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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Queens Village

Mail thefts hit 300 in Queens Village: Resident

Residents on 105th Avenue in Queens Village should not be the only ones concerned about identity theft after one homeowner discovered that stolen mail has affected 300 homes in the area. Comment
Queens Village

Three muggers kill young wife

Police were searching for the people responsible for killing a woman who was shot during a mugging on a Hollis block Sunday night and casually strolling away from the scene. Comment

Killer found after search

The Rosedale man who initially asked the public to help find the person responsible for kidnapping and killing the mother of his child admitted that he committed the deed himself, the Nassau County district attorney’s office said. Comment

Filmmaker explores Jamaica revitalization

When filmmaker Dale Schierholt was asked to create a documentary on the development of downtown Jamaica since the 1970s, the Maine resident said he had certain preconceptions about the neighborhood — since his sole exposure to it was from negative media coverage. Comment

Jamaica HS hits quarterfinals in city mock trials

Jamaica High School students will be showing the city that the future of their campus is worth fighting for by taking their school spirit to a court room scenario and to the steps of their institution. Comment

Police round up 20 suspects on drug charges in SE Queens

Nearly a month after the authorities rounded up more than five dozen members of a major drug operation in southeast Queens, the police and Queens district attorney’s office arrested 20 more suspects who they contend were inundating the streets with the contraband. Comment

Five caught in car thefts: DA

Less than a month after purchasing a Jamaica demolition lot that was owned by a member of the Gotti family was sold, a group of Queens auto workers used the business to rake in hundreds of dollars for providing stolen cars for scrap metal, the Queens district attorney said. Comment

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