An Open Letter to the Chairman of the M. T. A.:

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I am writing in regard to the deceptive wheelchair-accessible icon on the facade of the newly installed elevator at the Briarwood station.

This elevator is only mezzanine-bound, so the passenger in a wheelchair is deceived to board the elevator, then traverse a long tunnel, only to discover that the train platform is only accessible via stairs, a dead end for the passenger!

Although there are structural feasibility grounds which apparently preclude the construction of a platform-bound elevator at this station, exempting the MTA from the requirement of full accessibility of newly constructed entrances for wheelchair disabled persons, as per the Americans With Disabilities Act, the icon must be immediately removed and a sign must be posted at the elevator: WHEELCHAIR DEAD END AHEAD!

Presently, unaware disabled passengers are on a page out of Kafka’s surreal novels.

Joseph N. Manago


Updated 12:32 am, July 10, 2018
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Reader feedback

Cecilia from East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY says:
Mr. Manago, regards. What do you expect from MTA!? They're an agency that DOESN'T care for the commuters, customers, riders!
They ONLY care for raking in the dough by increasing fares at the expense of commuters, customers, riders and reducing service.
It's but by the grace of God that in the last MTA meetings held for possible fare increases that they kept the base fare at $2.75 because many citing financial hardships, including some MTA members who are also commuters, customers, riders voiced their own concerns, otherwise the big shots at MTA would've raised the base fare to $3 dollars even.

Other countries fare better when it comes to these necessities for their disabled populace and are far more advanced technologically, while here in the US, MTA is still in the stone ages!
Eventually, wheelchair dependent users if they haven't figured it out already that the newly installed elevator at the Briarwood Station is mezzanine-bound ONLY , will do so when a user finds themselves stranded and unable to access the platform.

You can be sure, this is a recipe for disaster and class-action lawsuit against the MTA for it's disregard of the Americans With Disabilities Act and in violation of it!

June 16, 2017, 3:14 pm
Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr. says:
Decades of bureaucracy, corruption, deception and underinvestment from the past city and state administrations and legislators had made the transportation agencies like the MTA they did created cynical, dysfunctional and mismanaged.
June 16, 2017, 3:35 pm

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