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Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011


Port Authority fare hikes unfair to the public

Port Authority Executive Director Chris O. Ward’s initial proposal for a $4 increase in bridge and tunnel E-ZPass tolls to $12, a PATH ticket raise by $1 and increased cash Hudson River crossing tolls to $15 a year and $17 next year was so absurd it was clear it was a cabal between Govs. Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo so they could pretend to be saviors by brokering a pre-arranged deal for a somewhat lesser rise. Comment
Queens Village

Rockaway accountants moonlight as bakers

Jacqueline Binder-Lopez and her husband Edgar Lopez work as accountants at CUNY colleges, but their new business, Dolly’s Sweet Shop, showcases a talent once only known to Binder-Lopez’s family. Comment

Elderly man, 76, robbed of $20 and check: Post

ST. ALBANS — Police were searching for a young man who robbed a 76-year-old man on a St. Albans street. Comment

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