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December, 2018


Classic films, boxing take over Queens in 1961

In conjunction with the Greater Astoria Historical Society, TimesLedger Newspapers presents noteworthy events in the borough’s history. Comment

Photos: Journey through Bayside’s past


Photos: Journey through Bayside’s past

Fred Snell’s Broadway Hotel, located on the northeast corner of Bell Boulevard — then known as Bell Avenue — and Northern Boulevard — then known as Broadway — circa 1880-1932. Comments (3)

November, 2018


Famous artist Isamu Noguchi has Astoria roots

In conjunction with the Greater Astoria Historical Society, TimesLedger Newspapers presents noteworthy events in the borough’s history. Comment
The fight for survival continues for one of the city’s oldest African burial grounds now that a Request for Evaluation was submitted to the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. Comments (2)

October, 2018


Going to see a man about a horse... and a movie!

For one College Point woman, good times were just around the corner. Comments (1)

September, 2018


Actress Hillary Brooke was raised in Astoria

Born Beatrice Sofia Mathilda Peterson on Sept. 8, 1914, and raised in Astoria, actress Hillary Brooke appeared in more than 50 films and television shows from the 1930s to the 1950s. Comment

The happenings in Queens back in September 1905

Welcome to September 1905! Comments (1)

August, 2018


August 1935: From Gustav Lindenthal to Will Rogers

Welcome to August 1935. Comments (1)

NBA legend Bob Cousy grew up in Queens

Born on Aug. 9, 1928 in Manhattan, Bob Cousy electrified NBA fans for 13 seasons with his seemingly magical passing ability and prolific scoring as a point guard for the Boston Celtics. Comment

July, 2018


Cosmetics queen Estée Lauder was born in Corona

Born Josephine Esther Mentzer on July 1, 1908 in Corona, Estée Lauder was a businesswoman known for her eponymous brand of cosmetics. From a modest beginning in which an uncle made cosmetic products in an abandoned stable behind their house, Lauder diligently built her brand into a global beauty empire. When her company went public in 1995, it was worth some $2 billion. Comment

Queensline: JFK Airport opened in July 1948

Welcome to July 1948! Comment

June, 2018


Actor Robert Davi has stayed true to his Queens roots

Born on June 26, 1951 and raised in Astoria, Robert Davi is an actor, singer, writer and director perhaps best known for his vivid portrayal of a colorful assortment of Hollywood villains, thugs and tough guys. In a film and television career spanning over 40 years, Davi has appeared in TV series from “Charlie’s Angels” and “St. Elsewhere” to “Criminal Minds,” among the 130 films on the silver screen he has performed in alongside greats from Marlon Brando to Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis. The native Astorian is also a critically acclaimed singer, known for bringing his own unique depth a Comment

A historic weekend in Queens

Queens added to its rich past with a historic weekend. Comment

June 1964: Queens College disappearance, civil rights drama and Mets’ marathon double-header

Welcome to June 1964! Comment

May, 2018


Walt Whitman spent part of the 1830s in Queens

Born Walter Whitman on May 31, 1819 in West Hills, N.Y., Walt Whitman was a quintessentially American poet, essayist and journalist. He is best remembered for his collection of poetry “Leaves of Grass,” an American epic that champions and identifies with the common man. Comment

Heading to the past for a look to the future

Welcome to May 1886. Comments (2)
Willets Point

Memories of Willets Point

The transportation system in New York City is typically abominable. Comments (4)

April, 2018


Longtime NBA player, executive has Forest Hills roots

Born on April 24, 1955, in Satu Mare, Romania, Ernie Grunfeld is currently the president of the NBA’s Washington Wizards. Comment

Woodhaven pop-up museum will launch in May

A pop-up museum on the history of Woodhaven is set to launch in May. Comment

A look back to April 1963 in Queens

This is the way it was in April 1963 in Queens. Comment

March, 2018

Hundreds of LaGuardia Community College students stood shoulder to shoulder with the trailblazers of the borough’s LGBTQ civil rights movement Monday afternoon for the opening of a new exhibit called “The Lavender Line: Coming Out in Queens” located in the college’s historic Hall of Flags in Joseph Shenker Hall. Comments (5)

Roosevelt, the rails and more in 1937 Queens

In 1937, the nation was still in the grip of the Great Depression, a period in our history where the economy all but collapsed and one in four workers was unemployed. Comment

Demolition work begins on historic Astoria house

Demolition work began on a house once belonging to a family of classical music legends and contemporaries of the Steinway family after a drawn-out effort to save the unofficial landmark. Comments (4)

February, 2018


No. 7 train adds cars, push to make Long Island a state and more in February 1950

Its February 1950 and the No. 7 Train is adding new cars. The maroon cars with wide beige strips above and below windows will help glamorize the Flushing Line. Cooling fans and heat will be governed by thermostats sensitive to car temperature changes, including shifts brought about by an increase or decrease of passengers. Comment

Queens Library honors 19th century Flushing philanthropist

Queens Library celebrated Black History Month by honoring 19th century Flushing philanthropist and educator Mary Shaw. Comments (2)

January, 2018

Mayor accepts recommendations on handling controversial statues

The statue of a physician who operated on women without their consent will be moved, but the Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park will stay put. Comments (1)



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