Bloomberg proves to be front−runner in mayoral race

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Don’t you just love this glorious spring weather? Don’t you just wish it would stay this way forever? I do, but then perhaps it’s not a good idea, as it might get boring with the same old, same old. I guess that’s part of the charm of New York City, the constant change. Besides, it’s a good excuse for the ladies to go shopping. Seasonal changes require seasonal wardrobes and no lady worth her salt will object to new additions to her collection.

This has been a rather slow week. Last week was Passover and Easter and this week was the Greek Orthodox Easter. From the list of events scheduled for next week, it appears things will go back to normal and start happening again. My sciatic pain is finally beginning to subside to the point where it’s possible to try and get a few things done, but I lost a whole month’s production.

I was supposed to be packing and moving. Instead, I was in bed 90 percent of the time in agony. How does one make up for a month’s lost time in that scenario? Packing, throwing out and moving is perpetual motion of stooping, bending, twisting, lifting and turning. Just what the doctor ordered to help your pinched sciatic nerve along. Oh, well. As my friend Mitch says, “Don’t worry, this, too, will pass.”

I hope so, but just to be on the safe side, say a prayer for me. At this stage, it’s more like a miracle that I need.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one serious competitor. I’d hate to run against him. You’d lose before you had a chance to get started. Two weeks ago, he officially opened a campaign headquarters in each borough and no expense was spared and all experienced a great turnout.

Last week, he was a surprise guest at the Flushing Town Hall and spoke at the Flushing Council on the Arts Gala, which is always part of Queens Rites of Spring events. As usual, the place was packed. Everyone complains about the economy, but from my observation, all these events seemed to be well−attended, leading me to believe that some people, somewhere are not feeling the pinch.

On Monday evening, Mayor Mike was the guest of honor at the Jade Restaurant on 39th Avenue in Flushing. It was sponsored by Asians for Bloomberg and was another packed event. The enthusiasm was overwhelming and the chant of “four more years” was so loud, I’m sure they heard it in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

After the great Asian reception in Flushing, Mayor Mike was off to the first Mets game at Citi Field. From what I understand, he was well−received there. Way to go, Mayor Mike.

To address all the issues, not only from Bloomberg supporters but also from all the naysayers, yes, Bloomberg and everyone else was term−limited out, and yes, Bloomberg was a strong supporter of term limits. But situations change, and if you wish to survive, you must change with them.

His mayoral rivals are city Comptroller Bill Thompson, who insists he is going full−speed ahead, and U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has come to the conclusion that it might pay to wait and play another day. Why squander his war chest, which is healthy by most standards, against titan Bloomberg and his bottomless pit of money?

The third contender is Queens’ own Councilman Tony Avella. What’s not to love about a guy from Queens? I think he’s out of his league. This is a case where ambition exceeds abilities. But Tony may have a few cards up his sleeve that we don’t know about. Are you that foxy, Tony? We’ll wait and see.

What’s the conclusion? The law’s the law and should be obeyed. There are remedies to overturn the law, although it’s too late for that now. We, the public, are faced with hard choices. In this financially challenged time, we need a businessman of Bloomberg’s ilk. He can bankroll his own costly campaign and therefore not be beholden to any person or special interest.

This is a plus for him. His opponents, no matter how desirable, cannot on their own raise that kind of money, and as we all know money is a necessary evil to running a successful campaign, which means his opponents would have to make deals to receive that kind of support. Do we really want or need that kind of situation?

With voters in this kind of non−enviable position, we are damned if we do and dammed if we don’t. So what do we do? My nanny use to say, “It’s always easier to deal with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t know.” Perhaps she was right.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. As of this point in time, Bloomberg has my vote and the rest of you are on your own.

Updated 6:35 pm, October 10, 2011
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