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The Obama administration has announced the halting of the deportations of young undocumented immigrants and allowing some to be granted work permits. While this is far from a complete amnesty, it is a step in the right direction toward fixing a dysfunctional and broken immigration system.

In order to stay competitive in an increasing global marketplace, American companies need millions of highly trained and educated employees, especially in technology and science-related fields. Many foreign-born children who were brought to the United States by their parents have limited access to a college education once they graduate high school.

They are not eligible for federal financial aid and are often charged out-of-state tuition. Even if they manage to graduate from college, they remain undocumented and cannot get legal work. Many of the 65,000 undocumented students who graduate from high school annually are bright and would make great employees. The president is right in allowing those who have led law-abiding lives to gain work permits. We need them to grow our economy.

My hope is that this step leads to the passage of the Dream Act, which would then allow undocumented students who complete college or military service to start on a path to citizenship. If the Dream Act passes, then it is time for Congress to negotiate a full-scale amnesty for the remaining 9 million to 10 million undocumented people in this country.

We cannot deport them all, since doing so would wreak havoc in certain sectors of our economy. Witness Alabama: Its severe immigration policies have decimated its agricultural industry with the flight of immigrant labor and few of the local citizenry willing to harvest crops.

As president of a nonprofit that assists migrant and seasonal farmworkers across the country, I have witnessed the cruel, inhumane and exploitative nature of our country’s current immigration policies.

Was Obama’s immigration announcement in part an election-year ploy to garner more of the Latino vote? Of course.

Was it the right decision to help fill the need for more highly qualified and educated employees to help our economy? I believe so.

Editor’s note: The writer grew up in Douglaston.

Philip Kellerman


Harvest of Hope Foundation

Gainesville, Fla.

Posted 12:00 am, July 9, 2012
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Reader feedback

Dave Francis from New York State says:
It’s important to understand that our voting system is in serious trouble, because of the trust we once had is rapidity diminishing? Elections are now under attack by the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, guided by the Socialist-Marxist regime of President Obama’ Czars whose intention is to maintain the election laws as instituted in 1964. We really cannot speculate how long the greatest numbers of non-citizens have been voting, when our strict Constitutional laws were introduced for citizens only. Non-citizens and others ineligible to vote, have and will again either use absentee ballots or arrive at the voting station with hardly any oversight—other than their word to vote. This could be catastrophic in close races, as Democrats led by the hand of Liberals has compromised the whole system. Using the disingenuous ‘politically correctness’ an absurd enigma of the zealot progressives. The new in-word ‘Voter Suppression’ is being used to challenge the fact that unknown numbers of foreign nationals are voting in contradiction to the law. Voter Suppression has been added to the Marxist Lexicon as the race card, skin color and other different labels, which obnoxiously have the mechanism to turn our politicians into spineless cowards.

Eric Holder still emanating the stench of corruption from deep in the ‘Fast and Furious’ origination, is now pushing an agenda of disqualifying any laws that requests the use of official picture ID. Right now anybody can vote, if they have a mind to, which includes felons, deceased people, none citizens and especially illegal aliens or even the household pet. The ‘Motor Voter’ Act of 1993, can be obtained from any post offices, with hardly any emphasis that is a penal violation to vote if not a citizen?
1. When people register by mail they are NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION.
2. When people register in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles or a Social Services agency, the government workers who handle their cases are not permitted to challenge their applications. In other words there are no safeguards in the voting process and the Democrats prefer it this way. So the election cycle is literary open to fraud.

In June 2011, a Rasmussen Report in a national phone survey likely U.S. voters said that voters should be required to show photo identification before being allowed to cast their ballots. This included 85% of Republicans, 77% of voters not affiliated with either major party, or 63% of Democrats. Support for such a law was high across virtually all demographic groups. Just 18% of respondents opposed the requirement.

You only have to read about the highly controversial scenario in Florida. Of course as with the Sanctuary State of California, Nevada the Justice Department is trying to control Texas on this matter. Millions of illegal aliens have defied the law and settled illegally in every American state and I can guarantee to the gullible public, that they are cheating the welfare system and other public services. This is evident when they smuggle their children through borders or knowingly enter America by international flights, fully aware that the U.S. taxpayer will cover the costs of the baby delivery and its uncompensated care from cradle to grave. Prospective President Mitt Romney had best be aware, to be guided by the growing millions of CONSTITUTIONAL TEA PARTY politicians that foreigners will be slowly but surely be repatriated.

Americans are frustrated and sick with the usual ‘Status Que’ of entrenched incumbents, who don’t play by the rules that supposedly govern us. A great example is the border fence that separates us from the drug Cartels and a whole litany of criminals. In many locations the fence doesn’t exist as its just open range, except for a few strands of eroded barbed wire? Go and check out the reputable surveys by light plane, across the stretches of Arizona at the AMERICAN PATROL site. Both political parties have lied to us, when they have been running the country, specifically the population figures of illegal migrants and immigrants already here. Must admit Obama started off well by huge numbers of illegal aliens deported, but it’s slowed to a crawl. I don’t trust neither party anymore and as an Independent, will vote for a true lawmaker who is a verified member of the TEA PARTY?

Bear in mind the TEA PARTY is the only knight in shining armor that will halt illegal immigration for good. We must replace every politician, Governor, Police Chief or other elected official who supports the illegal alien invasion, whether they are a Democrat, Liberal or even a Republican with a TEA PARTY leader. Join your local Constitutional Tea Party and remove Obama and endeavor to demand that Mitt Romney people enact mandatory E-Verify ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885) to reject unauthorized workers, with citizens and lawful non-citizens and then additionally an amendment the Birthright Citizenship law (H.R.140) Which will recognize for citizenship, only the babies of parents where at least one being a citizen.

When we cannot even care for our own citizens and legal residents properly, why is the government giving public benefits to criminals? Why for instance is the now aptly named ‘Sanctuary State’ of California hemorrhaging billions of dollars to pay for the health care, education of everybody who squats there? Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Andronovich, who denies nothing of the billions of dollars, spent every year; an incredulous taxpayer burden placed upon the populace of the state. Of course there is no need to persuade prudent Americans, well aware that the Liberals intoxicated with power are firmly established in Sacramento have caused this financial wreck. They passed an anti-Arizona law and by doing so have committed an even worse monetary demise. Without any fear of contradiction hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens will swarm California, because they believe they will be safe there from policing enforcement. That goes for any state that remains unconcerned about the impact of impoverished people stealing in from not only Arizona, but Alabama, Georgia, Utah, South Carolina and whoever else passes tough state policing enforcement laws.

Not that any other state that have poorly enforced immigration laws, will remain untouched?

The only way to change the direction of this country is by voting into Congress as many TEA PARTY legislators as is possible. Both parties have been given every chance in the world and have failed miserably. The more TEA PARTY politicians that can unseat Democrats and Republicans, the more influence we have to change Washington. Look to your own representatives in Congress and see if they are being dictated to by the ‘K” Street special interests, the unions, churches of a whole conglomeration of radical organizations. Is your local political personage against or for, illegal immigration? Did you Congressman vote an ordinance for a Sanctuary City or for Comprehensive Immigration Amnesty? Are you aware that a recent study projects a wide ranging Amnesty would cost all taxpayers $2.6 Trillion dollars, when we already owe the foreign investors $16 Trillion dollars. Learn more details at NumbersUSA . Citizen voters should phone Congress at the central Washington, D.C., Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and review there standing on issues as illegal immigration, ObamaCare, drilling for oil, gas and coal and halting the relentless pressure of rules and regulations that is stifling job expectations.
July 9, 2012, 5:30 pm
Patti from Little Neck says:
While I can understand someone taken here by their parents when they were under the age of 12 being allowed to stay, I cannot understand why their law breaking parents are not charged with child endangerment and neglect. They should at minimum have to pay a fine for their crimes which are not victimless. All of us tax payers who support them are the victims.
July 10, 2012, 12:35 pm

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