Flushing woman charged in brutal stabbing at Queens daycare center: DA

The NYPD Crime Scene Unit sets on 161st Street near 45th Avenue in Flushing, where the daycare was being operated under the name Mei Xin Care Inc., police said.
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A Flushing woman who fatally stabbed three infants and two adults at a local daycare center last week was arrested and charged, said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Yufen Wang, 52, of 136-19 Cherry Ave., was charged with five counts of second-degree attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon Monday at Queens County Criminal Court. Queens Criminal Court Judge Toni Cimino and ordered Wang to return to court Oct. 19. If convicted, Wang faces between five and 25 years in prison.

“The defendant in this case is charged with an unimaginable act — an attack on defenseless, innocent babies,” said Brown. “The defendant was hired to care for and protect the infants, sadly she was the danger. This kind of senseless violence can not go unpunished and the defendant now faces a lengthy term of incarcerat­ion.”

According to authorities, on Friday, Sept. 21, at approximately 3:44 a.m., police officers from the 109th Precinct arrived at the daycare operated under the name of Mei Xin Care Inc. — located at 43-67 161 St. in Flushing — and found several people with stab wounds.

“There were nine babies — five females and four boys — accompanied by their parents in the three-story house at the time of the incident,” said Juanita Holmes, assistant chief of the New York City Police Department. “Part of the building houses living quarters with multiple families.”

Police recovered a butcher’s knife and a meat cleaver at the scene.

According to police, Wang’s knife attack left a 22-day old female with slashes to her face, chest and ear. A 33-day-old infant girl sustained injuries to her abdomen and back and the youngest of the victims, just 13 days old, suffered knife wounds to her abdomen, face and chest.

The 63-year-old female victim, who was an on-site staffer, was stabbed in the left leg and arm, police said. A father of one of the girls, Meng Xu, 31, was stabbed once in the wrist and left knee while trying to stop Wang’s attack, according to authorities.

Wang, was found unconscious in the basement with self-inflicted slash wounds to her left wrist, Holmes said.

Wang and the victims were treated for their injuries at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. The victims were in critical but stable condition as of Wednesday night, police said.

The investigation into the incident and search for a motive was ongoing, police said.

The NYPD has not yet determined what kind of business was operated in the building.

“There are speculations as to what kind of business it was — whether they were licensed to do business — and it will be addressed after a thorough investigat­ion,” said Holmes.

The city had received a complaint in 2011 of “screaming children” at the residence, Holmes added, noting that the call came to a city hotline.

However, at a news conference nearby the site, local elected officials noted the daycare center — which lacked proper licensing — was operating as a postpartum facility where new mothers raised their newborns during the first few weeks.

State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing), said Wang, of Asian-American background, was “in distress, most likely with some mental health illness, and had no business being around infants.”

“They were advertising as a licensed daycare center, but that doesn’t seem like what they were,” Kim said at the Sept. 21 news conference. “Once we have the facts, my colleagues and I will work very closely to close any loopholes in the system and make sure that we will never see this type of ugliness in our community again.”

Kim was joined by City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) and state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing).

According to Koo, it’s an old Chinese tradition for women to rest and be cared for after a month of giving birth. When family is not available, businesses may fill the caretaker role.

“When you’re alone with no relatives to help you, this kind of facility sounds good to you,” said Koo. “That’s why people come to these kind of facilities to receive service because it’s hard for new mothers to bathe and nurse the babies.”

Stavisky said its important for facilities caring for newborn children and others to undergo proper inspection and licensure.

According to Kim, the facility has been around for 10 years and the owner will be under investigation if he was conducting a business without a proper license.

“That is a felony offense and that is one of the harshest offenses any business could face in the state of New York,” said Kim.

Reach reporter Carlotta Mohamed by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4526.

Updated 3:44 pm, September 27, 2018
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Reader feedback

Joey from Flushing says:
These places are all over the place Ron Kim is a joke This is all illegal they would have babies so they become American citizens it’s been here for over 10 years and there are many more
Sept. 21, 7:16 pm
ceejay from downtown flushing says:
it said newborn mothers... mothers are NOT newborn...infants are! so sad to hear this early in the morning! wonder if there was a background check of the mentally disturbed worker hope the babies will recover quickly NY Presbyterian Hospital has excellent doctors
Sept. 21, 8:37 pm
ceejay from downtown flushing says:
left off NY Presbyterian of Queens..please correct thanks. CeeJay
Sept. 21, 8:38 pm
Steve from Flushing says:
Where is immigration. Ice. They should be all. Over. This. This has to stop flushing. Is worse. Than corona. Illegal immigrants every. Where. Sex. Trafficking. Prostitution. Gangs. Drugs. Call ice. To come
Sept. 22, 6:13 am
Charlotte from Fooshing says:
Hey Trump, where is ICE ??? Are you and your daughter making too much money from China to throw out the illegals??? They are all over Flushing like cockroaches
Sept. 22, 7:31 am
THINK from Queens says:
LET'S BE TRUTHFUL, this was NOT a daycare center (although these third world day care center all over Queens are dirty and poorly run anyway). Just watched PIX11 news and they confirmed that it was not an illegal day care center but an illegal birthing center used by Chinese immigrants. The women come to the US on a travel VISA and give birth here just so that their children can have US Citizenship. Since NYC is a sanctuary city I doubt ICE and Homeland Security will be allowed to investigate.
Sept. 22, 9:01 am
Changelaws from Queens says:
This is why we need to change birthright citizenship laws. These people have taken a law that was meant to be for slaves and take advantage of a law that should have been changed a long time ago. We dont need a wall, we need law changes for birthright citizenship and we need everify systems. Ireland got so tired of foreigners taking advantage of their birthright laws, they changed it a few years ago. We should be doing the same. Laws should change with the times. When birthright citizenship laws took place, it was meant for slaves and we had maybe only 32 million people in this country at the time. Now we have more then 360 million people in this country. We dont need anymore. It's time for a change.
Sept. 22, 10:45 am
Leechers from Queens says:
Not just that After they get here, they over stay their visas. Apply for Medicaid AND GET APPROVED. And we get to foot the bill for their illegal births!!!!!
Sept. 22, 3:07 pm
JR from Bayside says:
Hahahah, the mayor and Governor protect these people. My president wants them out. This is what you get with pandering politicians.
Sept. 22, 3:35 pm
Mary from Flushing says:
Illegal businesses such as this birthing center for illegals to stay here have been going on for decades. I was born in Manhattan and moved here when my son started school (bayside supposedly had good schools lol). There were so many students (illegals- as I was class mom and was friendly to parents) that the school had to give up the last grade and force children to other Long district schools. I inadvertently rented an apartment that was illegal. And, it was a horrible experience. I have been looking to move. People don’t understand that there is only so much room and money for excessive amounts of people. Sanctuary cities make the lives of legal residents ghastly and insufferable.
Sept. 22, 3:44 pm
Urban Mole from Flushing says:
DayCare? You must be kidding me Times Ledger. Day Care suggests that they are licensed by the State of NY as a legit daycare facility. This is not, but instead a birther facility for Chinese mothers and their anchor babies here on a tourist visa. Then the mother delivers and with a black market US birth certificate, the mother gets a free pass to become a citizen and free health care and other entitlements in later years through her new born. What is highly disturbing and obscene is that none of the elected officials, Kim, Koo, Stavitsky, Lancman, the BP and others ever come out and voice harsh opposition against these widespread birther facilities run by the Chinese underworld. Fearful of upsetting this special group of new immigrants and their primitive cultural practices, they remain silent giving credibility to the illegal birther business. And what do these elected officials all have in common? Yes, they are radical left progressive Democrats put in place to destroy your community in the name of that democratic disease called DIVERSITY.
Sept. 22, 4:57 pm
Celtic from Bayside says:
Forget the Muslim ban. Time to stop all travel from mainland China ASAP. These savages have ruined Queens with their 3rd world ways. And these pathetic Asian politicians won't say a word about it, nor will the equally pathetic 109pct.
Sept. 22, 9:27 pm
Celtic from Bayside says:
I personally know that one of the heads of the FBI NY office lives nearby and he/she won't lift a finger! Yet they will bend over backwards to spy on a president.
Sept. 22, 9:29 pm
Tom from Queens says:
Why don’t you tell it to his/her face you coward sack of turd, instead of whining about it on the internet. You’re a trash bag of a human, that’s why.
Sept. 23, 12:02 am
Jeff from Flushing says:
Tom. In an Uncle Tom. Leave this country
Sept. 23, 7:23 am
To Tom from from Queens says:
Hey you seem like an angry person the wants to fight everyone .My opinion is you are the trash that's what wrong with the world today tom a BIG GO F YOURSElf and I wouldn't have a problem saying a few things to your face . U internet B T H
Sept. 23, 2:30 pm
Patrick from Flushing says:
The shame of it is : This country and it’s culture is the birthright of it’s citizenry. Not that of a foreign invader who looks to take / leach off of the working people of this country and to replicate the chaotic state they left , and when there actions are not embraced they cry discrimination !! Why don’t they just straighten out the mess where they came from ???
Sept. 23, 9:48 pm
Celtic is spot on from Bayside says:
Celtic from Bayside, your comment is spot on! The Asian migration to the US is undeniably and absolutely the BIGGEST immigration problem the US faces. The Asian population is what has destroyed all the beautiful areas of NE Queens and now heading into Eastern Long Island. They are the most corrupt and the biggest crooks. They have no regard for their community or neighbor. It’s time to toughen the laws that allow these effing anchor baby issues to continue to occur. Wake up America! These mofos are taking the free education and medical care right out from under you. Once they’ve used up all our American given resources, they then go back to their countries like kings and queens. These same mofos then get indignant when you try to take away what they have gained illegally. Time to get them the fzuck out.
Sept. 24, 11:25 am
The Venerable Stan from Flushing says:
Patrick's is on the money! Why don’t they just straighten out the mess where they came from ???
Sept. 24, 8:02 pm
Joey from Whitestone says:
Calling 311. Does. Not help. I had similar issue in my area. We had two houses. With a lot of. Children. Rangeing from different ages. What to have to do is call cps. Child protective service they come quick. Just tell them there livening in bad condition. And t you believe the child are in danger. You do not have to leave your name After that was done they moved out. Sorry but sometimes you have to play hard ball
Sept. 25, 8:16 am
thanks to all you lowly educated white folks says:
I can mooch off your land....hahahaha....thanks white boys! Thanks to your incompetency, I can mooch so easily with just an ounce of my intelligence.
Sept. 27, 12:08 am
Joe from Queens says:
This is what happens when you have an uneducated populace who have grown up in homogeneous communities: Donald Trump. Ridiculous comments (such as most of the above). You get the idea.
Sept. 27, 8:27 am
Henry from Queens says:
"fatally stabbed" ? But the article says the victims all live. i.e. opposite of "fatal".
Sept. 27, 9:25 am
Joey’s from Bayside says:
Make America great again. Yes. Sir. You liberals are freeloaders. Who want it all with no hard work. America will never let it happen again. They woke the sleeping giant.
Sept. 27, 7:52 pm
Liz Hulsen from Flushing says:
I wrote Senator Toby Ann Stavisky twice several years ago asking her to explain why Asian stores all over Flushing especially Main St. Do not have any signs in English to let all residence know what kind of establishment it is—and no one speaks English—why is this crap allowed—btw —never got an answer and Toby Ann Stavisky did not get my vote —she needs to retire—does nothing for Queens! Anyone can see the illegal massage parlors, gambling parlors, illegal daycare and illegal smuggling of human trafficking—no one in Queens is addressing this invasion of corruption in Queens—the area is now mostly Asian and illegals —when my daughter a Teacher wanted to get job in the neighborhood she was told she would need to speak Mandarin—no other country allows this —and why people are supporting a nutjob like trump—we the USA citizens are Fed up—our elected officials need to enforce our immigration laws or vote them out of office!
Nov. 9, 11:36 am

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