment
Astoria Times

Start online stock trading

Consumer confidence is shaky regarding trading stocks. Headlines with the word “fraud” on front pages have not made Queens residents feel better about trusting their money with stock brokers. A question I am hearing in my networking travels is, “How can I start online trading?” Comment

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Astoria Times

Store donations help animals

Times may be tough all around, but volunteers at one Bayside thrift shop said it has not put a damper on people’s giving spirit — to the benefit of four−legged critters citywide. Comment
Astoria Times

Buy a short sale home

Lately, we have heard the term “short sale” come up in Queens. A short sale occurs when a bank is willing to take less than what it is owed. For example, a buyer purchases a home for $500,000 and can no longer pay the mortgage. The homeowner tries but fails to work out the late payments with the bank. A short sale becomes the only realistic option to get the buyer out of the home without having to go through foreclose proceedings. The home is put on the market at a reduced price. Comment



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