Rikers retiree pens memoirs

Robin Miller is writing a book about working as a corrections officer on Rikers Island in the 1980s. Photo by Ken Maldonado
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A retired correction officer’s memoirs of her days at Rikers Island are so racy she is raising money for a lawyer to proof the pages.

Robin Kay Miller, 52, took to the online fund-raising hub Kickstarter to help turn the manuscript she has spent years laboring on in her Woodhaven home into a book and movie.

She intends to detail what she described as rampant drug dealing by city Department of Correction staff in the 1980s, frequent unprompted physical abuse of inmates and a culture where female recruits were rewarded for engaging in sexual relations with officers.

Miller, who wrote and produced a few dozen videos with the Tak’n’ova Entertainment movie company she once ran, said the push to publish comes after the death of her sister, a corrections officer who Miller contends became addicted to crack because of co-workers in the department. She also has been motivated by the violence against Rikers inmates that has made headlines and prompted a federal probe.

“By the time I finish, it’s going to change,” Miller said. “By corrections officers not correcting, they’re making it worse for all of us.”

“Brownsville, East New York is a war zone,” she added, saying the neighborhood she grew up in illustrates how Correction abuses affect entire communities. “A lot of people have been to jail and a lot of prisoners got abused — abused at home and abused in jail.”

Miller said her book, titled “Sex-Crack-Guns: My Life as a Rikers Island Female Correction Officer,” will focus on her, her sister’s and other colleagues’ experiences while working on the island off the coast of northwest Queens that houses several correction facilities.

Highlights include an officer whose genitals were allegedly bitten off by an inmate because the guard did not hand over whatever resources he usually did during their alleged sexual trysts; a co-worker who was arrested when he allegedly showed up to work with 4 kilos of cocaine strapped to his waist; and a Poconos home used to host alleged drug and sexual escapades with academy graduates who were later given preferential assignments.

The movie will take a more holistic approach to the criminal justice system, Miller said.

Both the book and movie will be salacious enough to merit a close look by lawyers.

“The reason I went on Kickstarter is because my main thing is the legal team. I know there’s certain things that I can say and cannot say, so I want to cover myself,” said Miller.

The city Department of Corrections did not respond to requests for comment or confirm Miller’s career with the department.

But Miller showed the TimesLedger a Correction badge, ID and gun permit as well as pension paperwork and a 1984 complaint addressed to Warden Vernon Bain, who oversaw the men’s detention center on Rikers at the time.

Miller hopes to raise $50,000, mostly for a legal team to protect her from any libel or slander suits, but also for production of the still-untitled movie and editing and publishing assistance with the book.

Miller said she started as a corrections officers at Rikers March 7, 1983. After a year in a half, she moved to the Manhattan and Brooklyn courts and worked in the same capacity before retiring in July 2005.

The idea of a book came to her when her older sister, Theresa Miller, died after a battle with crack addiction. Miller said she helped her sibling get a job at Rikers in 1985, and her sister quickly became a victim of fellow Correction officers selling drugs in the prisons.

By 1987, Miller said her relative was kicked out of the department and arrested.

“She robbed a lady on the church steps on a Sunday, that’s how bad the crack had her,” Miller said, noting her sister served time in prison, got clean and worked as a substance abuse counselor before relapsing a few times and ultimately dying from addiction and HIV.

“I miss her. I got to do this book for her,” she said.

Reach reporter Sarina Trangle at 718-260-4546 or by e-mail at

Updated 5:47 pm, November 9, 2014
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Reader feedback

Foster from Bedford stub says:
I would love to see a movie about the things that goes I am a retired captain
Aug. 17, 2014, 9:01 pm
Lee from the East from East New York says:
If it was so bad why did you stay. I know the money all twenty two years.
Aug. 17, 2014, 9:37 pm
H. Hunter from Bed-Sty says:
I wish you the best with your retirement pursuit. But ! please allow me to make this, very clear. I'm a retired N.Y.C Correction Officer (1978 - 2000) I had and, completed a very good and, rewarding career with a Military G.E.D. education at that time.

I began my career at the down town Brooklyn facility, known then as the Brooklyn House Of Detention. I've jailed with many career minded man and, woman C.I.F.M. than in my later years retired from C.E.R.T./ E.R.U./ E.S.U.

The percentage of your description of your career leads me to believe you had bad bays at the office. And not with inmate population but with uniform staff.

Your about to engage into a blue wall, only a few have knowledge of. I think you have a major oblitcation to make it correct with or, without legal backing.

Inconclution you retired from a agency which you witness, or have knowledge of wrong doings during one's career. it appears to me, you did nothing to help correct/stop it. You swore to a oath upon entering N.Y.C.D.O.C. now that your retired. You wish to express, how ya didn't do your job !

As I said in the beginning "I wish you the best"

Aug. 18, 2014, 1:21 am
J'Adore from Queens, NY says:
Go ahead girl! You've seen a lot. There are only a few "uniformed staff" who DO NOT GO ALONG TO GET ALONG in the Department of Corruption! I too, had a long career there and I know how easy it is for one to become brainwashed and easily succumb to the DOC mentality, a mentality most staff inherit within 2 years of employment. They become like crabs in a barrel, lack human sensitivity and are bullies on the island, but punks in the street. They lie under oath, and official complaints against them are almost always unsubstantiated. The 60 college credits that are now required mean nothing, because the majority of staff from all ranks can't write a simple sentence. You were green in 1984. You didn't yet know that the complaint you wrote back then would fall upon deaf ears. I'm glad you made it out of the Rikers Brothel with a pension and with your sanity in tact. Sex, drugs and thugs (in blue), The Boldest, continue to prevail at that infamous metropolis, the place (as someone so eloquently put it in a recent Times editorial) where the unemployable are employed. Best of luck with your book and your movie!
Aug. 18, 2014, 6:04 am
A.g. from Rikers says:
Stop writing!! You worked your career in the courts! Seriously what bull —— did you see? Try working rikers island. Whatever good luck with your lies.
Aug. 18, 2014, 8:53 am
Ron from Queens says:
Mrs. Miller you said you move to the courts with in a year and a half so how did you manage that. I came on in 1985 and you didn't go to the courts until you had at least 10 years or more. I saw a lot of good and bad stuff but it needs to stay in the pass.
Aug. 18, 2014, 11:34 am
Tom L. from Queens NY says:
Seems to me as a trained Peace Officer you are describing crimes which you should have taken action to Stop or at the very least report to Higher ups. Police and or Federal Authorities. Sharing Knowledge of Civil Rights Violations which you failed to stop or report at the time of Occurence will most likely result in a large legal Cost in the end. Good Luck with trying to tarnish the Good Names of your fellow retired Correction Staff.
Aug. 18, 2014, 4:45 pm
smitty from queens says:
I also had a long career on the rock, and writing a book airing dirty laundry will not change a 100 culture. Good luck.
Aug. 18, 2014, 5:51 pm
A.C. from Bronx/Queens says:
I retired from D.O.C with 22 years, all done on Rikers.. Yeah back in the 80's it was rough, but if you had a head on your shoulders you would survive. Ms. Miller you sure ain't complaining about that pension check you get every month. You know what every officer thst made it and retired has stories... Why should yours be any different. If you worked in courts you ain't see —— of what occurred on Rikers.. Here you want to write a book and make a movie on other peoples stories, what stories have you been involved in. Explain how a new jack with a year and half landed in the courts. Un-heard of back in the days..
You know what you did your time, got out, retired, got a pension.. move on... And put it behind you.. stop blaming D,O.C., the officers for the road your sister chose. I don't think anyone twisted her arm. But may she rest in peace.. and my condolences. Just my thoughts.. we all had horror stories. It is what it is...
Aug. 18, 2014, 6:05 pm
Robin K Miller from Bklyn/Queens says:
To all the haters ! Lol ! That is why the book is already written and I am working on the script. In the year and a half. I saw enough for a life time. The corruption didn't end there. I worked in Manhattan Courts,House,Brooklyn Courts. The corruption grew to another level. Yes I am getting that welfare pension check. lol and benefits. Someone said report. Really ! All the stuff you turned a blind eye to is because you were part of it. I can only speak on what I saw and heard. Primarily what I SAW, and I SAW A WHOLE LOT. As a matter of fact the corruption was so visible in 1983 & 1984 alone STEVIE WONDER SAW IT TOO.

Mr. East New York. I'm from Brownsville so you know the saying. Never ran ,never will.

Mr. retired N.Y.C Correction Officer (1978 - 2000). I will tell the whole truth and nothing but the disgusting truth. I filed a bunch of complaints and won an EEO as well as put a transfer to IG every chance I got. That will be discussed in the book too. When corruption is all the way to the top (MAYOR) (COMMISSIONER) buddy boy who listens. So don't tell me what I did. I was never with a click or brown nosed. Did you ? and by the the blue wall can kiss the same seat that office did before he assaulted me in C-76 and they covered it up. I wish you the best !

J'Adore from Queens - My sentiments exactly. I made it out in one piece. Thanks to God and the inmates making sure I wasn't raped, beat down and robbed every time I opened a gate and my B Office was in the office chilling with the good ole boys. Instead of watching my back. Every sour comment fuels me and makes me want to add more to the book.

A.g. from Rikers says- You stop writing . Your mentality is the type of officers I had to deal with. When you walked 20 years in my shoes in Correction only then can you judge. I should have stayed on the island because the situation in the courts were worse. Smaller command ,you figured it would be sweeter. I see you must be a brown noser. I wonder if you would feel the same way if your sister or wife wrote this book. Guess so, you a sell out.

Tom L. from Queens NY says Tom Tom Tom. Sure you can snithch on Wardens Commissioners and Mayors and people listen. lol. You are hilarious.

smitty from queens says: Rome wasn't built in a day. Change can come if things are exposed.

A.C. from Bronx/Queens says: Read the book and you will find out how I got the hell out of there before I got fired from a coke head Warden. Oh I ain't complaining baby boy. I'm releasing my biggest orgasm ever. The difference between my stories and everyone else is nobody is talking and the system is getting worse. Which means the streets are getting worse. Its never all of the officers and brass. Its that small bunch that ruined New York City. We can't even walk the streets safely no more. So save it. No, no one twisted my sisters arm . But those drug dealing thugs officers should have thought about who they targeted. They are no different than the drug dealers on the street that target people knowingly all it takes is one time and you are hooked off crack. So I'm going in baby boy.
I will respond to all comments so keep it coming !
Aug. 18, 2014, 7:18 pm
Leo from Queens says:
I don't believe anyone is "hating" ! What I find hard to understand is that if things where so bad. Why did you choose to stay? You call your pension check a welfare check but you stayed worked and endured all these horrific experiences for that "welfare check". And your sister's unfortunate demise was also based on decisions that were made by her. During and after her employment with the Department. As for the criminals in and out of jail something went wrong way before they became incarcerated bad parenting, lack of education and a slew of other reasons. I pray that you find peace and a positive venue to direct your misguided anger. By the way I worked for the Department for over 20 years I am well spoken a lady and have remained that way and I attribute that to good decision making.
Aug. 19, 2014, 12:48 am
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
LEO LEO LEO ! You are getting it twisted. I am not angry and quite grateful for the job. It wasn't the job I disliked. It was the people who tried to make my life a living hell on a daily basis. Mostly my African American peers. I did leave for almost 3 years and did not want to return. Fortunately my daughter took priority. I figured the time away would change my perspective about the department. However, when I returned in 1994 it was worse. So I focused on my child needs and started filming movies and had a record label as a hobby on the side to divert my attention to something positive. I make reality based movies and I am a realist. For me to make noise and whistle blow against a bunch of powerful people. Probably would have landed me in jail. These people were powerful and conniving. Anytime a Warden gets caught with kilos of cocaine in his car and he is still a Warden. That lets me know corruption was at an all time high. Anyone who worked on Rikers Island in the early 80's know exactly what was going on. My thing was I no longer worked for correction. Correction works for me. It was about a check to take care of my kid. I cannot speak on part of 2005 to present. Judging from the news. Its horrible on Rikers Island . Yes the pension check is very weak. Our union is still holding our money that we were promised when we retired. Like 12,000-15,000 a year. I have been retired for 9 years.
I am not not interested in your glorification of the job. You have not walked a mile in my shoes and could not imagine what I went through and I acted like it did not happen. They call it abuse and battered. Its no different than a woman being in a battered and abusive relationship and stay with the idiot for years. Sometimes you don't realize how bad things are until you are out of it As a woman you definitely should understand. You got a lot of nerve , come to think about it. It was chicks like you pushing papers scared to work with inmates. I was in the fire with male prisoners and not afraid. I was there to do a job. Not really concerned with being a lady and well spoken. I was a Correction Officer. Not a lady officer. That is why I won my EEO I am not a weak person. I am a strong black woman. I didn't totally realize the stuff I put up with until the reporter asked me for documents proving I worked on Rikers Island and I found the report when the MALE OFFICER hit me in my face, bloodied me up and fractured my finger. WHY? Because I wasn't putting out. Was you putting ? Did you visit the Poconos while in the academy ? Who was your hook ?

I pulled out a series of reports I had stored in my box of documents . Abuse , after abuse , after abuse. I guess if I would have gotten raped by one of my co-workers that would have been my fault too. Come on give me a break.

It was people like you that make me disgusted to have been a part of the New York City Department of Correction . You were the type that had so much to say while I was there. Just jealous and hating.

I will tell you this lady. I sure hope if you have a daughter she doesn't endure what I did on any job she chooses. Just go to kickstarter , donate and read the book . See you at the Oscars !

God Bless
Aug. 19, 2014, 1:23 am
TJR from FLORIDA says:
You go. Speak on it. Your light is on. And you know when the light is on...."WE CAN SEE ALL THAT WAS IN THE DARK!" Go forward. I support your cause.
Aug. 19, 2014, 6:44 am
J'Adore from Queens, NY says:
It is very sad reading these comments from these inmates. Their minds are incarcerated. They are physically stuck on stupid. But when this is the only life one knows, what more should you expect? Ignorance! Pure ignorance! The more things change, they stay the same. Time to change people! Stop hating on this officer because she has integrity and human decency. You know what goes on behind the walls; don't act like you don't! You are a the problem. Time to stop. Where is your integrity, people? Stand up! Stand out! Do the right thing! Support this sister! Be a part if the solution, not the problem. This is your career, not your bid! Learn the difference between the two.
Aug. 19, 2014, 7:14 am
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
Good Morning,
I am glad the conversation has finally started. I am tickled pink because the negative responses are primarily from Correction Officers, Ranking officers, Correction Chiefs and church folk.

J'Adore from Queens, NY gets it. Thanks, and definitely touched on some serious issues. This is exactly what I faced in the prison system, continuous scrutiny. Even when the male officer fractured my finger and the female officers attempted to push me down the stairs in the locker room while calling me a new jack.

No one wants to speak out because they are either afraid or were getting privileges under the table. Anyone who worked on the island in the 80's is fully aware of the corruption that went on. Its no secret. Its common knowledge. I'm surprised no one has addressed it.
However, this is the blueprint of today. Look how many officers went to jail and are going to jail. Commissioner Bernard Kerik went to prison. HELLO ! A day late and dollar short, but they caught up with him right before he was about to lead this country in the Obama administration.
As a matter of fact I think I will send a copy of this book to President Obama, the First Lady and Attorney General Holder. Its not just police brutality . Its correction brutality.
As far as A.C. from Bronx/Queens , I now know who you are and don't play dumb. You was getting a big slice of the pie. Of course you won't speak up. You also knew how they were messing with me. You turned a blind eye. Where was your decency ? Did you protect me and tell them to leave me alone ? How much dirt do I have on you ? Should I have reported you ? Should I reported you now ????????????
Bottom line I am speaking out primarily about the abuse I endured in the system I worked in. If you daughter came home and told you she was abused in the same manner. Would you tell her to shut up ? She's getting a check.
You know very well I left Island because that maniac was trying to take my job because I was kissing his behind and would not become a part of his harem.

This book is about me. It is not about all of the officers and taking the department down. Everyone is not corrupt. Its time to take notice and try to do something about it. The Correction wall. Really ? What about Correction Officers, who target and hurt their own. I walked alone the majority of the time. I

I am not bitter or angry . I accomplished a lot in my personal life, working as an officer. However I need to free myself from the stench. It hinders my greatness within .
Aug. 19, 2014, 10:26 am
Leo from Queens says:
If all you took from my comment was that you believed I was gflorifying the job your highly mistaken. And no I was not a paper pusher or did I have a hook. I made the choice to never become romantically involved with DOC staff a promise in which I kept. And conducting myself like a lady never took away from the fact that I worked and fought in the trenches. I commanded respect from everyone men, women, staff and inmates. I am not a holy high roller or someone who negates the facty that there is corruption in all job forces. But as you yourself said you went back . You were the battered and abused women who went back to your abuser. And no, I would tell my daughter to get out and stay out no, money is worth yourself respect and dignity. You claim not to be bitter or angry but you still walk with the stench 9 years later!!! But in fact they go together releasing one is releasing all!

B. Kerik was selected by President Bush to lead Homeland Security in 2004. President Obama did not get elected to office until 2008.

Please note when writing and making statements include all the accurate facts...

Maintaining my self worth and dignity,
Aug. 19, 2014, 12:39 pm
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
Leo from Queens - Find something else to do with your time sweetie. Do you realize what you wrote ? I just can't with you. I can't ? That's right baby girl. Blame the victim. You are definitely part of the problem. That's right blame me ? I guess a woman that has been raped shouldn't wore that mini skirt. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I can't no more . I can't

Leo from Queens says:
You were the battered and abused women who went back to your abuser. And no, I would tell my daughter to get out and stay out no, money is worth yourself respect and dignity.
Aug. 19, 2014, 5:27 pm
A.g. says:
Robin why don't you shut up and get a job. I doubt that you saw or did anything no "chick" in uniform holds anything down. You probably started —— and let the warriors clean up the ghetto mess you created. Go crawl back under your ghetto retirement rock and stay there and let the true c.o.s hold it down let they have been doing for years on your behalf. You were probably one of those that banged every white shirt you saw so stop it with your bull —— lies.
Aug. 19, 2014, 10:40 pm
A.g. says:
Stop crying and get a life. Silly. Rikers is not for everyone and unfortunately you didn't figure that out no matter who tried send you that message now you want to write a book and capitalize on your twenty year mistake.
Aug. 19, 2014, 10:51 pm
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
To A.g. says:


You basically let the world see the blue wall I was dealing with. Thank you very much. Keep the conversation open and the comments coming.
Aug. 20, 2014, 10:18 am
A.g. says:
Yes there is a blue wall and there has to be a blue wall because of people like you trying to tear down that wall rikers is in the condition it's in now. Like I said this job is not for everyone but certain individuals come on who are weak and can't handle it feel they should be protected because of some eeo rules no get off the job because you are making the true warriors work harder because of your scared EEO ass! Now be truthful and write about all the b.s. You did because you couldn't handle the job.
Aug. 20, 2014, 10:09 pm
WHOREEEEEE you didnt even do that right!
Aug. 22, 2014, 12:01 pm
old timer from the rock says:
Listen I don't know you but I do know the DOC. I did 25 years and they were all on Rikers. Where did you say you worked?? The courts?? With how much time on the job did you go there?? Who were YOU sleeping with?? Sounds like this book or whatever you are trying to do is sour grapes!! I was in the trenches!!! I was in the riots!!!! Were you?? I doubt it!!! Try and keep what little self respect you have left would you?? What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?? Do you really think you are going to hurt anyone?? You are only hurting yourself and making yourself look like an ass! IT IS OBVIOUS YOU WERE NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS JOB!! OH and when you were physically abused WHY THE HELL DID YOU COME BACK?? I HAVE KIDS AND THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WOULD GO BACK IF THAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!! I WOULD RATHER GO ON FOOD STAMPS!!! GET A LIFE AND ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT BEFORE SOMEONE SUES YOU AND TAKES THAT FROM YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug. 22, 2014, 1:54 pm
A.C. says:
Won't waste my money reading your book... Was there for 22 yrs on Rikers compared to your little 1 1/2 yrs.. and then the rest in courts.. you aint see a damn thing.. you probably werent even in a riot situation. Here you writing a book on Rikers when ypu only did a year and a half at one jail. So what can you possibly know about Rikers.
Save it.. dont like that welfare pension check that probably paids your bills that forfiet it.
Didnt like the job you sure have quit, no one twisted your arm yo stay. Or i know you needed a check. Sorry ass.
Aug. 22, 2014, 3:17 pm
Ret TD from Rockhood says:
You're a useless piece of washed up frustrated wanna be writer.

Your should of whistle blowed or maybe you did blow or spread to get to the courts so fast.

You're a loser and a traitor
Aug. 22, 2014, 5:07 pm
doc blue for ever from cashing out on disgraced whores like you says:
you are a prime example of why investigations should have been more thorough when you applied for this job~ ——es like you sleep with dudes to get a post .. you are a —— popped whore! its apparent your child support ran put since your love child graduated this year. and unfortunately your babys daddy has moved up the ranks you cheap whore. go sell your ass instead of a book. and send your welfare checks back to nycers stupid!! go blow a horn .. ugh whores like you make its hard for respectable women that did their thing with this department go crawl under a rock!
Aug. 22, 2014, 5:11 pm
k.h from brooklyn says:
Sit your ass down somewhere!!!
Aug. 22, 2014, 5:19 pm
Rikers Island Retired officer from Brooklyn says:
You waited till you decided how to make a side hustle.......if your ass really cared you would have spoke up then.....But I guess your pension money is getting tight.

KICK ROCKS and go sit your ass down some where.
Aug. 22, 2014, 7:06 pm
old timer from the rock says:
What's the matter Miller? You haven't responded. —— getting too hot for you?? You see when you live in a glass house you know what happens. You are a joke and a phony. The truth is you slept your way in the department. And like AC said what the hell did you see in your little 1 1/2 years on the job. —— you spent most of that time on your back!!!!!! Get a life loser!!!! I hope NO ONE wastes their money on your garbage!!!!!
Aug. 22, 2014, 7:07 pm
Debbydeb from Long Island says:
This is really getting ugly, I worked on Rikers and I saw stuff that wasn't right, but I saw mostly hard working Officers trying to keep their jobs and not lose their lives. When you carry yourself a certain way people respect you they may not like you, they may be jealous of you but they will respect you. I am sorry about your sister my words to you are this only Jesus can take away your anger, your bitterness and replace it with joy that no man, no job can take away. God help you to find peace, and treat each other with respect
Aug. 22, 2014, 7:54 pm
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
OH MY LORD !!!!!!


Let me read what you angry folk done wrote !!!!

Of course I will respond one by one
I feel so blessed the discussion is open
Aug. 23, 2014, 11:32 am
wilson from jamaica qns says:
Freedom of press is as American as Apple Pie! As long as no libel write it! Critics and non critics should read it, then give imput!
Aug. 23, 2014, 11:35 am
Robin K Miller from BKLYN /QUEENS says:
I was going to address each comment one by one. However, I refuse to address some of the same attitudes I worked with. The only comment that surprises me is the one from a chief. Really sad when you can take your time to respond so negatively , when you knew what they were doing to me. You turned the blind eye .

So I will make an overall statement and leave you to your misery. I just can't . The hate is sad. I don't care about a blue wall when that blue wall was crashing down on me ,the majority of the time I worked there . The blue wall is still attacking me.

This is NOT a Rikers Island bashing book. This book covers my experiences from 1983-2005. I cannot speak on anything after that. I NEVER SAID ALL THE CORRECTION OFFICERS AND BRASS WERE BAD. I can only address the ones that were, AND THAT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE ! Oh and I always worked and, not in the office, with the inmates. At my request. That is what I signed on to do Care Custody and Control of inmates. The male inmates were the easy part of the job. They didn't bother me. They did what they were told.

A reporter said to me , so its safe to say you hated the job. I responded no I didn't hate the job. I loved my job . I hated the way SOME of my co-workers and superior officers treated me and made me feel. The sneaky and underhanded things they would do to try to make my life a living hell for no reason. When all I wanted to do was put a roof over my head and take care of my child.

They asked me if I had any regrets. I replied no. Everything in life is all part of God's plan. Even the worst of things molds you for the present and future.

What puzzles me is I am writing my book about the ABUSE I suffered at the hands of doc personnel and I am being ABUSED by doc personnel again. Like it or not, I was a victim and had been a victim so long I blocked it out, it just became the norm, business as usual. Just go to work. Ignore what is going on . Speak up and write it up when you have to . Remember its not about you. You have to take care of your child. Its not that bad. Goal ......just make it out in one piece and pray they don't set you up to get fired or transferred today. Now that I figured out what has been hindering me, I will address it and move on. I know who and what I am and what I endured.

I want to ask you people a question and what your response would be.
If your daughter was on trial because she was raped and people were on the jury . The prosecutor stressed she wore a mini skirt. What would your verdict be ?

ABUSE IS ABUSE ! You do not penalize a person because they say they were abused . What in the world is going on with you people in the Correction Department today ? Like I said , its the culture. It is still continuing !

I know there are male & female officers and brass going through what I went through. Someone trying to play God with their job. Don't like them because they spoke up or just don't like them. They go out of their way to make their life a living hell. We call it on the burn. They hate coming to work for that select few and glad when that person or those people are not working their tour.
You naysayers can continue. No matter what you say. This book has taken on a life of its own. Its out of my control now. I'm glad I wrote this book. Can't wait to do the movie.
Aug. 23, 2014, 12:17 pm
a.g. says:
Laughing my ass off!!! Your a joke. Thanks for the entertainment.
Aug. 23, 2014, 3:29 pm
B. Goldstein from Upstate NY says:
Normally I do not entertain articles and blogs. This one is a must .

My friend who happens to be a Correction Officer for New York City sent me this link. She is currently a Correction Officer working on Rikers Island. She told me to please read the article & the comments. She would not tell me what the article is about.
Now I understand why. Miss Miller's story rings similar to the complaints I have be hearing from my friend for a very long time. I thought she was exaggerating and whining.
Miss Miller please release this book and definitely the movie. If this type of behavior is prevalent today. The culture has continued since the 80's.
My friend is afraid to speak out because of retaliation.
Judging from the manner in which your colleagues are responding, is disheartening and it, only confirms your story about abuse.
I totally understand why my friend doesn't speak out. I asked her why does she stay. She said she has small children to take care of and its only a few of the black officers. Not the white officers. I wonder if that rings true for Miss Miller. Is this type of behavior stemming only from her race? Are these hostile comments from African American officers ?

This a.g. character is a real piece of work. She told me who you are and what you represent. You are definitely a piece of work and should not be allowed to carry a badge. Its Officers like you, who give the good officers a bad name.
Your response to women & abuse is pure evil and you are in law enforcement. They should strip you of your badge. You are a coward and can't release your real name. In my neck of the woods we call you a punk.

My friend knows I have a low tolerance for this type of stupidity. Miss Miller has a constitutional right to speak and write what she chooses . I do not see anything wrong in her speaking out.

Rikers Island has the Attorney General Holder involved because of idiots like you A.G. You guys are in the paper for the world to see.

I will contact the reporter for this article and get Miss Miller's contact information, and arrange a meeting with her and my team. Miss Miller I commend you. I will contact you soon.

Aug. 24, 2014, 11:56 am
T. W from Staten Island NY says:
Bob you hit the nail right on the head. This a g character is an idiot. A couple of them are jerks. If it was my little sister. I would find each and everyone of them and take care of them personally. I wouldn't tell he to quit her job. At least this miller chick has the balls to speak out .
By the way
Aug. 24, 2014, 4:13 pm
Y.W. from Manhattan says:
As the sayings goes, there are three sides to every story. And someone should tell the truth. There are many events that occur within DOC. And, all staff, including Brass should be exposed. There are many good people in DOC, as well as bad. While telling your version of the story behind the walls, please include the truth about yourself. You were not one of the good officers. When you worked in Manhattan house your name was C.O. Purvis. Your worked on the 9th floor of the South Tower. You were belligerent, rude and disrespectful. You showed no regard for the feelings of others. You would arrogantly toss your housing area keys and count slip at the relieving officer. Most of the time your count was off, but that never mattered to you. In the locker room, you would purposely leave your locker door open to inconvenience the person next to you. The person had to either wait until you decided you were finished, or become involved in a verbal confrontation. We were Rookies/New Jacks (or whatever other derogatory name you decided to use) You were mean spirited. We were Recruits, and of course we feared retaliation, so we accepted whatever you dished out. You were a Bully! It was difficult working in a male dominated atmosphere. Instead of you banding together with us to show that were were strong able young women and could handle being in that environment, you made the job harder. We got more respect from inmates. I noticed in one of your response you stated "People made my life a living hell"! Is that why you bestowed your misery on others? You were such an unhappy person. You spent more time making females miserable, just like you. You should have done something constructive with that energy and take a good count. I hope no one treats your daughter the way you treated females in MDC in the early 90s. In conclusion, you are probably thinking herein lies another "Hater". That's so far from the truth. I am a Black women, and I'm proud of the accomplishments of females within the department, and I'm not saying your story isn't the truth. I think its admirable that you decided to write a book and a screenplay. However you are not a writer according to the way you responded to comments. You are delusional, and I wouldn't read you book for free!
Aug. 28, 2014, 7:55 pm
Y.W. from Manhattan.
LOL You got jokes. First of all why are you hiding ? What is this ? DAMAGE CONTROL ! Baby girl I worked steady midnights and , didn't have to deal with counts. The Warden hated me & I definitely was not going to give her the satisfaction of transferring me or knowing she created havoc in my life, by getting into any altercations. I rose above the misery . I was always , all smiles . Miserable never. When you walk with God you let him handle it. I worked there a very short time and went out 2 weeks pregnant.

Normally I would not respond . However in the world of social media. You have to. This is childish to me, but expected because its co-workers like you who were just pure jealous haters. You were not comfortable in your own skin & I was . Did my presence make you feel inferior or insecure? I'm sorry you should have walked in the light and stayed out of the dark side.

Your fiction does not define who I am. However, it defines exactly who you are. It's sad when I write a book because I was abused and you attack me & and attempt to assassinate my character . This is exactly what I had to work with. A bunch of haters for no reason. They don't have no dirt on you. They make up stuff. YOU PROVE MY POINT ! Keep hiding baby girl !
My suggestion to you is get down on your knees right now, and ask GOD to forgive you for lying on me. Tell him the devil made you do it. lol ! Girrrrrrlllll you soooooo craaazzzzyyy ! This is new tale. Never heard that before.

Aug. 29, 2014, 9:33 am
G.B. from NY,NY says:
Robin hurry up and get your book out there. That officer is such a liar. I worked with you in Manhattan House and you were one of the nicest, coolest officers there. You never bothered anybody. You stayed to yourself. You wasn't in that building long. She was probably one of those busted up fat nasty officers, who was jealous of you. She probably wanted your man too. I will be checking for your book.
Aug. 29, 2014, 10:39 am
kenny b from bronx says:

breaking news today!
Aug. 31, 2014, 11 am
Retired Correction officer from Brooklyn says:
Although writing a book will not resolve anything, it may open the right eyes as to what changes should be made with stupidvisors. I was fired "But" later reinstated so I can relate to a lot of things you and your sister have been through. Many times when you tell a supervisor they will expose you and then you would have to deal with your pairs as.being a snitch. Quieting should never be an option. Many of the (White) supervisors were the problem not the inmates. I was treated like —— but now I'm enjoying the same benefit as the nasty ass white supervisors that was writing me up for no reason and retaliating against me.
Some people say if correction was so bad why did you stay? And my answer to them is Why Quite? We all know that there are to sets of rules for Whites and Blacks.

Just for the record pensions don't get tight. Lol they only get Better.
If the truth hurts then trun in your guns and handle it.


I say go ahead and write your book. GOOD LUCK.
Aug. 31, 2014, 7:55 pm
@ RETIRED. I figured I would visit the site and see who is poppin off now. lol. They have no idea and the ones that worked there and disagree are brain washed. They ride or die for some of these corrupt ones and they will throw them under the bus . The ones that never worked there will never understand. they are ignorant. You right , when you speak up . Look for the set-up. I hope you checked out the 2 page spread in this Sunday edition of the post. I will be on the news this week as well. MY HATERS ARE DEFINITELY MY MOTIVATORS.

This thing has gotten so out of control. Now many officers will be subjected to their property being searched before they can start their tour. Like they are inmates. The same way the my generation in correction had to be subjected to urine testing because the drugs was out of control.
I can't speak about today's Correction Officers. However, the 80's was definitely the blueprint. So now it comes down to just getting a check and turning a blind eye.
THE BOOK IS DONE AND READY TO BE RELEASED. I'm just raising funds for the legal team. I do not want anybody in the way of me releasing this book.
Aug. 31, 2014, 8:14 pm
Kamala Martucci from Astoria Queens says:
This young lady did her 20 years. Whether it be six months on the tiers or what ever jail you worked in she deserves respect, and her pension. I am a police retiree, and seen similar things happen on the job. Acts of corruption which were marginalized as minor misconduct. Things that would get a guy or gal fired or hit with a 30 day rip 20 years ago. But today is more liberal towards the culprits nowadays. If I committed an infraction would get hit hard or put in for termination by the department advocate. If you were a protected species you were given a mile. One of my old bosses who went to IAD and retired told me they need an inch to fire you!. But if you were a protected species, skell, or had a rabbi you got away with it. Everyone is quick to judge this woman. Let her be. I f there is honor to be kept up. I would not want to see anybody's reputation tarnished especially the ones who did report the acts but the higher ups unsub any allegations. Collect that monthly check, and the 12000 defined benefit every xmas what the public calls a xmas bonus . No bonus here. A well deserved pension, and benefits. Collect lots of checks for the next 40 years . Retirement is parole. Be well young lady . The critics will always be miserable to the end. They must have something to hide or embarrassing skeletons in the closet that are going to haunt them!
Sept. 1, 2014, 8:42 am
I look on this site everyday and will respond to certain people . Out of respect for the reporter Sarina. She was kind enough to let me get my story out there. I love her for that.

Thanks Kamala Martucci from Astoria Queens. You get it ! I worked in the Giuliani , Kerik era. They would have destroyed me back then. It wasn't about what was fair and correct. It was about who you know, who you blow. However, that comes at a price. The people you know & blow own you. I refused to sell my soul. So that came at a price. I primarily walked alone. I didn't go to the functions, parties or drug dens. As far as my pension. I earned every single dime. As a matter of fact. I deserved more.

Now I need to get this book released. I am raising funds for a legal team. Those interested in helping. Please go to the site and donate .
Sept. 1, 2014, 10:10 am
Angela from Brooklyn says:
All I can say is wow. I am a female and work on Riker's, and a lot of what Ms. Miller says is true. You may hate the message, you may hate the publicity but sadly facts still remain facts. Calling her out of her name and disrespecting her because you do not agree with her message makes her story all the more real. Women are sexually objectified at Riker's, and I've seen officers almost come to blows over who was going to get into the new attractive female recruits pants first. Corruption is rampant, and the bottom line is made up reports for UOF's are the norm. Sadly I've witnessed inmates severely beat down for verbal disagreements. It has been in the papers for years, pictures and video tapes released from inside Riker's. It's the inside putting it out there, secretly because they know the retaliation is severe. Everyone knows the retaliation is horrible, so many pretend not to see. Men who abuse women, men who abuse anybody because they can, are not real men......The bottom line is if you are bold enough to hurt, lie, and abuse, then you should be bold enough to deal with it when you are called on your actions. So perhaps it is you who should go sit down somewhere because your contributions have made Riker's a front page story, and involved federal overseers. When will common sense kick in and make you understand just because you do something wrong and get away with it doesn't make you right. It makes you no better than those you are charged with the care, custody and control of.
Sept. 3, 2014, 9:28 pm
C.P.M. from Queens,NY says:
I commend Ms. Miller for speaking out, and I pity the number of staff who stone her for doing so, by stupidly suggesting she should have quit. As a CO I met many female officers who were sexually harassed; assaulted; and abused by out-of-control supervisors. As a staffer who loathed the abuse supervisors, and union officials, dished out on a regular basis, I tried to help as many uniformed victims as possible. But because grieving any inhumane act invites a full scale attack of retaliation against the complainer, it was very hard to encourage most of them to stand up for for themselves. Because of my determination to walk the hard right, instead of crawling to the easy wrong, I endured close to 20 MOC reprimands; also had to deal with a sexually harassing supervisor; was administratively transferred eight times; abandoned by supervisory staff when I was under eminent attacks; arbitrarily suspended; and recommended to be terminated by a collaborating OATH Judge. And like R. Miller, my story will soon be told.
Sept. 4, 2014, 3:50 pm
I Thank Angela from Brooklyn says: for being truthful. I will pray for you ans sisters like you.
I have an organization that is about to build a coalition around me with this abuse factors.

NYCDOC is one big sex machine kooty hole. That is all it balls down to. Men trying to get it and women hating because the men want it. It's sad.

Its about egos and bullying. When you speak up you better have an army to back you. Guess what. I have an army now !
Take daily notes and keep a journal and never let anyone on the inside or outside know.
I retired 2005 and its still going on. Your book can be part 2 because there is no much mess. Its gonna take a long time to correct correction.
If there is anything you want me to include . Hit me on fb inbox. Look up my full name. Your identity will be a secret.
Yes they will retaliate. They retaliated against me and a male officer beat me down & fractured my finger on the annex lower gate.

C.P.M. from Queens - All I can say is get em. If you need my help let me know. They didn't get a chance to ruin my record. They tried. Remember that is their first rebuttal when your story comes out. However, there is still a way to expose them.
Thanks to the both of you. Not like that HUSSY- Y.W. from Manhattan who lied on me . That is sad because she is a female probably going through or went through the same thing. Pretty or ugly you are still gonna get it in this male dominated business.
CPM - Like you I tried to help these females too. They turned on me.
Sept. 4, 2014, 10:09 pm
Retired C.O. from Riker's U.S.A. says:
Ms. Miller:

Make sure your motives are corrrect & the battles you choose are the ones you need to fight.

Also a retired female Correction officer, having served my entire career on the island, I saw a whole lot in the 17 3/4 years I worked there.

Someday, I will also give an account of what transpired during the course of my career.
Hopefully, it will be done for enlightenment, in the spirit of truth & love for mankind.

I wish you well in your endeavors & may the God of peace be with you.

Keep it real!

Nov. 10, 2014, 4:13 pm
@Retired C.O. from Riker's U.S.A. says. Thank you. I am definitely doing this tastefully. Besides telling about the horror stories and grime . I am going to educate people. Its important. I can only imagine what you saw. I was there a short time but the borough jails and courts were no better. People seem to think its sweet to get off Rikers. Looking back now. I'd been better off trying to hide on Rikers. More bull at the smaller commands. This book will be very enlightening to the public as well as correction officers. Happy Holidays to you and your family
God Bless
Nov. 15, 2014, 1:04 pm
king from staten island says:
Please get in contact with me
Dec. 14, 2014, 6 pm
W.Wallace from LIC says:
The biggest reason why there are so many employees oppressed in that Department is because everyone wants to hide instead of fight, they choose a retro over liberty, and hardly want to stand for anything, which is the reason why so many are falling for everything. Now that the last of the warriors like Losande, Braxton & Monclover are no longer there s*@# is about to get a whole lot worse.
Feb. 17, 2015, 4:37 pm
MD, aka Robo Cop (vested) from Mens House, C76, ARDC, Women House, Transp., and Hosp. says:

Just about everything posted has some truth to it, but you all fail to know what the your job really is (and that means C.O's and Cops), you are paid to give up your rights to protect others. Hine sight is 20/20.
June 3, 2015, 2:31 pm
Ashley from Ct says:
I'm aspiring to become a CO in the CT doc. It's a very competitive career. Do you have any suggestions? At present I am working as a security officer....
thank you!
July 2, 2015, 7:34 pm
W. Wallace says:
MD, aka Robo. You are an idiot. Police & COs are paid to defend & protect others, not to permit others to beat on them. Damn you are really really stupid
Aug. 31, 2015, 3:42 pm
Robin K Miller from Queens says:
Book is about to be released.
Jan. 5, 2016, 4:04 pm

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