Gay Flushing man loses battle against Yankees

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A Flushing man who claimed the New York Yankees fired him from a clubhouse position with the team because he is gay has lost a battle in state court.

Paul Priore, 39, of Flushing, filed the $50 million suit against the Yankees in 1998, one year after he lost his job, said his attorney, Edward Pavia.

On May 29, the state Appellate Division’s First Department unanimously backed the Yankees’ motion to dismiss the case. Pavia said he filed a motion to reargue the case.

In 1996, Priore started working with the Yankees as a clubhouse attendant, responsible for cleaning uniforms and keeping the clubhouse in order, Pavia said.

Priore had been coming to the clubhouse for years, since his father was clubhouse manager, his attorney said.

During his year of formal employment, Priore was harassed by three Yankee players, Pavia said.

“He was subject to ongoing sexual harassment,” Pavia said. “Verbal as well as physical.”

The Yankees did not return calls for comment.

When Priore complained to Yankees management, they did nothing, Pavia said.

After discovering Priore was gay and HIV-positive, the Yankees fired him from the organization, Pavia said.

Priore’s father, Nick, was fired shortly after the Yankees cut his son from the team, Pavia said.

But the appellate court found that other than Priore’s own testimony, there was no evidence that the Yankees knew of the alleged harassment.

“Accordingly, the management ... cannot be held vicariously liable for condoning a situation ... about which they were not only unaware but had no reason to suspect,” Judge Richard Wallach wrote in the decision, Newsday reported.

Priore has worked odd jobs since his firing and is currently unemployed, his attorney said.

Priore was seeking more than $50 million in the suit, Pavia said.

Both Pavia and Martha Flores Vazquez, a Flushing Democratic district leader and friend of Priore, said he has become depressed in recent years.

“I hope things get better,” Vazquez said. “I am very concerned at this point. Justice must prevail. It doesn’t matter if you are the Yankees.”

Reach reporter Alexander Dworkowitz by e-mail at or call 718-229-0300 Ext. 141.

Posted 7:07 pm, October 10, 2011
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Reader feedback

Paul Priore from Flushing, N.Y. says:
Ms. Andrea W. Evans-Chairwomen NYS Board of Parole
Mr. Brian Fischer-Commissioner NYS Board of Parole
97 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206
November 11th, 2012

Dear. Ms. Andrea W. Evans:
Dear. Mr. Brain Fischer:
I am taken this opportunity to ask you not to release former New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi from jail until he finishes serving his full sentence.
As a tax payer, I was one of the people who voted him in to his elected office.
Mr. Hevesi was entrusted by the people of New York tax payers to fulfill his duties and obligations of his elective office by doing the right things and for saving the tax payers unnecessary spending and loses of monies.
Mr. Hevesi has betrayed our trust in him and used his authority for his own personal piggy bank as well as for members of his immediate family.
Mr. Hevesi was found guilty for stealing tax payers monies and using it for his own purpose, he should not be allowed or rewarded to get away with that or get a slap on the wrist, by letting him out of jail earlier then is recommended, by letting him out of jail earlier only will sends out a clear message to other elected officials and criminals that you can get away with breaking our laws that are in place for a reason.
Please do whatever it takes and is possible to keep him in jail and make him stay in and serve his full sentence time without the possibility of parole or time served.
These elected officials and criminals must understand that if they do the crime, they will do the time.
To many elected officials and criminals get away with too much and this practice needs to change right here and now.
So again, I am asking you not to consider releasing Mr. Alan Hevesi from jail until he serves out his full sentence.
I look forward to hearing back from you or one of your staff members regarding my corresponding to you about the above matter of concern.
Thank You in advance for your anticipated response.
Paul Priore
(Community Activists and tax payer.)
Nov. 14, 2012, 1:54 am
Paul Priore says:
Re: New York City and other States that were affected by Hurricane Sandy:

This is Our Own version Hurricane Katrina.
I just can’t fathom why it is taken our elected officials so long to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy to get back on their feet and rebuild?
These buffoons politicians constantly preach about caring about their constituents, but rarely do anything to help people unless, it is an election years or if they are looking for donations.
We all should’ve learned from Hurricane Katrina years ago, but still no one seems to get it.
These people shouldn’t have to be living like animals, something needs to be done very fast.
All these insurance companies should be held accountable and pay the money that is due instead of trying to cheat their clients.
The elected officials should pass some laws to insure that all insurance policy holders get paid everything they are entitled to and prevent these insurance companies from playing games with people.
Force your elected officials to do the right things and make big business be held accountable for their actions.
These are my own opinions and beliefs.
Thank You.
Paul Priore
Feb. 8, 2013, 1:36 am
Paul Priore from Queens, New York says:
To all concerned about the recent Supreme Court ruling on legalizing gay marriage.
A very sad day in America’s History.
This Supreme Court ruling will undoubtedly cause more harm than good, the Supreme Court has destroyed and robbed the very foundation of traditional marriage and has single handedly destroyed society as we know it.
As an openly gay man, I am extremely disappointed and outraged by this gay marriage ruling.
Now the Supreme Court ruling will force churches of all faith to preform same sex marriage, whatever happens to separation of church and government?
I also didn’t see anything in this recent Supreme Court ruling that includes gay people who were married by civil unions, will this new ruling include civil union partners, I say no way.
Now the same sex marriage bill will leave the doors open for other such groups who feel they also have a right to their own beliefs, such as petrifies who feel that they too will have a right to go after children legally and then you have those who like having sex with animals.
You will also have a bunch of illegal immigrants pretending they love someone, only to gain legal status by marrying their gay partners and divorcing them and taken all their money and how will he divorce courts determine who is the man and women in an divorce proceedings
Before gay marriage was even introduced to the world, everyone was under the impression that gay people were deviants and perverts and no one wanted to believe otherwise, unfortunately for some this is proving true, I know this from my own personal observations of how some gay people act in public by having sex in our parks within five feet of women and children and others at night time hours and some gay people have the audacity to take it upon themselves and grab men without even knowing if they are gay or interested and then some wonder why they get assaulted, this type of behavior will undoubtedly continue even more so now that the supreme court recognized gay marriage.
You will even see an increase in assaults and killings against gay people from this recent ruling.
When you force an issue down people’s throats, there is bound to be backlash and resentments.
We might as well throw out the complete constitution, because it’s no long worth the paper it’s written on.
Our Founding fathers must be turning over in their grace after this recent travesty of justice.
These are my own personal opinions and beliefs.
Paul Priore
June 30, 2013, 12:09 pm
Paul Priore from New York City says:
Re: The Eric Gardner and Michael Brown tragic deaths:
It was a terrible tragedy that both men had to die.
We must move forward and learn from these senseless tragedies and to work on changing the stigma of the minority communities.
We must work on changing the fears that most people have with the minority community.
We must all learn to get along as one people, not separations of many people.
The Police departments across the country and around the world have a very difficult time trying to maintain law and order for all.
When anyone is stopped by law informance, don’t resist, and just let them do their jobs, thereby putting a stop to senseless abuse and deaths.
The so call advocates for the minority communities needs to get the message out to all the minorities people by stating that everyone should learn to get along with one another and not try to find an easy way to get a head by committing criminal acts.
We must first teach every race to live and except one another and treat everyone the way they want to be treated.
We must first educate the minority community and help everyone to live productive lives; education is the key solution to harmony.
For far too long, most people are afraid of the minority community members, because every time you turn on the television and read a newspaper, you see many minorities committing criminal acts, that needs to change here and now and find out why some minority people commit criminal acts, is it because of lack of education, or environmental upbringing or both?
Everyone’s lives matter no matter what color, race, religion, sexual persuasion, gender, handicap or otherwise.
I have many relatives and friends who are of minority persuasions and I treat everyone as my equal.
Yes, it is your constitutional right to protest as long as you don’t infringe on other people constitutional rights.
Don’t go out looting and being destructive, it never achieves anything but create more problems.
I hope my words of encouragements will help all people to think before you act.
These are my own personal opinions and beliefs.
Thank you for taken the time to read my post.
Paul Priore
Dec. 4, 2014, 11:41 pm
Paul Priore from Flushing, Queens, NY says:
January 9, 2015

Hon. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
2230 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Hon. Elijah E. Cummings,

My name is Paul Priore, and I am a former New York Yankees clubhouse attendant.

I've written a controversial tell-all book, entitled Abused by the New York Yankees, about my various experiences working for the Yankees.

Here is the book's website:

The book goes into many details of the organization's duplicitous business practices.

Every factually described event narrated in the book is 100% true.

I have left no stone unturned.

The book is based on matters which I personally overheard, witnessed, experienced, or was otherwise made privy to.

After both of you have had the opportunity to read the entire book, I respectfully request that you conduct a full, fair, and unbiased investigation into all aspects of the contents which you feel reflect a violation of Federal law, New York law, or generally accepted standards of ethical conduct.

In fact, I would welcome a Congressional hearing in which the people mentioned in the book, many of whom are still alive, are subpoenaed to give relevant testimony.

You may hear things which point out the need for additional Federal oversight of Major League Baseball, in general.

Back in the 1990s, I brought a lawsuit against the Yankees, three of their players, and the general manager, in an attempt to get justice and financial compensation with respect to an unjust dismissal and discrimination.

Despite the fact that a lower court judge in the Bronx viewed the case as being appropriate for a jury trial, an appellate court in Manhattan overturned that decision, and, subsequently, New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals, declined to hear the case.

Here is a link to the appellate court's decision:

As has been fully explained in the book, it is my view that (the late) George Steinbrenner and the Yankees were able to use their influence to get the appellate court to block a jury trial out of their fear that the truth would be exposed.

The trauma and horror of my ordeal has bothered me, to this very day, to get the complete truth out there by any means possible.

Someday, I hope to be able to move on from the constant horror and trauma that I still experience each day.

I will look forward to hearing from you, or your designees, especially, if you decide to pursue a Congressional hearing based on information that came to your attention from your reading my book.

I would like to receive the justice and satisfaction that are way overdue me, and I really need your help in doing so.

At the end of the book, you will learn that I took a computer voice stress analyzer test (which I like to call a "truth test") and passed it with flying colors.

Why did I take such a test?

It's because I have spoken the truth since Day One, and continue to do so today.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this email.

I hope both of you will also read the book from start to finish, and will consider conducting the Congressional hearing referred to above.


Paul Priore

Cc My Co-writer Mr. Gary Toushek
Jan. 13, 2015, 1:42 pm
Paul Priore from Queens says:
To all concerned:

My name is Paul Priore, and I am the former New York Yankees clubhouse attendant who was mentioned in Dylan Vox's article.

I'm the coauthor of a tell-all book about my life and experiences working for the New York Yankees.

I've included a lot of detail as to what happened to me.

I would encourage everyone to look at the book's website:

If you choose to purchase the book, "Abused by the New York Yankees," I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I've exposed many things about the Yankees organization and a majority of the baseball players who were team members in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

I've left no stone unturned.

Thank you.


Paul Priore

(ex-NY Yankees clubhouse attendant)
Jan. 30, 2015, 4:41 pm
Paul Priore from New York says:
The Book of the Century
Greetings from New York City, one and all!

The Book of the Century is finally here!

My name is Paul Priore, and I am one of the two coauthors of a controversial tell-all book about my life and experiences working for the New York Yankees.

Part of the book describes the homophobia at the New York Yankees, and the abuse that I suffered at the hands of several ballplayers and managerial employees.

The book is titled "Abused by the New York Yankees."

The link to the book's website is

It's a great read and well worth purchasing.

Gary Toushek, who is my coauthor, and I proudly self-published it.

If you choose to purchase it and read it, I'm so sure you will enjoy learning the unbelievable details about my behind the scenes life at the New York Yankees.

The book contains a detailed, factual presentation of numerous shocking events.

It is 100% true -- I willingly submitted to a voice stress analyzer test, and passed with flying colors.

I hope you will consider purchasing the book.

But whether you do or not, I invite you to visit the book's Facebook page, and give it a "like."

Thank you in advance for your anticipated interest.


Paul Priore
Former New York Yankees Clubhouse Attendant
Sept. 20, 2015, 9:37 pm
Paul Priore from Queens says:
My name is Paul Priore, one of the coauthors of a steamy Yankees fanfiction. That's not what I'm posting right now, in fact I'm here to tell you that the new Ghostbusters film is great and everyone should see it. The reason is because if you don't watch it, you're a sexist and worst than ISIS.

Thank you.


Paul Priore
Former New York Yankees Clubhouse Attendant
May 29, 2016, 9:52 am
Paul Priore from Flushing says:
Attention Everyone:

This is a true experience review about a diner that I used to go to for many years.

It’s Steve’s Coffee Shop and is located at 40-34 162 Street; Flushing, New York 11358.

Many customers and I have received unsatisfactory treatment from the owner and staff.

On Sunday, May 29, 2016, a waitress by the name of Sharara was working there.

She appears to hate everyone, especially, American people.

She is also a very greedy person who tells you how much to tip, rather than let you decide.

She expects the customer to leave her a 100% tip of the total cost of the meal.

On this day, I was sitting with two people eating my breakfast, and the place wasn't busy. Two people came in and proceeded to go to the back area of the diner. Sharara came over to me and asked me, “Why don't you get the f**k up you f*gg*t so that they can sit down?!” I was stunned, and I replied back by stating, “Who the f**k are you talking to?! You don't talk to me like I'm a piece of s**t! I'm a paying customer!” She then responded back by saying, “You’re costing me f**king tips by sitting there!!!”

She continued to scream and curse at me. I said, “I'm going to tell Andy [Andreas Georgios] about how you talked to me!” Her response was, “Go f**king tell Andy! He won't believe you!”

Sharara still wouldn't stop. Our screaming session continued until I decided to walk out.

The very next day, Monday May 30, 2016, I decided to speak with Andy, the owner, and tell him how his wait staff talked to me and many other customers. As soon as I walked in, Andy bellowed to me, saying, “I want to talk to you!” I said, “I want to talk to you as well!” Andy replied, “You don't f**king tell me you want to talk to me! I'll f**king tell you when you can f**king talk to me!” I then replied, “Who the f**k are you talking to?! I'm not your wife or child! You talk to me with respect because I don't have to take your abuse like I wouldn't take Sharara’s abuse yesterday!”

I'm sure she lied to him, because he took her side without allowing me to tell my side of the story about what happened.

If he were intelligent, he would've sat both of us down and spoke to both of us at the same time to find out what really happened. However, he just took her side at face value. I strongly believe Andy is bipolar. I'm not the only one whom he’s screamed and cursed at. He’s done this to many other people, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone why his staff does the same thing.

Other things that I’ve noticed and complained about is how dirty the place is kept. If a customer gets a cup of black coffee and doesn't finish it, the remains should be thrown out, but instead, the staff just pours it back into the coffee urn to resell! How cheap!!!

The grill cooks wear the same rubber gloves to prepare your food, handle money, bus tables, dump garbage, and go to the bathroom. They never change their gloves! How disgusting and unsanitary!!!

The wait staff has also been price gouging by overcharging customers on various occasions. Most people don't realize it, but I did, and complained to Andy. He bellowed, “You’re f**king making a big deal over a few cents or dollars. What are you nuts???!!!”

Many people have gotten food poisoning and ended up having diarrhea after eating the food, probably due to cross-contamination and poor maintenance of the refrigerators and food storage area.

There’s a lot more I can post, but there wouldn't be enough room to post it.

I'm not going to tell you what to do if you choose to go to this place, but I'm letting you know what to expect if you do decide to go. You will either be verbally abused or you will, at least, witness verbal abuse at some point. And, if you do go, then I advise that you don’t bring family members or friends, because this nutjob, Andy, doesn't care who is within earshot.

Thank you.


June 16, 2016, 10:39 am
Paul Priore from Queens, NY says:
My name is Paul Priore. Twenty years ago a 14-year-old batboy and I were sexually assaulted by 3 players in the New York Yankees -- Bob Wickman, Jeff Nelson & Mariano Rivera -- who tried to sodomize us with a baseball bat. When I tried to report it to the NYPD cops on duty at the stadium, they refused to take notes, write a report, or charge those players with a crime... because those cops were afraid of losing their valuable job assignments at Yankee Stadium.

When I complained to management and the owner George Steinbrenner, the Yankees organization led by lawyer Lonn Trost conspired to falsely accuse me of theft of their merchandise. They created lies about me to justify firing me. Anyone who’s been a victim of a smear campaign by a company they worked for, will understand what I'm talking about.

Because the cops didn’t do their job of charging those players for their crime, no one believes me.

For 20 long years I’ve tried to get reporters in New York City to write about THE INJUSTICE suffered by me and the batboy, and the reporters not only refuse to consider THE FACTS, or ask the Yankees about THE CRIME, they mock and insult me, despite THE FACT that I scored 100% on a reliable lie detector test (NOT a polygraph, which is considered unreliable by the courts)...

ANOTHER FACT is that I have audio tape evidence of the crime, and the names of witnesses.

Why do reporters refuse to report this story, even skeptically? They’ll never admit it, but it’s because they don’t want to risk their access to the team, or their paper’s revenue from Yankees advertising. It’s all about money, and the truth be damned!

I co-authored a book about the sexual assaults and it’s been out for more than a year, and I know FOR A FACT that the Yankees and their lawyers have seen it, and they know it’s true because THEY HAVE NOT sued me.

I’m sure that the Yankees have warned all of the media outlets in New York not to report on my book or the crimes against me or the batboy, because the Yankees are powerful and their threats are taken seriously by the media.

More importantly, the Yankees are terrified of the truth coming out, it would DESTROY their angelic image and cost them fans and revenue, and they would never stand for that. Again, it’s all about money, and the truth be damned!

Since I’ve been insulted by reporters for no reason, other than they think they can get away with it, I’m going to share with you some of the names of the cowardly hacks: at the New York Daily News sports dept there’s Mike Lupica, Larry McShane, and a laughable ‘investigative team’ comprised of Michael O’Keeffe, Nathaniel Vinton & Christian Red.

When O’Keeffe refused to consider investigating my story, his weak excuse was that I had “no credibility” – WHY? He said “because the Yankees would never DO those things.” THAT’S his idea of investigating? WHAT A JOKE!

At the other tabloid rag, the New York Post, in sports there’s Mike Vaccaro & Michael Goodwin, in Gossip there’s Andrea Peyser, and at Page Six there’s Mara Siegler.

Every reporter I’ve named has “COWARD” as their middle name. They’re all obedient gutless hacks who do exactly what they’re told. The truth be damned!

Here’s a sample of Mike Vaccaro’s illustrious writing, texted to me over a period of several days: “—— you, the horse you limped in on, and good luck decorating the rock you live under... you're just a boil on the ass of humanity.... crack pot” That’s a small sample of Mike Vacarro’s wisdom.
Decide for yourself. If you want to read a true, well-written book about the sexual assault and other crimes committed by the corrupt, world-famous New York Yankees, it’s titled Abused by the New York Yankees and the only place you can get it is

I found this unattributed quote: “The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those who are living a lie.”

This one is by Gandhi: “Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth.”

I feel like David going up against Goliath, the corrupt Yankees. And just like David, I WILL WIN THE FIGHT!

Thank you
Paul Priore
Aug. 30, 2016, 12:36 pm
PaulPriore from Queens, NY says:
Re: Donald Trump -- Our US President-elect:
Despite the fact that I've been a lifelong Democrat, I proudly voted for the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.
Originally, I wanted Hillary Clinton to win and be the first female President. However, I changed my mind due to all the scandals and corruption surrounding her which totally turned me off.
I feel Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. He will surely get things done for the good of the entire country.
Let me be the first to say that Donald Trump will not be a one-term President. He will run in 2020 and win reelection.
I had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton on several occasions in the 1990s.
I also know that Mr. Trump doesn't like to lose, or be told that he can't do something. It makes him more determined to prove his critics wrong.
I feel compelled to comment that I'm quite disgusted and disappointed at the way some of the American people are acting. For example, they are destroying people’s property and are assaulting innocent people who hold different political views. These are the same "animals" who incite violence and racism.
President Elect Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama should hold a press conference and demand that these protesters stop this nonsense and united behind President Elect Donald Trump for the sake of the country.
Mr. Trump won the election fair and square and is our President-elect. He deserves our respect and we, as a nation, need to stand by him and support him.
Many people are prematurely judging him despite the fact that he hasn't officially been sworn in. In my view, give the man a chance to prove himself rather than deciding to protest based on preconceived notions. He is going to surprise everyone by getting things done to help the American people and others around the world. No one person can do everything without getting some form of help. No one goes into the US Presidency changing everything on the first day. Systemic change takes time, but at least Donald Trump is willing to try.
The US political scene has generally been corrupt for such a long time that President-elect Trump is going to have to mend fences from both sides of the dividing line.
In my opinion, if anyone believes that it’s so easy to get things done, then I suggest you make a run for the US Presidency next time around.
So, stop all the violence and destructive behavior and learn to get along with one another and embrace our new President.
End all the divisiveness and give peace a try. None of those rioting protesters are going to change the outcome of the upcoming electoral college vote which will actually make Donald Trump's win "official." The protesters are all wasting their time and energy and causing trouble whereas they should be utilizing their voices and grassroots efforts to help make things better in their communities and bring their main concerns to the attention of President-elect Trump.
Let’s make an example by uniting the country and showing the world we are indeed civilized and not savages.
The foregoing expresses my own personal opinions and beliefs.

Paul Priore
Dec. 9, 2016, 9:35 pm
Paul Priore from Queens New York City says:
To all authors and coauthors:
Re: Subject Gary Toushek from Vancouver B.C Canada:
Everything written below is of my own personal opinion and belief based on my ex-coauthor Gary Toushek own causes of actions.
It is with great sadness that I have to write this and post it online, but the public has a right to know.
Several years ago, I solicited on craigslist’s for a coauthor to help me write a controversial tell all book about my former employers the New York Yankees.
After placing the ad, I received approximately over a 1000 responses, I asked everyone to send me a sample of their writing styles, after 6 months of going over all the sample writing, I finally narrowed it down to 3 finalists, and 2 had several books under their belts but were extremely busy with other writing assignments. Gary Toushek was available and despite his mediocre style of writing, I decided to take a chance on him regardless and because of time constringes, in the beginning everything was going great and swimmingly at least I thought so.
We signed a legally binding contracts as business partners for our controversial tell all book titled “abused by the Yankees”, Gary Toushek laid out approximately $80,000.00 to fund the book project, at least that was what he told me., everything was outlined in the contract as to what was expected by each other and what was to be followed as per the terms and conditions of our legally binding contract, but Gary Toushek decided to do whatever the hell he wanted to regardless of our business partnership and keep me in the dark as to what he was doing.
The contract stated that the business must be under a business name as well as bare both our names and the business account follows the same. The contract was also written on a 50/50 split on spec which means any monies made from the sales of the book would go towards reimbursement, and paying any bills/invoices, no monies were to be paid up front, Gary Toushek kept whining about all the monies he laid out and that we hadn’t sold too many books, the proceeds that were made from the few books sold Gary Toushek decided to keep without sending me one dime despite the terms and conditions of our contract, which was beginning to piss me off, because he didn’t have a right or my permission to do so, I nevertheless blew it off because it didn’t really amount to much., I started to feel bad for Gary Toushek haven’t to lay out all that money for our book that really wasn’t selling, so as a good will gester, I decided to pay back Gary Toushek as much monies as I could to alleviate his financial burden, because I was under the impression as per the terms and conditions of our contract that I was legally bound to, despite that I never saw any of the bills, invoices or financial disclosure reports for the book, despite my many requests which Gary Toushek was deliberately stonewalling me, without seeing any of the financial disclosure reports for the book a head of time, I nevertheless paid him back $16,000.00, after doing so I had requested from Gary Toushek that I needed copies of all the bills and invoices, financial disclosure reports for our book so I could write off any/all loses, when Gary Toushek finally sent me the financial disclosure reports, I realized that Gary Toushek had put all the bills and invoices under his name only ,a clear violation of the terms and conditions of our contract., I immediately questioned Gary Toushek why he would do such a thing and he gave me several excuses to justify his causes of actions, since Gary Toushek decided to put all the bills and invoices under his own name, I couldn’t write off any loses for the book because that would be illegal for me to do so, I kept asking Gary Toushek to correct the errors that he made but he continue to refuse, then I became aware of some illegal and corrupted business practices which forced me to walk away from this business relationship. Gary Toushek went ahead without my permission, knowledge, consent or signing off to set up a fraudulent fundraising page titled “justice for victims of abuse” and later he changed that to “therapeutic help for victims of abuse” he con a friend of mine out of $500.00 and this friend brought it to my attention and I told him I was unaware of any fundraising page, I did know that Gary Toushek had disgust possibly putting together a possible fundraiser, but I didn’t know that it was a done deal without my knowledge.
Gary Toushek deposited the $500.00 into his own personal bank account and never reimbursed this friend of mine the $500.00 since the alleged fundraising event never took place, so by Gary Toushek keeping that $500.00 he has committed fraud and embezzlement., Gary Toushek a second time con this same friend out of another $2,000.00 to allegedly pay off approximately 9 months of storage for the book which I was also unaware of until my friend brought it to my attention., Gary Toushek claimed he had paid off all of the books storage fees for the ware house but I seriously doubt he did, I strongly believe he pockets the $2,000.00 for his own personal gains because after he allegedly paid off the storage fees, he told the storage facility to destroy 16,000.00 remaining book with a potential profit loss of $330,000.00, why would Gary Toushek be in a rush to destroy all those books after he allegedly paid off the storage fees because I strongly believe he stole and embezzled the $2,000.00 for personal gains, I’ve asked Gary Toushek to provide me proof that he indeed paid the storage fees but as usual he continued to stonewall me, as of today’s date I’m still waiting for the proof.
Gary Toushek is a dishonest, not trustful, not a good business partner, he’s a greedy, selfish, self-serving, thieving bum if I had I known this a head of time or if someone would’ve warned me, I wouldn’t have gone in this the regretful business partnership with Gary Toushek.
My suggestions to all of you who are considering doing any business dealings or writing job assignments with Gary Toushek, run for the hills, avoid him like the plague, you will only live to regret it like I do, but if any of you refuse to heed my warnings and do any business with Gary Toushek, then you deserve what happens, be smart, stay away from him.
Paul Priore
Aug. 7, 2017, 7:45 pm

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