Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015

Glen Oaks

Najmi running hard

Below a Korean church basement in Bellerose lies the campaign headquarters where Ali Najmi, a Democratic City Council candidate for Mark Weprin’s former seat, is preparing for the crowded upcoming primary election this fall. Comments (4)

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015

Political Action

Getting a handle on the ever-expanding election process

American presidential campaigns have usually been long in duration. However, in recent years these campaigns have gone on for at least two years when the primaries and general elections are included. Comment

Industry needs a little breathing room

My company, Lynda Transportation Services Inc., works with other manufacturers that make advanced components to reduce auto emissions. We care about air quality, and we do not oppose reasonable federal standards to improve it. We do oppose standards that cost far more than they are worth by creating a drag on the economy while generating little to no benefit, such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to lower the existing ozone standard. Comment

Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015


Four Council candidates hammer out the issues at Wednesday debate

A recent debate gave eastern Queens residents a better understanding of where four candidates vying for a City Council seat in an off-year election this fall stand on some current city issues. Comments (1)

Council hopefuls announce new campaign endorsements

New campaign endorsements have been announced by three of the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the City Council seat in eastern Queens, which covers neighborhoods such as Glen Oaks, Queens Village, Floral Park and Bellerose. Comment
New Voices

Presidential candidates need to address racial inequality

The next Presidential election is 15 months away and none but the most ardent political enthusiasts are paying attention to the sideshow that is campaigning before the primaries and caucuses. Yet I’ll be the first to admit that as a casual observer, I felt pangs of annoyance as I watched “Black Lives Matter” protestors upstage Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—first at Netroots Nation, and then this past weekend at his own event celebrating Social Security and Medicare. Comments (1)

Hunting animals is not a sport

Hunting as a sport! What in the world is sporting about killing an animal for the sheer joy of ceasing its existence? Big- and/or wild-game hunting—exemplified by our brave warrior, dentist Walter Palmer, killing Cecil the protected lion for the sole purpose of photographing himself with the slaughter and mounting the nebulous achievement on a wall or as a carpet—should be embarrassing to anyone with a semblance of self-respect. How much less damaging it would be for this “sportsman” to have hunted out a Viagra prescription to feed his inadequacy. Comment

Friday, Aug. 14, 2015


Friedrich, Parhar top campaign spenders in City Council race

Bob Friedrich is now outfund-raising and outspending his Democratic competitors vying for Mark Weprin’s former City Council seat in eastern Queens. Comments (12)

Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015


Four Council candidates hammer out the issues at Wednesday debate

Four of the candidates vying for the City Council seat vacated by Mark Weprin when he took an administrative position in the governor’s office appeared at North Shore Towers Co-op in Glen Oaks Wednesday night for a debate. Many of the questions focused on concerns facing older district residents. Comments (3)



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