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Some of you may have noticed that I did not emphasize in my last blog what public executions could do for the economy of Queens. Let me rectify that immediately, lest you think this is a matter of no concern to your pocketbook and mine.

First, two Queens leaders are very much part of the picture. The first, Mario Cuomo, was against the death penalty when he was governor and I would imagine he has not changed his mind. Mario was known, respectfully, as a thinker. In those days, those who did not like thinkers called them eggheads. After the egg industry objected, that soubriquet went out of fashion. I think in today’s lingo our Hollis neighbor would be considered an elitest and, since there is (as yet) no pro-elitest national organization, he may be stuck with that designation.

He was also known as the Hamlet of Democratic politics, but we’ll let that go since there are those who believe that Shakespeare was some minor nobleman who probably couldn’t spell for the life of him. But, in those days, spelling was neither here nor there, depending on so many factors it is beyond a blogger to go into them.

But, take my word for it, Mario Cuomo is a smart, sensitive human being. And, by the way, Shakespeare got quite a good education, which even Ben Jonson acknowledged, but he did snort that Will had “little Latin and less Greek.” Whereas, today, of course, everyone has lots of Latin and more Greek, right?

But, I digress.

Mario’s son, Andrew, our present governor, is also very smart. Hey, he grew up in Queens! How sensitive he is may be a matter of debate, but I think most people, with respect, may think his father has the edge there. But Andrew is a practical man, by his and almost everyone else’s definition, and in this age of noise instead of action, that is very important. So, although I would think Andrew may be against the death penalty, it is possible he could be persuaded, as a practical matter, to change his mind. Budgetary gaps in the billions are not easy to close.

Andrew has a good relationship with the state Legislature. Republicans in the state Senate (which they now control) are as a group in favor of restoring the death penalty, so they and Andrew need only work on the recalcitrant Assembly, which is by definition a Democratic fiefdom, and we are back in business.

And how about that other Queens luminary, John C. Liu, the city comptroller? He knows a thing or two about money, which is his job, and how to get it, which is another matter and I’ll leave that to the FBI and the Department of Justice. But why shouldn’t he be in favor of more revenue without taxing us a cent? Can someone out there find out?

So, there is a list for those in favor of the death penalty to work on and it can be done right now. Why wait? State revenue will probably fall this year since, for example, Wall Street bonuses are not what they used to be.

I would urge all those in favor of the return of the death penalty--purely for the purpose of raising revenue and with no moral implications--to write, telephone, e-mail, etc., Gov. Cuomo, Comptroller Liu and all Queens state senators and Assembly members.

But there may be ways for us right here in Queens to cash in on public executions in other states and start doing it even before we get the death penalty restored in New York state. As I mull over the possibilities--and there are many-- I’ll leave the champions of execution justice against miscreants to start some action.

Let me know, dear readers, when you get the chance, what you and your friends are doing about revenue shortfalls and restoring the death penalty. The holiday season, after all, should not interfere with the way the world should be run. Since we have commercialized holy days and holidays so well, why can’t we do that with human lives?

Updated 11:18 am, January 16, 2012
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Reader feedback

Pat Reilly from North (yes, North!) Flushing says:

Given you last posting, I forgot to add that polticos would tke your idea, spend 2-3M studying it-then privatize the whole shebang.

Net result? the state is out zillions-if not bazillions-where they should have made money.

It won't work--nice try though ;-)
Jan. 18, 2012, 10:36 pm
Kenneth Kowald from No Holds Barred says:
Pat Reilly from North Flushing: Many thanks. You are probably right, but why not give it a try. My third comment on this theme--and the last for awhile while I get around to other subjects--is for private enterprise to make money from the executions in other states. That may mean some tax revenue for NYS. Idoubt that any politician reading this stuff will give a second thought, but, you never know. I haven't been to North Flushing for a bit, but I remember it fondly as one of the best places in the borough.

Ken Kowald
Jan. 19, 2012, 2 pm
The Last Voice from flushing says:
Are you stating that we should make money from human sacrifice (execution)?.
What is next in store the next time revenue is short? Is some morronic politician come up with an idea to execute the first borns of January 1st?
Let me tell everyone something, We the people, We the people (except Flushing, NY) for these morrons AND WE THE PEOPLE have the power to remove them from office. How about we make revenue bout that old idea.
Darn it.
Jan. 24, 2012, 11:40 am
The Last Voice from flushing says:
gettin back on track, yes, let's bring back the death penalty. This will relief the burden in our jails and put some money in our pockets. What kind of crimes merits for the first execution, Lets look at Perefiles? should we execute a Priest, a Rabbi, a school teacher. Should we execute the butcher who stabbed 17 times or just 1 time?
Jan. 24, 2012, 11:48 am
kenneth kowald from No Holds Barred says:
Last Voice from Flushing: If so many states still execute people--which, I think, many would think is a barbarian act (although 60 per cent or more of the American public approves of it!)--why not try public execution, to sate the murderous appetite? And, at the same time, make some dough on it. Perhaps, just perhaps, if this were done, the number of Americans who love the death penalty would be reduced. In any event, satire, it would seem, is not something Americans--or others--appreciate very much. I refer you to Jonathan Swift and his "Modest Proposal."
Thank you for writing. This is just the kind of discussion I have been hoping for. I hope you have noted my comments to others who have written.
Kenneth Kowald
Jan. 24, 2012, 12:12 pm
Kenneth Kowald from No Holds Barred says:
Last Voice from Flushing: An addendum. I hope you also read my first blog on this matter. Note my comment in the 3rd paragraph about what I call a barbarism.
Kenneth Kowald
Jan. 24, 2012, 4:57 pm

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